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"Truth Series Part IX" The Federal Reserve Finished
Dec 30, 2019 · 1 hr 35 min
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Shred comes back to wrap up 2019 and The Federal Reserve. But first, he clues in on how busy Q Anon has been, especially with all of the impeachment happening, the Democrats scrambling, the Epstein cover up and more!

Kev & Sully are excited to head into 2020 with a great plan and awesome guests lined up already! Kevin suggests that listeners may hear some more "powerful" episodes, that tend to hit home more, but also continuing on the same great journey they have been through 2019. The Truth Series is still one of the most requested and interacted with series, and Shred loves joining the guys in the studio for a few hours of myth debunking, secrets behind the government, and just plain truth talking. Look forward for the series to continue through 2020 with updated episodes monthly.

As said earlier, Shred says Q has been very busy lately. Kevin brings up "misspellings matter". There have been a series of Tweets on Twitter regarding "Corney" and "Cromey" and why the former head of the FBI's name is intentionally misspelled. Shred digs us deeper into the story behind that, as well as, all of the recent hot/breaking news items. 

Then they all wrap up the talk about the Federal Reserve after they left off in the 1940's in Part VIII. Shred acknowledges that there is way too much to even finish, but as they progress through the Truth Series, they will reference back to interesting points of the Fed. They do cover up until today about how it can essentially "launder" money for the elite rich.

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We wish all of our listeners a very SAFE & Happy New Year! We hope each and every one of you has great success and meet all the goals you wish for in 2020! Happy New Year! -Kev-

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