YB2C Live! Ep #87 Influential Entrepreneur and Business Coach Dan Johnston
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Welcome to Episode #87 of the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs, with our guest, Dan Johnston, an influential entrepreneur, business coach, and author joining us all the way from Prague.

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About Our Guest

Originally from Canada, Dan is an entrepreneur turned freelancer. He's lived in 7 countries and has published 12 books, included a series on personality types and personal development. He helps and coaches people to start designing the lives they want to truly live. He believes in working hard to achieve your dreams and being able to work in a location-independent way.

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What Our Guest Talked About

Dan believes that you don't have to be location-based, everyone should have the freedom to work wherever they are. He leads with the life design approach, which is a free email training he has on his site, where he provides an overall approach to life, which he believes starts with figuring out about yourself.

 In his project “Free Freelancer,” he covers different methods of marketing and how to have sales conversations. He mentions that the title Free Freelancers is not about doing your work for free but it's about having the freedom and time to choose what you want.


Words of Wisdom from Our Guest

Dan says that is crucial to decide what you want to do and what you want out of life rather than trying to choose from something that is imposed out of some kind of imagined fear.

 That fear is a little bugger, it gets under our skin and can redirect us in many ways; but if you put in the effort, week after week, your business will grow. It's just inevitable. He recommends using the 70% rule, that works around the concept that we're never 100% sure what to do, so when you're 70% sure that is what you want to do, you go ahead.

 Another piece of advice that Dan gives is for people who are already freelancers: he recommends allowing yourself to get more perspective and learn to think in the long term. Do things well, and over time, that's going to get you where you want.


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