Russell Williams | The Killer Colonel - Part 5
45 min
Imagine dear listener, you get to your partner, shout their name a couple of times, but still no reply. You walk up the stairs to the bedroom, the place where you have had so many loving moments together. The sight that greets you there is odd. There, your partner is lying in bed, tucked in looking almost peaceful. But there is paleness, and is that blood? You rush over and quickly realise...  

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True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers in True Crime History and the Authors That Have Written About Them
True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers in True Crime History and the Authors That Have Written About Them
True Murder
MY SON, THE KILLER-The Untold Story of Luka Magnotta-Brian Whitney
In 2012, the Canadian Press ignited a firestorm of criticism by naming killer Luka Magnotta as its “Newsmaker Of The Year.” But while the recognition was questionable for its sensitivity, there’s no doubt that few people had captured the public’s attention like the young murderer and internet sensation. A male escort and sometimes model, Magnotta had earned his notoriety by videotaping himself stabbing Chinese student Lin Jun to death with an ice pick and dismembering the body, before posting the video online. After mailing Jun’s hands and feet to elementary schools, he then led Interpol on a manhunt that ended when he was arrested at an Internet café in Berlin where he was reading news stories about himself.  An international celebrity in a macabre sort of way, with a legion of fans, Magnotta was brought back to Canada, convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to prison. During this time, Anna Yourkin, his estranged mother, troubled by Magnotta’s abused childhood and her role in that, reconnected with her killer son.  Despite his internet fame, Magnotta never agreed to any in-depth interviews. Now Magnotta has given award-winning journalist and author, Brian Whitney (RAW DEAL, THE SHAWCROSS LETTERS) an exclusive look inside the mind of this “social media” killer. Joining Whitney to tell this unique true crime story is Anna Yourkin. The book also contains exclusive photos provided by Yourkin. MY SON, THE KILLER: The Untold Story of Luka Magnotta and "1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick"-Brian Whitney.
1 hr 28 min
Murder Dictionary
Murder Dictionary
Brianna Miera
Quarantine Murders: David Anthony
This week we discuss how David Anthony murdered his wife Gretchen, then told people she was quarantined while fighting COVID, to buy himself time so he could sloppily attempt to cover up his tracks. To support Murder Dictionary & get access to rewards, perks, & merch, please visit our Patreon at If you’d like shirts, mugs, phone cases, & other merch, you can shop at Please rate, review, subscribe & follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter to stay updated on new episodes, true crime tidbits, inappropriate jokes about death, and ridiculous serial killer memes. We appreciate you telling your friends or family about us, & posting about the show on your social media! MURDER DICTIONARY LINKS: Instagram : Facebook : Twitter : iTunes : DAVID ANTHONY LINKS: WELLNESS RESOURCE LINKS:
1 hr 17 min
Murderific True Crime Podcast
Murderific True Crime Podcast
Murderific Mini #9: Derek Medina - The Facebook Killer
Murder + Horrific = Murderific. This episode was sponsored by Best Fiends. Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this Murderific episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: In August of 2013, Derek Medina got into a domestic dispute with his wife, which escalated into an attack with Derek shooting his wife, Jennifer Alfonso, in their Miami home. Derek then went on to facebook and uploaded a photo of his dead wife's body to make a spectacle of the event. Contact Us: Call 1-207-200-8813 to leave a voice message for us which we may play on the air! Patreon: PayPal: Sources:
24 min
True Crime Campfire
True Crime Campfire
True Crime Campfire
Machiavelli in Manolos: Jill and Kent Easter
In his seminal work The Prince, philosopher and father of modern political science Nicolo Machiavelli wrote, “In the actions of all men, and especially of princes, where there is no court to appeal to, one looks to the end. So let the prince win and maintain his state: the means will always be judged honorable, and will be praised by everyone.” Many people have taken this to mean that Machiavelli was giving advice—that if you’re pursuing a goal, you should use whatever means necessary to achieve it. But I think if you read that line more closely, what he was really saying was that when a powerful person achieves a desirable end, people tend to decide after the fact that whatever he did to get there was a-okay. Seems more about perception than reality—which is almost scarier, if you think about it. Because whether this is true or not, people in positions of power often seem to think it is. Narcissists are prone to that kind of magical thinking—that whatever they try will turn out great, and everybody will stand up and applaud. For the baddies in today’s story, that didn’t work out so great. Sources: ABC's 20/20 LA Times, Framed by Christopher Goffard: Dr. Phil episode Follow us, campers! Patreon (join to get all episodes ad-free, at least a day early, an extra episode a month, and a free sticker!): Facebook: True Crime Campfire Instagram: Twitter: @TCCampfire Email:
55 min
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