The Jordan Harbinger Show
162: Cesar Millan | Seeing the World from a Dog Whisperer's Perspective
Feb 19, 2019 · 1 hr 22 min
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Cesar Millan (@cesarmillan) is the internationally renowned master dog trainer known best as the Dog Whisperer, founder of the Dog Psychology Center, and best-selling author of Lessons From the Pack: Stories of the Dogs Who Changed My Life.

What We Discuss with Cesar Millan:

  • How Cesar Millan went from impoverished Sinaloan kid to homeless immigrant to world-famous Dog Whisperer.
  • What we can learn about communicating with dogs by understanding the priority of their senses compared to our own.
  • Why the key to correcting an "untrainable" dog is usually reprogramming the human in charge.
  • Why the rich, famous, and powerful often find animal companionship so much more grounding than time with even their closest human friends.
  • Why human beings are the only species on the planet that will follow an unstable leader who does not represent the greater good.
  • And much more...

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