Hellbound with Halos
"Do You Love The Holidays?"
Sep 5, 2018 · 1 hr 12 min
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Kevin & C-Dizzle ridin' solo this week while Sully is working at the firehouse. With the Holiday weekend, it was difficult for them to set a recording schedule. In this Episode they begin talking about the Colin Kapernick and Nike situation that is blowing up the Social Media likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Crystal absolutely despises Colin and the stance he took by kneeling while the National Anthem played prior to NFL games. Kevin feels the same, but voices that he knows, Nike knew perfectly well what they were doing when they choose him as their face for the company. Crystal brings up the Ariana Grande and Pastor "boob grab" at Aretha Franklin's funeral. Kevin hadn't seen or heard of it yet, so she explains the situation and what happened. Apparently CNN (the news source) put out a clip of this and titled it with "Women cannot even find a safe place anymore." Crystal was disgusted by this as well because she thinks it total bullshit that they frame women, or put out into society, that women feel that way. She talks a bit about how safe she feels and how she thinks it's highly unlikely that the Pastor intentionally was grabbing her boob at a funeral. Kevin agrees and states that you never know who puts these type of things out there and why. Then they get into holiday's since Labor Day was last weekend. Kevin does NOT like the Holidays. Specifically the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. He feels as though it is way over-commercialized and it's all about the money to these big box stores that keep pushing the advertising and sales to earlier and earlier in the year. Crystal talks about how much she loves St. Patrick's Day and pretty much any holiday that comes with food. She also thinks bunnies lay eggs. For Real. Kevin had to explain to her that rabbits have live babies and chickens lay eggs. We wish there was a palm-face emoji to insert into our story notes here. They hit a bunch of the major holidays such as New Years, Easter, Valentine's Day and more. Sit back, grab a drink and get ready to laugh.
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