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"Jennifer Eberhardt Smith"
Jan 6, 2020 · 47 min
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Being that it's the start of the New Year, the boys welcomed Jennifer Eberhardt Smith to talk about what to do when life throws you curve balls. Not only that, but the people that are in a rut, tend to feel like they're alone. And they're not.

Jennifer is the author of "Donuts and Dandelions", a book that takes a simplistic look at finding happiness in your everyday life. You see, Jennifer was a stay at home mom, happy and by choice, when she was rocked by a divorce. In her search for answers into who she was, she developed her joy and growth philosophy. By focusing on two simple goals, you can create the life you want to live. She is focusing on helping others who may be going through a life shift or simply looking for direction. 

They discuss what it's like to be in that "rut", the feelings while you're there and the things we can do, as people, to help ourselves out of them. Kevin refers to this as being stuck in a trench, someone throws you a rope, but they don't pull you up... you have to PULL YOURSELF UP. Jennifer agrees, and Sully adds that people tend to fall back on social media, when that's not where they should be looking for guidance. 

Through all of this, Jennifer created an iOS app called, "Paint to Me". It's an art/communication app where people communicate soley in colors. Kevin thought that was pretty interesting and said he would check it out, but also wondered how it actually worked. She moves on to explain in the episode. 

Find Jennifer's book here - "Donuts and Dandelions"

Find Jennifer's app here - Paint to Me

Find her Facebook Page here - Donuts and Dandelions Facebook Page

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