Outlander: Episode 512 Podcast "Never My Love"
50 min
Welcome to The Official Outlander Podcast, where you can dive deep into the STARZ Original Series "Outlander." This week, Showrunner Matthew B. Roberts will discuss "Never My Love," Episode 512 of "Outlander." Warning: Spoilers ahead!
Arcane: The History of Magic
Arcane: The History of Magic
Episode 3 - A Coveted Pebble: Medieval Alchemy
Some may simply think of alchemy as the attempt to change base metals into gold. A few may know that, with this art, people attempted to produce the elixir of life which could heal any illness and extend the drinker's longevity. However, it is often romanticised as the mystical (if confused) early roots of modern science, or conflated with other branches of knowledge like chemistry, ritual magic, and herbalism. The art of alchemy, however, was distinct. A discipline composed of theories and practices which shared the goal of producing the philosopher's stone. With roots in antiquity, the art flourished in the early medieval Arabic world before being brought to Europe in the high middle ages. In this episode we begin to discuss this complex art, and how it made sense to medieval scholars, given how they understood the world to work. References and further readings: * Bartlett, Robert. The Natural and the Supernatural in the Middle Ages. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008. * Collins, David J. “Albertus, Magnus or Magus? Magic, Natural Philosophy, and Religious Reform in the Late Middle Ages” Renaissance Quarterly 63 (2010):1-44. * Decaen, Christopher A. "Aristotle’s Aether and Contemporary Science." The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly Review 68 (2004): 375-429. * Hadass, Ofer. Medicine, Religion, and Magic in Early Stewart England. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2018. * Holmyard, E. J. Alchemy. New York: Dover Publications, 1990. * Janacek, Bruce. Alchemical Belief: Occultism in the Religious Culture of Early Modern England. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2011. * Linden, Stanton J. The Alchemy Reader: From Hermes Trismegistus to Isaac Newton. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003. * Marrone, Steven P. A History of Science, Magic & Belief: From Medieval to Early Modern Europe. Lonndon: Palgrave, 2015. * Patai, Raphael. The Jewish Alchemist: A History and Source Book. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1994.
24 min
Crawlspace Media
37: Fetishes & Fantasies, Porn & Paraphilias
Hello world! On this (very late) episode of INCEL, Naama sits down with Kamikaze to discuss the seldom discussed issue of sexual fetishes and fantasies that grow to become sources of shame or frustration, and can turn into roadblocks to actual dating and relationships. Kamikaze doesn't really associate with inceldom in too many ways, other than, well... just being an incel, which is always an important and interesting point of view. This episode delves into a lot of mature sexual themes with a fair amount of candor, so while there's no official trigger warning this week, it's definitely NSFW. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This week's episode is sponsored by Boston Green Health (@BGreenHealth), New England's most trusted brand for premier CBD products. Visit bostongreenhealth.com and get 20% off your next order by using code INCEL20 at checkout! —————————————————————————— INCEL is created and produced by Naama Kates for Crawlspace Media. Music by Cyrus Melchor. —————————————————————————— If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally, or having a hard time, please call someone, or contact one of the excellent resources provided below. —————————————————————————— Suicide Prevention Lifeline w: suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ t: 1.800.273.8255 —————————————————————————— Light Upon Light (with Parallel Networks) e: parallelnetworks@pnetworks.org t: 1.202.486.8633 —————————————————————————— Please contact Naama at INCEL with any comments, inquiries, or just random thoughts: e: theincelproject@gmail.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/incel/support
43 min
Tudors Dynasty Podcast
Tudors Dynasty Podcast
Wars of the Roses, Katherine of Aragon and Bess of Hardwick
The Wars of the Roses, or the Cousins Wars, were one of the most deadly and tumultuous times in English history, resulting in the death of many nobles. Today, Rachael Dickzen and I talk about some of the key players of the time: Henry VI, Edward IV, the Kingmaker, and Richard, Duke of York. We also discuss the women of the Wars of the Roses, including Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Margaret of Anjou. We take a look at the family tree of Edward III and how that affected history, and we also touch base on sanctuary and quick executions.   Then historian and author Heather Darsie joins us again for Ask the Expert. Today’s topic is Katherine of Aragon (and her family), and we ask Heather the questions you submitted on social media. You’re really going to enjoy this one as Heather once again shatters our idea of what actually happened between the sheets with Katherine and Arthur Tudor. Lastly, Steph joins us again to share with you the story of the amazing Bess of Hardwick - you won’t want to miss this episode….listen in segments if you need to, but be sure to listen to it all.   Wars of the Roses: Open - 39:37 Katherine of Aragon: 39:38 - 1:08:34 Bess of Hardwick: 1:08:35 - 1:18:30 -- Credits: Written by: Rebecca Larson & Stephanie Stohrer Voiced by: Rebecca Larson, Stephanie Stohrer, Rachael Dickzen & Heather R. Darsie Produced by: Rebecca Larson Imaging by: Troy Larson Music: Pavana alla veneziana by Paul O'Dette, Composed by Joan Ambrosio Dalza Resources: TudorsDynasty.com TudorsDynastyPodcast.com YouTube.com/TudorsDynasty Patreon.com/TudorsDynasty
1 hr 19 min
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