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98: Feedback Friday | How to Break Free from Covert Narcissists
Sep 21, 2018 · 42 min
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Jordan Harbinger (@JordanHarbinger) and Jason DeFillippo (@jpdef) banter every week and take your comments and questions for Feedback Friday!

If you want us to answer your question, register your feedback, or tell your story on one of our upcoming weekly Feedback Friday episodes, drop us a line at Now, let's dive in!

On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • After completing a rewarding internship at an office in your field, what's the best way to maintain the valuable connections you made there?
  • How can you become an influential face in your community and inspire others who share your life-threatening adrenal deficiency when you're always second-guessing yourself into awkwardness in social situations?
  • Avoiding that toxic person in or near your social circle is great advice -- but what if you're getting the sinking feeling that toxic person is you?
  • Do you have to go to law school to prove you're smart and live up to the expectations of others when you already love your so-called side hustle that more than pays the bills?
  • As a gay person of color living in Rwanda where homosexuality is highly stigmatized, are you naive to think you'd be more free to live your lifestyle openly by immigrating to Canada or the U.S. and starting over?
  • When an executive at the company where you've been doing contract work is keeping you in the dark about the status of an offer to hire you full time, does it do any harm to look for another job in the meantime?
  • Is there really a need to rush home to the other side of the world at the request of family and friends when you love where you're living and working abroad?
  • An estranged parent you've never met may die soon. Should you take the chance now to meet up before it's too late even though it's never been much of a priority in your life?
  • Quick shoutouts to Dentist Connor and Sonia and Kyle!
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you'd like to share with us? Drop us a line at!
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  • Connect with Jason on Twitter at @jpdef and Instagram at @JPD, and check out his other show: Grumpy Old Geeks.

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