Ep 58 | Alma 17-22, Come Follow Me (June 22-28)
59 min

00:30 – Overview.

02:24 – Ammon’s approach to missionary work.

14:34 – The Golden question: Lamoni asks, “Who are you?” (Alma 18.18)

21:09 – Aaron’s approach.

25:28 – Aaron is preaching to a more hardened group, the Amalekites and Amulonites.

28:29 – Patience with people who choose another path. Likening Alma 17-22 to our day.

34:17 – Offer our whole souls.

38:24 – Find common ground when teaching truth. Point to the Savior.

43:39 – Falling into trances in Alma 19 and 22. Some examples in the Biblical narratives.

47:43 – Abish.

49:23 – Why are Lamoni’s enemies at his palace? Another way to understand the drama at the Waters of Sebus.

55:49 – The meaning of the name Abish and possibilities as to why Mormon put this in the record.

There is so much going on behind the scenes in Alma 17-18. To read Hugh Nibley’s argument for the background of the scattering of the flocks at the Waters of Sebus, as well as Brant Gardner’s argument that this is a political rivalry, go here. For more information about the trances happening to the people in this text, see “Alma 19 & 22: Trances in the Book of Alma.” For much more regarding Abish, the meaning of her name, and possibly why Mormon added her name to the record, see Matt Bowen’s article here – “Father Is a Man: The Remarkable Mention of the Name Abish in Alma 19:16 and Its Narrative Context.”

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57 min
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