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Ep 44 | Easter – The Magnificent Messiah, Come Follow Me 2020 (Mar 30-April 12)
Mar 29, 2020 · 57 min
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1:26 – Woman at the well. You can read more on this event here.

7:24 – Woman with an issue of blood.

13:35 – Oliver Cowdery received an answer.

16:14 – Seest thou this woman?

18:05 – Woman taken in adultery. Jesus sees the person. He knows us.

26:41 – The Savior understands. You can access Chieko Okazaki’s inspirational quote here.

28:58 – One by one, Jesus is ever present as we come unto him.

34:45 – You are his seed. He saw you as He suffered. Thinking of you helped Him through darkness. Jesus knows you, He saw you and your life.

41:55 – Simon Peter’s boat is so full of fish that it begins to sink.

45:19 – Bishop Monson finds the young man in the garage working on Sunday. You can read this story here.

46:32 – A man full of leprosy approaches the Savior. Think of leprosy as a symbol of sin. He is quick to forgive.

49:15 – Jesus is a man of action and wants us to act for ourselves. He is also full of grace and expects us to extend mercy and help others. For more on the Old Testament meaning of God’s name, see this article.

52:52 – Jesus forgives Joseph when he loses scripture. When we make a mistake, He pulls us in.

What is the character of Jesus? Who is the person that we worship? How can we emulate him? What things can we learn from the life of Jesus? We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we enjoyed creating it. Thanks for listening!

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