Hellbound with Halos
"Rianna Conner, 'The Combat Barbie'"
Dec 17, 2018 · 56 min
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Rianna Carpenter also known as "The Combat Barbie", joins Kevin & Sully for this episode. Rianna has never done a Podcast before, so the boys 'popped' her cherry, and what a fun time it was! Rianna begins talking about how she got the name "The Combat Barbie" and how it was meant as ridicule to make fun of her. Little did those people know, she would harness that name and take it to a whole new level. When she entered the Marines at 18 years old, Rianna was a short, blonde girl. Basically all of the things that are stereotyped for possibly not being able to make it in the military, let alone the Marine Corps. Some people gave her the nickname and began actually posting on the web and social media, making fun of her for being 'the combat barbie'. When all that transpired, Rianna took all of her social media down and basically hid for awhile. During this time, she realized she should take the name and 'own it'. And that she did. She used the name and began posting pictures of herself on social media websites in bikinis and the like. That's where it all began. It was nearly an instant hit. She was getting new followers left and right and 'blowing up' in the social media world. She moved over to Instagram where the success was even greater. Being a photo taker, and that's what that platform is meant for, this was the perfect place for her. She became, essentially, an overnight sensation. Now with well over 340k followers on Instagram alone, Rianna has decided to take that energy and following to a new level. She's started her own clothing line, Combat Barbie and is working with a team in California for the designs. What a story! Kevin asked Rianna what it was like to achieve this overnight 'fame'. Rianna replied humbly, saying she's a normal person like everyone else, she just happens to have a rather large following. She said its funny when she goes to stores and someone recognizes her and she doesn't think twice about it (not thinking she's the 'Combat Barbie'). She quickly remembers when someone approaches her anywhere. She also doesn't like to be viewed as a social media celebrity. She says shes a normal girl with a husband and family that still works the farms and more. Sully talks social media and explains how it can be so negative, yet it's nice to see a page like Rianna's shedding a positive light into the society. The boys also go over her tattoo's and plenty more! You're not going to want to miss this episode! Come find out ALL the things you've never known about Rianna Carpenter, AKA, 'The Combat Barbie'.
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