Wild For Life
Wild For Life
Feb 26, 2020
WFL 35: Orchids At The Toronto Zoo With Paul Gellatly
Play • 29 min

Paul Gellatly is back on the show to talk about how to take care of orchids. Orchids are a popular plant in many households, but people often don’t know how to take care of them, including me. Paul takes us through the care process step by step from purchase to watering. After this episode, you will have a greater understanding of the care needed for a happy, beautiful and long-living orchid.

Paul also talks about the number of orchids species in the world and where they are located. He also gives you reasons why dense soil in a potted orchid plant is not the right way to take care of an orchid (spoiler: it has to do with where they grow).

Pastor With No Answers Podcast
Pastor With No Answers Podcast
Joey Svendsen
276 - How Shall We Love? (w/ Jamie Lee Finch & Propaganda)
Love your neighbor, love your enemy.  Jamie Lee Finch (the Liturgists) and Propaganda (Red Couch Podcast)  discuss with Joey  “loving others” in the context of people’s personal journeys, social media “venting,” and the ability or inability to humanize others.  Should we respond to “ignorant hate” differently than how we respond to just straight up, ‘ol hate?  Do some legitimately have a harder time loving because of their place in society and past experiences?  And should we be cautious in using the word “should” when it comes to another person's ability to love well?    Jamie: https://jamieleefinch.com/ https://twitter.com/jamieleefinch Propaganda: https://www.prophiphop.com/ https://twitter.com/prophiphop Support the Podcast: Become a patron:    https://www.patreon.com/pwnapod Leave a tip:    https://venmo.com/joey-svendsen Join the discussion:    https://www.facebook.com/groups/PWNAtalk Current DonorSee Giving Opportunity: https://donorsee.com/pwnahelps (Text PWNAd to 31010 to receive notifications each time we have new opportunity to “save the day” for team humanity) PWNA Socials: www.instagram.com/PWNApod https://twitter.com/pwnapod https://www.facebook.com/PWNApod JOEY Socials https://twitter.com/joeysvendsen https://www.instagram.com/joeysvendsen https://www.facebook.com/joey.svendsen Correspondence: CALL 507-403-PWNA (7962):  Questions, Comments, Feedback, Pushback, frustration?  Air it out on our voicemail and we may air it on an episode.   E-mail PWNAcontact@gmail.com Music courtesy of: http://www.derekminor.com/ One song courtesy of: https://www.mechanicalriver.bandcamp.com Executive Producer of PWNApod:  Jared Svendsen
1 hr 17 min
Porn, Betrayal, Sex and the Experts — PBSE
Porn, Betrayal, Sex and the Experts — PBSE
Steve Moore & Mark Kastleman
How to Navigate Mental Illness AND Addiction/Betrayal Trauma
Mental illness and addiction, as well as betrayal trauma, can be parallel struggles! And it can be very difficult to understand where one starts and the other begins, or which one leads to the other. In this episode, Mark talks raw and real about his own struggles with mental illness that began as a small child and how that morphed into and ran alongside his decades of addiction. Mark and Steve also discuss some important aspects of mental illness and addiction/betrayal trauma— -  Addiction can be its "own" mental illness/brain dis-order, but also interacts toxically with other conditions--the "catalyst effect" and "the chicken and the egg." -  Addiction can MIMIC and/or trigger mental illness symptoms related to ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, shame and depression, anxiety and many others. -  HOW can we BREAK the CYCLE?  First of all, there is GREAT HOPE! Second, we can eliminate certain "variables" to get on a healthy path. There are also certain areas we can STABILIZE.  Also, be REALISTIC about expectations—it's about PROGRESS not PERFECTION. Safety is created in the TRAJECTORY not necessarily the DESTINATION. -  Mark and Steve give a very specific assignment that is VERY HELPFUL! Find out more about Steve Moore at:  *Ascension Counseling* Learn more about Mark Kastleman at:  *Reclaim Counseling Services** *Here's an article about healing Betrayal Trauma—https://www.reclaimcounselingservices.com/healing-betrayal-trauma-video Want to learn more about HOW to break free from porn?—https://www.reclaimcounselingservices.com/overcome-porn-sex-addiction* *Wondering if your marriage can survive porn and sex addiction? This article will give you some hope—https://www.reclaimcounselingservices.com/can-marriage-survive-porn How can you "heal" your marriage relationship?—https://www.reclaimcounselingservices.com/how-to-mend-your-marriage
33 min
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