Hellbound with Halos
"Remember When We Were Kids?"
Jul 25, 2018 · 55 min
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This week, the crew talks about the Lt. Michael Murphy memorial being vandalized by a 14 year old. They talk about how kids these days are raised and how different it is between now and back when they were all growing up. Kevin mentions how fun nowadays seems so much more extreme then back then. Yes they had some fun, but nothing to the extent it has going to recently. Crystal talks about how she couldn't even fathom doing what this boy did in Long Island and how she would've never thought of doing such a thing. Sully says he would've had his ass beat hard if he did anything of the sort. Kevin says he would've gotten the wooden spoon multiple times. They all discuss some things they enjoyed doing as kids and what their parents did to raise them. Crystal didn't realize New York has Towns, Villages and Hamlets. So, Kevin and Sully explain to her what the differences are and Crystal explains that they do not have that type of governmental set up in California. Crystal jokes about how weird it sounds living in a town or village and reminds her of the "olden days". The episode is wrapped up with a little recap of last weeks episode and how powerful it was. Sully was able to connect with his father and Crystal with her brother and her best friend Addie. It was definitely an emotional episode. Kevin said that he's been to a psychic 2 other times, and the first time was the hardest one because the psychic was able to connect him with a family member on a pretty deep level. He told Sully and Crystal that he knows where they're at with talking to a psychic for the first time. Sully says he felt a big weight off his shoulders and felt as though he had some closure. And it wouldn't be Hellbound with Halos if they didn't completely reverse topics and somehow end up talking about chocolate covered penises and buttholes. We have no idea how this even happens, but their rolling with it. Subscribe to Hellbound Nation at www.hwhpodcast.com and become part of our community! Also, you'll get future discounts on new products and updates on our newest episodes!
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