YB2C Live! Season 4, Episode #200 Cheryl Herrick Biz Coach & Motorcross Racer
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Welcome to the YB2C Live! Podcast for Entrepreneurs, Season 4, Episode #200, featuring our special guest, Cheryl Herrick of Ponytail Racing and PTR Consulting and Coaching, of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

We record this podcast weekly from our studio in the Historic Boston-Edison District in Detroit, Michigan. This special episode was recorded as part of the PodMax Global July 2020 Virtual Conference.

About Our Guest

Through her company PTR Consulting and Coaching, Cheryl Herrick offers programs in business leadership, personal and professional transformation, tapping into your creativity. Cheryl’s Ponytail Racing company holds several different drag racing and Motorcross events. One of her signature events is “Racing for Warriors,” a series of events that offer a fun, safe day at the race track for U.S. Veterans affected by PSTD and other consequences of their service.

What Our Guest Talked About

Cheryl grew up in Michigan and started her entrepreneurial journey at an early age. Almost every time she said she wanted something, her parents would ask: “Well, how are you going to pay for that?” Cheryl decided that she would go out and do odd jobs (several different things, but not babysitting!) to get the funds she needed. Her mom was an entrepreneur and a role model for Cheryl’s later business ventures.

Cheryl always loved racing, and eventually, she found a way to incorporate her love of racing, along with her training in transformative coaching and business leadership into two viable companies that she leads today.

In this episode, Cheryl talks about what questions people should ask and what they should learn about themselves as they prepare to go into business or to change their business model.

Words of Wisdom

Cheryl reminds our listeners that they be sure that there is a market for their product or service, and then ask, “Is there any margin in that market?” Next, you have to have a method of delivery of your product or service that sets you apart from your competition. Finally, just keep going. 

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