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Ep 54 | Mosiah 29-Alma 4, Come Follow Me (May 25-31)
May 24, 2020 · 48 min
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00:34 – The Amlicites marked themselves. See how this is so applicable today.

14:09 – We are punished as much by our sins as we are punished for them.

21:32 – Skins, curses, and marks.

27:03 – We are all alike unto God.

29:13 – In the midst of adversity you can still be blessed.

31:13 – Mormon explains how we should see ourselves and each other.

33:36 – The philosophy of Nehor: Why his teachings were so dangerous to the Nephite culture.

37:04 – Blood speaking from the ground. Nehor’s ignominious death.

41:29 – Antichrists don’t agree with each other, but are united in tearing down Jesus.

42:41 – The Amlicite wars and the story of Nehor are related to the stratification of society.

44:52 – The church prospers by the examples of our members.

For more on Nehor’s punishment and the Fallen Angels, go here.

For more information regarding blood vengeance in the Book of Mormon, see this article.

For more information on the Amlicite wars, the church prospering amidst adversity, and the meaning of Nehor’s name, go here.

To see the temple context related to skins as used by the authors of the Book of Mormon, go here.

For Ethan Sproat’s article: Skins as Garments in the Book of Mormon, go here.

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