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Ep 60 | Alma 30-31, Come Follow Me (July 6-12)
Jul 5, 2020 · 1 hr 11 min
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00:41 – Five strategies to comfort those who have a loved one who has left the church and is now fighting against it. Learn to recognize their tactics, keep the performances of the church, have a testimony based on evidence, know the doctrine, and be careful.

21:28 – Evidentiary equilibrium. There is no definitive evidence to prove or disprove God. Both take faith.

30:48 – Alma’s reasons for believing in God.

35:18 – The order of the universe, The Anthropic Principle.

55:10 – Korihor eventually says, “I always knew there was a God”. Be careful because Anti-Christ ideas can be pleasing to the natural mind.

To see Reid Bankhead’s quote about the meaning of the word Anti-Christ, go here. An overview of Alma and Korihor’s arguments is available here as well as Austin Farrar’s quote. In this separate post you can read about rational faith as well as what was discussed in the podcast regarding The Anthropic Principle, Evidentiary Equilibrium, Martin Rees’ book Just Six Numbers, as well as Dinesh D’Souza’s discussion from his book What’s So Great About Christianity? Towards the end of the post is the conclusion that the Anthropic Principle puts us into a position where we have to rationally choose what we believe about creation and the universe as we now understand it. Currently an audiobook link to Rees’ Just Six Numbers is available here on YouTube as well. For Joseph Fielding’s quote on the importance of the impressions of the Holy Ghost, go here.

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