Hellbound with Halos
"Kevin Rose"
May 11, 2020 · 54 min
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As a manual therapist, Kevin helps people understand stress and how to counterbalance it. After a 24 year career, he has discovered consistencies in treatment protocols that allow him to lower client stress levels instantaneously. Using a very simple technique, he can help you enjoy peace of mind in seconds and learn to remain calm in any situation. On September 11, 2001, Kevin knew our country was going to war, so he began creating a program, The CATalyst, to help combat veterans reintegrate home. To say, “welcome home and thank you for your service” is nice, but empty. He believes if you are going to ask someone to sacrifice their life you must also be prepared to help them integrate back home smoothly. The military trains men and women to be on high alert, all the time, to protect themselves and their comrades. The challenge is the military doesn’t teach how to turn down the high alert when men and women complete their service. As a result, people return home from war amped up, still ready to fight.  The CATalyst is a human-animal interaction that helps people recognize and counterbalance stress in seconds. The kicker, the people learn to calm themselves while face to face with tigers (through fences, of course). The program works in conjunction with a private animal rescue sanctuary and is free to combat veterans.  Testing The CATalyst program, Kevin worked with hundreds of “civilians” before he offered the experience for free to combat veterans.  After collecting data, the results showed significant stress relief in all demographics, from 18 to 80 years of age, not just the veteran community. Teaching people to counterbalance and re-pattern the fight, flight, freeze response is their mission and is incredibly effective in lowering stress levels. Today, they fund the free combat veteran programs with paid private sessions to the public and the generous help of donors. In May, Kevin completed a book with international best-selling author, Graham Spence called, The CATalyst Experience; How Rescued Tigers Heal Trauma-Scarred Souls.

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The Catalyst Experience: How Rescued Tigers Heal Trauma-Scarred Souls

Kevin Rose's Ted X Talk

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