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Motivational Speeches
Motivational Speeches
Motivational Podcasts | LIFE WILL HURT - Best Motivational Speech (Featuring Coach Pain)
>>>Click Here to Join Our Self Development Campaign Now<<< Motivational Podcasts | LIFE WILL HURT - Best Motivational Speech (Featuring Coach Pain). About Our Motivational Speech Website A motivational speech is a vital portion which supports a person to give their best performance and support in reaching enterprise goals. Strong positive motivation will permit the increased output of employees, but negative motivational speech will decrease their production. A critical factor in personnel management is motivation. Why Motivational Speech? Motivation is a sole art made into words which can be a compelling resource that goes beyond merely good speaking ability. The objective of it is to promote reflection or influence opinions by appealing to our sentiments. As in Martin Luther King’s Motivational Speech, “I have a dream” are excellent evidence that words can change the history of the world. Who we are? MotivationalSpeech.XYZ AKA Motivationly is a Non-Commercial Digital Media/news blog. That was founded in June 2020 to inspire people by providing authentic Motivation Speeches, Motivational Quotes, Motivational Words and Motivational Images. What is our goal? Our mission at MotivationalSpeech.xyz is to empower, inspire and motivate people by spreading knowledge of self-development, life-changing stories and mental medication to the world. We want to show you what it takes to become a successful human being with new motivation speeches, motivational videos, motivational interviews, motivational audio, motivational speeches podcasts and more with useful life coaches, entrepreneurs, celebrities and inspirational people from all over the world. Follow us Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Twitter Listen Our Exclusive Podcasts in these platforms: Google Podcast Spotify Radio Public Breaker Overcast Pocket Casts --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/motivationly/support
11 min
Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness
Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness
The Living Hour
How the Mind Works | Law of Attraction
Listen to episode 554 of the Inspirational Living Podcast: How the Mind Works | Law of Attraction. Edited and adapted from How the Mind Works by Christian D. Larson. *Inspirational Podcast Excerpt* : Through the law of attraction, we naturally meet in the external world what corresponds to our own internal world, that is, to what we are in ourselves. The self constitutes the magnet, and like attracts like. This inner self that constitutes the magnet is composed of all the active forces, desires, tendencies, motives, states, and thoughts that are at work in your mind or personality. When you look at everything that is alive throughout your whole being (and put all those things together) you have what may be termed your present active self. And this self invariably attracts in the external world such conditions as correspond to its own nature. This self (and all its parts within you) correspond to the thoughts that you have been creating in your mind. In fact, the nature of the self is actually composed of your thoughts, mental states, and mental activities. Therefore, when you change your thoughts, the nature of your inner self will change, and this change will be good or otherwise depending upon your changes of thought. Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/inspirational-living/donations Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands Privacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy
13 min
Becoming Great.com
Becoming Great.com
#84 - Self-esteem | A deep understanding of what it is & how to build it
If you are suffering from overthinking, envy, comparing yourself with others, procrastination, or fear of failing - you most likely have the same problem as we've had - you are emotionally poor. Being emotionally poor has been the source of most of the pain both me and Erik have felt in our lives, and almost everyone suffers from it. In this episode, we will teach you how to become emotionally rich, how to deal with negative thoughts, become a doer that goes after their dreams, and believes in themselves. We have split this podcast episode into five topics about self-esteem and how to build self-esteem: 1. Our most painful experiences. Here we talk about how our chase for sexual and social validation has caused constant pain. 2. The emotional bank account. We explain why you can be rich and famous but still be miserable and how to deal with it. 3. The reason for low self-esteem. We look at how our negative thought patterns are the root of our pain. 4. How to deal with negative thoughts. We teach you how to deal with negative thoughts and how you can learn to understand their hidden messages. 5. A powerful exercise for self-esteem. We give you a simple 5-minute exercise that both of us have done every day for years and that has given tremendous results. With these five topics, you will be able to learn how to deal with lots of pain caused by comparing yourself with others, feeling envy, fear of failure, and much more. An episode of our podcast about self-esteem! --- In the first topic, we are diving into how low self-esteem impacted Erik and his fiancée's sex life and lead to the relationship ending. Erik explains that most of the pain he has experienced in his life can be tied back to low self-esteem. Emil shares how low self-esteem impacted him in tons of social situations and created worry for what other people thought about him and even turned him into a bully to be liked. Emil agrees that most of his pain has been caused by low self-esteem. In the second topic, we give you a metaphor to better understand low self-esteem: the emotional bank account. With this metaphor, you can see positive or negative behaviors and thought patterns as deposits or withdrawals from your bank account. In the third topic, we look into the reason behind low self-esteem and how it all comes back to the voices in our heads: how we think and talk about ourselves. In the fourth topic, we learn how to turn our painful and heavy thoughts into valuable lessons that we can learn from. This way we can turn what previously has been harming us into something that now makes us stronger. In the fifth and final topic, we give you an exercise that both Erik and Emil do daily, just a five-minute thing that creates an internal autopilot that every day helps to build your self-esteem without you ever thinking about it. That's all for our podcast about how to build self-esteem. -- Social media channels: http://linktr.ee/smilingerik http://linktr.ee/emil.e
55 min
Self Improvement, Personal Growth & Entrepreneurship - Improve Your Life and Grow Your Business
Self Improvement, Personal Growth & Entrepreneurship - Improve Your Life and Grow Your Business
Rafael Eliassen
How Overstimulation Is Ruining Your Life… (WARNING)
In this episode, I share with how overstimulation is ruining your life and how you can correct it! Go to https://www.erafael.com/ if you want my help, coaching or mentorship :)  1. Chasing Happiness — “When I make this amount of money”, “When I am in a relationship”, then I’ll be happy. Happiness can’t exist in the future but present. If you aren’t happy now, you don’t be happy then. 2. Kill Negative Beliefs — Thinking doesn’t make it true. People thought the earth was far, didn’t make it true. When you think you can’t make money online or get healthy, don’t accept it as truth. 3. Modern News — Read about death, rape, and war. And see how hopeful they make you about your future. The media is always biased towards the negative because the positive doesn’t sell. Don’t fall into their trap. 4. Pleasure Eating — Do you eat for nutrition or pleasure? If it’s the latter, you will always end up overeating junk. Change your perspective on food. It’s about fuel not taste. 5. Garbage Excuses — “I can’t make it because of my parents, my past, or the economy”. You can make it. It’s that your mind doesn’t want you to give up comfort. Override your mind. 6. People Pleasing — Say ‘NO’ to the texts or favours from people you don’t like. Otherwise, you will waste your life for people who don’t care. 7. Quick Results — If you take action and wait for results, they won’t come. Results come to keep taking action. Waiting for results only stops you from taking action. #Overstimulation #RuiningLife #SelfImprovement #PersonalDevelopment #Motivation #SelfHelp Subscribe to my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/rafaeleliassen/ Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rafaeleliassen/
15 min
Motivational Speaker Simerjeet Singh's Podcast
Motivational Speaker Simerjeet Singh's Podcast
Simerjeet Singh
English sikhne ka tarika | English sikhne ke liye kya karna chahiye by Simerjeet Singh | English learning podcast
Learning the English language can certainly be a challenge but it is possible. In today’s world, it has become very important to learn English and communicate in English because it is the most spoken language in the world.  If you want to learn or improve your English-speaking skills but you don’t know where to start from? In this video, Simejeet Singh will be sharing some unconventional tips on English sikhne kaha se start kare. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in speaking English, you can always find something to improve on believes Simerjeet Singh Motivational Speaker. Iss #AskSimerjeet​ video mein, Simerjeet Singh aapke sath share karenge English sikhne ka tarika aur English sikhne ke liye kya karna chahiye. You’ll also find practical tips on English speaking practice in this motivational video in Hindi.  English sikhne kaha se start kare – Iss topic ke upper yeh humara ab tak ka sabse in-depth video hai. English sikhana hai toh yeh video end tak zaroor dekhene. English sikhna hai kaise sikhe agar yeh sawal aapke mann mein aa rha hai toh yeh video aapke liye bahut helpful hoga. English sikhana hai to kya karen jaanne ke liye humare sath juden rhe. Iss 1st step to learn English video mein aapke sawal English bolna kaise sikhe ka pura jawab diya gya hai. Agar aap bhi English sikhne ke liye sabse pehle kya zaroori hai jaanna chahhte hain toh video mein diye gye steps ko zaroor follow karen. Simerjeet Singh Motivational Speaker iss video mein vistaar se english sikhne ki shuruaat kahan se kare bta rhe hain. Watch this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/9o8331vG34o #EnglishKaiseSikhe #EnglishSpeakingTips #SimerjeetSingh #AskSimerjeet #EnglishSpeaking #EnglishLearning For more information about Simerjeet's work as a motivational speaker, please visit his website: http://www.simerjeetsingh.com Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/simerjeetsingh
25 min
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