Speaking Russian
Speaking Russian
Oct 26, 2020
Lesson 179.1. Russian Verbs. To STAND. Conjugation and examples.
5 min
Speaking Russian. Lesson 179.1. Russian Verbs. To STAND. Conjugation and examples. Check the words and phrases by following the link on www.russianeasy.com (179.1. СТОЯТЬ – to stand).
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Slow Russian
Slow Russian
Daria Molchanova
90 – Thanksgiving in Russia (CLICKBAIT)
В России мы, конечно, не отмечаем американский День Благодарения. У каждой нации есть свой праздник благодарности и урожая. Для русских это так называемый Яблочный Спас. Этот христианский праздник верующие начали отмечать в IV (четвертом) веке. Примерно с VII века православные верующие стали отмечать его 19 августа. А у католиков эта дата вошла в календарь только в XV (пятнадцатом) веке. Они празднуют её 6 (шестого) августа. В этот день люди идут в церковь и освящают яблоки и виноград. Кроме того, принято печь пироги и угощать ими родных и друзей. С праздником связаны некоторые приметы. Например, на Яблочный спас внимательно смотрели на погоду. Считалось, что если этот день холодный, то и январь будет суровым. Translation: In Russia, of course, we do not celebrate American Thanksgiving. Every nation has its own holiday of gratitude and harvest. For Russians, it is the so-called Apple Savior. Believers began to celebrate this Christian holiday in the IV (fourth) century. From about the 7th century, Orthodox believers began to celebrate it on August 19. And among Catholics, this date entered the calendar only in the XV (fifteenth) century. They celebrate it on August 6th. On this day, people go to church and consecrate apples and grapes. Also, it is customary to bake pies and treat them to family and friends. Some superstitions are associated with the holiday. For example, at Yablochny Spas, people carefully looked at the weather. It was believed that if this day is cold, then January will be severely cold. Join my membership program with Russian lessons — http://realrussianclub.com/membership If you want to support my work you can donate on Patreon — http://patreon.com/realrussianclub Thank you❤️❤️❤️ Daria
19 min
Learn Polish Podcast
Learn Polish Podcast
Roy Coughlan
#86 Polish Idioms Part II
To listen to all Episodes + The Speaking Podcast + The Meditation Podcast + Business Opportunities please visit http://roycoughlan.com/ Now also on Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/channel/pxb8OvSYf4w9/ Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk5CEEWZ2KgUTYJOTXNL8lQ All Social Media https://linktr.ee/learnpolish To get Skype lessons from Kamila or her team please visits http://polonuslodz.com/ In this Episode we discuss: Dzisiaj padał śnieg- It was snowing today Lubisz śnieg?- Do you like snow? Jest bardzo zimno- It is very cold Lubisz zimę?- Do You like winter? Wolisz lato- You prefer summer Polskie idiomy- Polish idioms Bułka z masłem (coś jest bardzo łatwe)- Piece of cake (something is very easy) Język polski to bułka z masłem- Polish is a piece of cake Czytanie książki to bułka z masłem- Reading a book is a piece of cake Urwanie głowy (mam bardzo dużo pracy, nie mam czasu)- I have my head off (I have a lot of work, I don't have time) - Jesteś bardzo zajęty, masz urwanie głowy- You are very busy, you have your head of Flaki z olejem- Tripe with oil Coś jest nudne jak flaki z olejem- Something is boring like tripe with oil Plotkowanie jest nudne jak flaki z olejem- Gossiping is boring as tripe with oil Mecz w telewizji jest nudny jak flaki z olejem- The match on TV is boring as tripe with oil Ręce opadają (nie wiem co robić, nie mam pomysłu)- Hands drop (I don't know what to do, I have no idea) Kiedy Wam opadają ręce?- When are your hands dropping? Co jest dla Was nudne jak flaki z olejem? - What's boring for you as tripe with oil? Kiedy macie urwanie głowy?- When are you getting your head off? Co jest dla was bułką z masłem?- What's a piece of cake for you? If you would like Skype lessons from kamila please visit http://polonuslodz.com/ All Polish Episodes / Speaking Podcast / Meditation Podcast / Awakening Podcast/ Polish Property & business Offers - http://roycoughlan.com/ Please Share with your friends / Subscribe and give a 5* Review - Thank You (Dziekuje Bardzo :) )
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