Ep 41 | Jacob 5-7, Come Follow Me 2020 (Mar 16-22)
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00:26 – The allegory of the olive tree

23:48 – History of the house of Israel and the apostasy

41:59 – Check out Mike & Bryce’s in depth analysis of Jacob 6!

42:06 – Sherem and the anti-Christs in our day. Three things to watch for: being called foolish, called oppressed, and truths with a twist. Don’t be surprised by the opposition, but be prepared for their arguments.

55:54 – How do we combat the influence of anti-Christs? Continue in the performances of church, develop a testimony of your own based on evidence, and know the doctrine by searching the scriptures.

You can access the show notes for Jacob 5 here. We talk about many of the ways early Christians viewed Jesus in the first couple of centuries after Jesus and how it relates to Jacob 5.30. Some early Christians did not believe that Jesus experienced mortality, that he actually suffered on the cross. These Christians were called Docetists. Here is a chart illustrating the anti-docetic teachings of 1-3 John in the New Testament. Here you can read about other views of Jesus in the first few centuries when Christianity began to take root.

Who was Zenos? For Hugh Nibley’s analysis of the identity of Zenos, go here. To read John Welch’s take on the Zenos-Zenez connection, go here. For other scholarly analysis of the identity of Zenos, see this article. We reference Hugh B. Brown’s “God is the Gardener” talk in this podcast. His ideas give meaning for the modern reader of Jacob 5. To read his message, go here. Bryce really goes in depth showing the arguments of the anti-Christs in the Book of Mormon. For a chart to use to follow along as he goes through these passages, go here.

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