Jim Willie: Trump’s Wildcard Is The US Military, Tribunals Coming
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There’s a “hot war” between the NSA White Hats and the Deep State, and you won’t believe who Jim says the good guys may have just taken out… Jim Willie of Golden-Jackass interviewed […]
Mining Stock Education
Mining Stock Education
Mining Stock Education
High-Grade Gold in a Premier Mining District with Trillium Gold Mine’s CEO Russell Starr
Trillium Gold Mines has previously seen bonanza gold grades up to an astonishing 139 g/t at its 100% owned flagship Newman Todd project in the premier Red Lake mining district in Canada. Of the project’s historic 109 drill holes 41% intersected >10 g/t gold. The most-recent drill results (January 12, 2021) saw visible gold in three out of five holes and had drilling intersects of 16.1 g/t gold over 3.9m, 124.66 g/t gold over 0.24m, and 49.56 g/t gold over 0.3m. There are still four holes from 2020 drilling that remain at the assay labs and the company is embarking upon a massive 25,000 – 35,000 metre drilling program. Newman Todd has only been drilled to depth of 400m, while high grade gold resources in the Red Lake Camp extend well beyond 2,000 metres. Therefore, Trillium expects the exploration success they have experienced thus far at Newman Todd to continue and become even more impressive. Trillium Gold is also targeting a 2,000-metre drill program at its 80% owned Gold Centre project. This close-ology play is just 300 metres from Evolution Mining’s Campbell-Red Lake Mine, which has produced 23.8M oz of gold at greater than 16 g/t. The upcoming Gold Centre drill program seeks to show that the Red Lake Mine’s gold mineralization continues onto Trillium’s property. If successful this would immediately add tremendous value and the project would become the envy of Evolution Mining. CEO Russell Starr believes a suitable comparable to the Gold Centre project is Gold Eagle Mines which sold for C$1.5B to Goldcorp over a decade ago. Trillium’s market cap is under C$60 currently. Although cashed-up after raising over C$13M in October 2020, Trillium Gold also is seeking to acquire a cash-flowing gold producer within the next three to six months to further fund its aggressive exploration. CEO Russell Starr stated: “I want to run a business. I want it to be profitable. And clearly exploration is not profitable. It's a consumer. So, we want to get to a point where we can have these world-class properties, plus some production to finance the exploration. And then, you get a really appealing investment opportunity for retail and institutional, because quite bluntly, it hasn't been done in decades.” In this interview, CEO Russell Star sets forth Trillium Gold Mines’ investment value proposition. Russell Starr is an entrepreneur and financial professional, focused on private and public mining & exploration, corporate advisory, corporate development, and M&A. Mr. Starr has over 20 years of corporate finance, M&A, investment and business development experience. Mr. Starr held senior positions and advisory roles with financial institutions including RBC Capital Markets, Scotia Capital, Orion Securities, Blackmont, Lawrence and Company, where he helped raise over a billion dollars for junior and mid-tier companies. Mr. Starr is also a co-founder and part owner of Echelon Wealth Partners, a large Canadian investment dealer. After leaving Bay Street, he held executive positions at Cayden Resources and Auryn Resources. As Senior Vice President with Cayden Resources, and board member, Russell was integral in the marketing, financing, development and ultimate sale of Cayden for CAD$205 million to Agnico Eagle. https://trilliumgold.com/ TSX.V:TGM -- OTCQX:TGLDF 0:00 Introduction 1:44 CEO Russell Starr’s background 4:45 Technical Team with 100 yrs combined experience in Red Lake 7:03 Flagship Newman Todd high-grade gold project 8:34 100% owned Newman Todd Southwest Extension (formerly Rivard) 11:21 Gold Centre project adjacent to Evolution’s Red Lake mine 13:18 Cashed up treasury & engaged in massive drill program 14:55 Recent & coming drill results 17:40 Business plan and Trillium’s current valuation 20:00 Pursuing near-term cashflow via acquisition 23:50 “You need to hold management accountable” 24:30 Russell’s “skin in the game” 25:25 Management & insiders’ ownership TGM is an MSE sponsor. https://www.miningstockeducation.com/disclaimer/
30 min
Palisades Gold Radio
Palisades Gold Radio
Collin Kettell
Lance Lewis: Gold Miners Suggest Market Crash is Near
Tom welcomes a new guest to the show, Lance Lewis. Lance is the President of Lewis Capital and Publisher of the Daily Market Summary. Lance outlines his early career as a technology analyst and how it taught him the business cycle. It was much easier back then to make money on the short side of the market, but that always came with risk. He explains his computer model's technicals, its weightings, and why gold for him is just another thing to trade. This model provides him with a series of buy or sell signals to predict future market direction. This method reduces the emotion in trades. He suspects it will take another panic dip to trigger further stimulus and the next move higher for gold. Right now, something is not right about how gold is trading. Lance expresses concerns about the consequences of a dollar rally when most investors are short the dollar. He says, "At some points rates will start to move up the dollar will rally, and markets will start to tumble, and then the Fed will come running." The fact that commodities, in general, have broken out is an indication of looming inflation. Lance questions if the Fed will be able to create and maintain gradual inflation. Lastly, he explains how investing in mining ETF's can reduce your downside risk compared to picking individual companies. Time Stamp References:0:00 - Intro0:36 - His Background3:42 - Gold Timing Model6:32 - Technicals & Noise8:03 - Catalyst for Gold9:36 - Possible Retest14:24 - Bitcoin & Liquidity15:42 - Stock Unwind?17:53 - Dollar Outlook18:51 - Fed, Yields & Stimulus20:53 - Inflation & Money Velocity22:56 - Equities & Unrest23:57 - Commodities & Inflation24:52 - Miners Vs. Indexes27:00 - Short Term Predictions29:34 - Wrap Up Talking Points From This Episode Catalysts for golds next move higher.Consequences of a short-term dollar rally.Fed policy, inflation, and commodities. Guest Links:Twitter: https://twitter.com/lancejlewisWebsite: http://www.dailymarketsummary.com/ Lance J. Lewis is the President and Founder of Lewis Capital since it started in 2002. They provide investment services to individuals, trusts, estates, pension, and profit-sharing plans, corporations, and other business entities. Mr. Lewis was the chief strategist at East Shore Partners, Inc. from March 2002 to June 2007 and was a junior partner in the Veneroso Gold Fund from 2004 to 2007. Before founding Lewis Capital in March of 2002, Mr. Lewis was a trader and a gold mining and technology analyst for David Tice & Associates, which managed the Prudent Bear and Safe Harbor mutual funds, from May 2000 to February 2002. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University in 1995 as a "University Scholar" with a focus on Accounting, Finance, and English, and a JD from the University of Texas School Of Law in 1999.
31 min
Digital Dollar
Digital Dollar
Michael Hiles & Jonathan Dever
#31 David Hunter, Chief Macro Strategist at Contrarian Macro Advisors
Jonathan and Michael hang out with David Hunter, famed contrarian macro strategist to discuss the current macro economy, policy, and debt. ABOUT DAVID HUNTER David is an investment professional with 25 years of investment management experience and 20 years as a sell-side strategist with strong expertise in macroeconomic analysis and portfolio management. His strong macro capabilities combined with a contrarian philosophy have allowed him to forecast economic cycles and spot market trends well ahead of the consensus. He's an intellectually honest, independent thinker comfortable with charting a course apart from the crowd. David is an accomplished stock picker and value-oriented portfolio manager. FOLLOW DAVID ON TWITTER @davidhcontrarian ABOUT CONTRARIAN MACRO ADVISORS At Contrarian Macro Advisors, David provides forecasts and input regarding the economy, equity markets, interest rates, commodities, precious metals and currencies to both institutional and high net worth investors. He is the author of an investment letter entitled the Contrarian Value Advisor which is in its twentieth year of publication. Strong macro skills and contrarian philosophy developed over many years have allowed David to make many successful calls, often at odds with a consensus that focused in the wrong direction. ABOUT DIGITAL DOLLAR SUBSCRIBE TO THE EMAIL INBOX UPDATES! https://digitaldollar.substack.com  For more information about our sponsor, visit https://10xts.com for digital asset compliance solutions for financial services and capital markets. Follow us on Twitter @GoDigitalDollar --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/digitaldollar/message
54 min
Demography Unplugged with Neil Howe
Demography Unplugged with Neil Howe
Hedgeye Risk Management
The Biden Economy, the Weimar Republic, and Conte's Close Call
*In this latest issue of my weekly podcast, we discuss the future of the economy.* * *I predict we will see three distinct phases. In the next few weeks, the economy will continue to decelerate, with accompanying market turbulence, to the mobility drop associated with Covid-19. But going forward over the next several months into the summer, both will go strongly positive, buoyed by the vaccine and Biden stimulus. In 2H, however, look for outlook to darken just when the party is rockin'--due to rising inflation expectations, Covid-19's adaptive mutations, and a new form of political "resistance." *25,000 National Guard troops patrol DC.* Capitol Hill hasn't seen this many armed soldiers since 1865. Reflecting on the storming of the Capitol, I draw parallels between the present-day and Hitler's failed "beer hall putsch" in 1923.   *Will Biden scrap Trump's executive order?* Last year, Trump signed an executive order that US stock exchanges must delist companies working with the Chinese military. Biden has yet to comment on the issue. But with his priorities focused on C19 and growing bipartisan support for being tough on China, he will likely let it stand for the time being. *Italian PM Giuseppe Conte survives a confidence vote. *In Italy, former PM Matteo Renzi removed his party from the ruling coalition. This sparked an immediate confidence vote in parliament. PM Giuseppe Conte easily received a majority of votes in the lower chamber. The Senate was a different situation. He narrowly received the most votes but did not secure a majority. Why is the Conte regime still hanging on? Probably because the deputies want to avoid a legislated one-third downsizing of their number due to go into effect as soon as there is another government. Conte will hobble on, greatly weakened. *In 2020, the share of eligible Americans who actually voted was 66.7%. *This was higher than in any year since 1900. This follows the off-year election of 2018, in which the share was the highest in 104 years.
1 hr 11 min
Quoth the Raven
Quoth the Raven
Quoth the Raven Research, LLC
Quoth the Raven #237 - Jake Ducey
Jake Ducey is the author of Into the Wind, The Purpose Principles, and Profit from Happiness. He speaks throughout the country on consciously and responsibly creating our lives. After traveling the world, he raised funds to build a school and orphanage in Guatemala. His YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDBRBMySrAVNvKSU3eWC-jw The QTR Podcast is a completely, 100% listener supported podcast that is always going to be free. YouTube does not let me monetize my videos on the site and the podcast is full time work which will never have ads in the middle of it. If you enjoy the content, please support the QTR Podcast in any or all of the following ways: A small recurring donation via: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/QTRResearch One time donations can also be sent via:Bitcoin: 3G25NvNbGZsaDfoxTBzRFticKa4LDUeBpkVenmo: @chrisinphiladelphiaPaypal: https://www.paypal.me/qtrresearch You can join my e-mail list here and visit my website at www.quoththeravenresearch.com for all of my content. QTR MERCH is also now available here. You can also follow me on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY KIND PATRONS. Please show love to those who support the QTR Podcast: * George Gammon - Rebel Capitalist Pro - Twitter: @GeorgeGammon * JM Bullion - where QTR buys gold & silver - Twitter: @JMBullion * The Trader's Path - no BS trading service - Twitter: @PLHStock * Sang Lucci Trading - the 3LT playbook - also, the SL Master Course * Corvus Gold - http://www.corvusgold.com * Investors Underground - day trading community - Twitter: @investorslive * Ken R * Chris Bede - Twitter: @cbede * Nicholas Parks * Matthew Zimmer * J Mintzmyer - Twitter: @mintzmyer * Russ Valenti - Twitter: @russellvalenti * Creighton Titus Longest Running Supporters * Max Mulvihill - Since 2/2018 * Kyle Thomas - Since 4/2018 * Chris Bede - Since 5/2018 * Dariusz Kordonski - Since 5/2018 * Chris Gerrard - Since 5/2018 All podcast content is subject to this disclaimer. Chris is not an investment adviser. QTR is long gold and silver. Listeners should always speak to their personal financial advisers. Please leave me alone.
1 hr 26 min
Alpha Exchange
Alpha Exchange
Dean Curnutt
Samantha McLemore, Founder and Managing Member, Patient Capital Management
Mentored at Legg Mason under the tutelage of legendary investor Bill Miller, Samantha McLemore is a student of finding value in corporate equities. Now the founder and managing member of Patient Capital Management, Samantha shares her perspectives developed over two decades and through several cycles of the value factor. Our conversation is an exploration of Samantha’s framework, keenly focused on finding opportunity based on valuation and with a long horizon in mind. In Samantha’s world, embracing out of favor securities allows capital to be put work when and where others are reluctant to and sets the stage for achieving long term excess returns. In this context, she recounts her purchase of UBER during the early days of the 2020 lockdown, seeing potentially strong upside relative to what she deemed as manageable downside risk. We talk more broadly about the underperformance of the value factor in recent years as Samantha notes that the high growth segments of the market are in demand in an environment where investors have become less sensitive to valuation. For her, some of these high flying stock prices warrant caution, especially as a vaccine provides the potential that business as we once knew it becomes more the norm rather than the exception. And in this context, Samantha and her team are looking closely at the cruise line sector, again embracing disruption and volatility in pursuit of long term alpha. I hope you enjoy this episode of the Alpha Exchange, my discussion with Samantha McLemore.
52 min
Secure Freedom Radio Podcast
Secure Freedom Radio Podcast
Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney
With Kalbinur Gheni, Sen Hoon Kim and Zach Vorhies
KALBINUR GHENI, Committee on the Present Danger: China Captive Nations’ Representative for East Turkestan, Twitter: @Qelbinur10 & SE HOON KIM, Director, Committee on Present Danger: China Captive Nations Coalition, Twitter: @Se_HoonKim Part I: * Kalbinur Gheni: My sister is currently subjected to forced labor within a concentration camp in Xinjiang * Reactions to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's closing remarks on the Genocide in Xinjiang Part II: * Forced sterilization, state-sponsored rape, assigning ethnic Han Chinese officials to live in Uyghur communities to monitor them 24/7 * Designating the Chinese Communist Party a transnational criminal organization would reaffirm the claims made by those fighting for human rights in China ZACH VORHIES, former Senior Software Engineer, YouTube and Google, Twitter: @Perpetualmaniac and Zachvorhies.com: Part I: * On Oct. 15, 2020, nearly two weeks before the election, YouTube purged 30 Pro-Trump commentators, forcing them to create and turn to alternative platforms, i.e. Rumble and Parler * Zach Vorhies: Helped organize a case against Google to reinstate those accounts which was later blocked by an Obama era appointed judge * Google requires court cases to be brought up in California * Vorhies: Prior to the election, Google sent out "register to vote" pop-ups to more liberals than conservatives - New York Post was going to run a story before the tech giant caught wind and "fixed" the problem Part II: * Vorhies: The purging of conservatives from various social media platforms will continue well into 2021 * According to Section 230, Amazon is not liable for the content posted on their sites - so why ban Parler? * Godaddy.com was taken over by Google: A dangerous move * Vorhies: we need to start migrating to alternative platforms
44 min
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