The Jordan Harbinger Show
142: Jon Taffer | Raising Your Bar and Crushing All Excuses
Jan 3, 2019 · 46 min
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Jon Taffer (@jontaffer) is the host of acclaimed reality show Bar Rescue, host of the No Excuses podcast, and author of Don't Bullsh*t Yourself!: Crush the Excuses That Are Holding You Back.

What We Discuss with Jon Taffer:

  • The psychology behind Jon Taffer's "break them down to build them up" strategy.
  • Are you an overachiever -- when it comes to rationalizing your excuses?
  • Why success in business always hinges on the human factor.
  • The benefits of hiring for personality over skill.
  • Why Jon ruthlessly critiques his own work and how this routine ego beating has been crucial to his success.
  • And much more...

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