Ep 52 | Mosiah 18-24, Come Follow Me (May 11-17)
52 min

00:25 – Brief overview.

07:20 – Alma’s message is a one of healing. Focus on God, listen to inspired leaders, and live the gospel.

08:32 – Repentance, redemption, and faith helps cure mistakes we have made.

09:17 – The Lord always offers us a do-over. The way to start over is to show desire by renewing a covenant with God. You can read about Alma and his authority to baptize here.

11:59 – Increase of the Spirit, do-over is granted. You are on the right track, on the path.

16:04 – Alma is haunted by the past. Be aware of “the switch”…

17:45 – Beautiful list of gospel living. Here is how you manifest to the Lord your desire for a do-over.

20:23 – Comfort those that stand in need of comfort and how it relates to Isaiah 40.1-5 and John 14.26. Deep roots for the word comforter and how the Holy Spirit fills us with spiritual dynamite, as related by Donna Nielsen. You can read the Donna Nielsen quote here.

24:16 – Comfort my people. See how this relates to the Pre-Earth Heavenly Council. The Hebrew word for comfort in Isaiah 40 is Nahom.

26:21 – Every valley shall be exalted and every mountain shall be made low. Repentance is the act of tearing down the mountain between you and the Lord. Stephen Robinson’s story of his son. “Can’t we ever be friends again?”

28:44 – Go comfort my people, bring my children home. God the Father is speaking to Jehovah and rest of the Heavenly Council. See Isaiah 40.3 where Jehovah (and you!) accept the directive from the Father.

33:54 Alma is tying his words with our promises we made to God the Father in the Heavenly Pre-Earth Council as well as Isaiah’s intensive use of this word comfort.

34:23 John Widstoe’s quote about our promise to God to bring his children home. You can read Elder Widstoe’s quote here.

36:52 – The book of Mosiah is a message of deliverance. Trust in God, He can deliver against all odds.

43:14 – Dan Jones’ story being stranded in Wyoming from Elder Bednar’s talk In The Strength of the Lord. You can read the Dan Jones’ story here. You can read Elder Bednar’s talk In the Strength of the Lord, here.

46:28 – Katie Lewis’ story by Elder Holland. You can read Elder Holland’s talk Look to God and live here.

49:50 – The groups that are lost in the book of Mosiah make it home eventually.

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Church News
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