Hellbound with Halos
"Stripper Football Should Be a Thing"
Aug 8, 2018 · 1 hr 2 min
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The boys welcome back "Diamond Dust", as she is filling in for Crystal, once again. They have a little fun with her talking about pole dancing and if she's been busy lately. Sully gets right into it talking about his love for the EA Sports Madden Football game for the Xbox and how he cannot wait for it to be released this week. They discuss the "Madden Curse" for players that have been on the cover of the video game and unfortunately for Kevin, Antonio Brown is on the cover this year. He's praying the Madden Curse doesn't effect the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is his favorite team. The crew talks football for a bit and how the hits seem too get worse and worse every year, but without some good hits, and new rules in the NFL, it is making football a lame sport to watch. Diamond thinks the hits are horrible and hates when players do it on purpose to try and take others out of the game. Kevin relates back to when the players wore much less protective equipment yet, made it through with less injury. Sully explains that the athletes are just getting bigger, better and stronger through the years and they are freaks of nature now. They all agree the new NFL rules "gum up" the game quite a bit and they can be interpreted in many different ways. Kevin and Sully talk about fantasy football and whom would be their first and second draft picks if every player was available. And of course, some how as usual, they get on the topic of Strip Clubs. Kevin and Sully talk about their "first times" at clubs. Kevin reveals he's been in the "champagne room" with 2 girls and Sully left his drunk buddy in a bush to get more lap dances. Diamond tells about how her club is busy on Mondays, which Kevin thinks is super weird. They talk about the entertainment factor of strip clubs in correlation with other entertainment like, the WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment. Diamond used to LOVE wrestling and Scott Nash, while Kevin's favorite wrestler was the Ultimate Warrior (RIP). Sully's was obviously Hulk Hogan, the "All American". That drifts the conversation back into football and athletes using PED's and how that impacts the hits in the games as well. This show is laid back, casual talk about a few different topics. We hope you enjoy!
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