Hellbound with Halos
"Drive Fast, Take Chances"
Dec 16, 2019 · 48 min
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For the last few weeks, Kevin has been thinking about aging. How will he be when he gets older? Will he be the asshole who fucks up everybody’s life because he wants to drive 8 miles an hour over the speed limit? Or will he be this cool old dude that everybody likes? Now, what would you do if you got stuck driving behind an old person? Tough right? But when you start thinking about it, when you get old, you’ll probably be one of those people who’ll ruin someone’s day. Join Kevin and Sully in this episode, as they talk about aging, what can we do to slow it down and stay youthful. Kevin shares his experience on how he was driving over the holidays and got stuck behind an old lady. He shares how this experience made him think about aging and all the possibilities when someone gets old. Kevin brings up the topic of life expectancy and the lifespan of countries. The boys also talk about technology and how intelligent and advance the current generation is. Sully shares his take on the importance of dialogue, clean eating in the United States, and what kids nowadays are looking up too. How will you be when you get older? Will you be that grumpy old lady/man that annoys everyone around you or that cool old uncle/aunt whom everybody likes? Episode Highlights - How to slow down the aging process - The beauty of aging - Technology and smart kids - Life span and life expectancy in the US compared to other countries - Is age really just a number? - Sully’s perspective on today’s technology and the current generation - Eating clean, the number of sleeping hours, and staying healthy. Visit our sponsor "K Bar Soap Company" for your Natural Soap & Sugar Scrub needs- www.kbarsoapco.com Use code - "hellbound" at checkout for a discount! Visit our affiliate "More Labs, Inc" for a discount on your Holiday Hangover needs- http://bit.ly/2RPVX97
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