Talking Scripture
Talking Scripture
Sep 13, 2020
Ep 70 | 3 Nephi 8-11, Come Follow Me (Sept 14-20)
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00:47 – Prophets warn of coming danger in times of peace. The righteous will be prepared in all things.

09:53 – Like the children of Israel, the Nephites are invited to be sanctified so they can see the face of God.

14:20 – Mine arm of mercy is extended towards you.

15:04 – The end of the Law of Moses. The law of sacrifice shifts. The offering of a broken heart means we yield to God.

25:18 – Rededication of the temple.

30:23 – The Savior appears to the Nephites. They see, feel, know, and bear record.

35:29 – Jesus ministers one by one.

39:31 – Anciently when the temple was rededicated 5 things would occur.

40:38 – The rebaptism in 3 Nephi.

43:32 – Jesus emphasizes having no more disputations over the ordinance of baptism. The Old World is struggling with the same kinds of questions.

44:10 – The first time the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are mentioned in the same verse.

47:30 – We cannot return contention for contention.

49:55 – Silence for half an hour before His coming.

53:42 – Being brought into the protection of His wings is coming into the presence of God.

57:59 – The Gates of Hell as understood in early Christianity.

You can access the show notes for this episode here.

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Leading Saints Podcast
Leading Saints Podcast
Leading Saints
How Can We Bless the Members Through the Leadership We Provide? | An Interview with Dave Ulrich
Dave Ulrich is a professor at the University of Michigan and a partner at The RBL Group, a consulting firm. He studies and writes about how organizations build and use human resources, and has published over 30 books on leadership, organization, and human resources. He researches and consults with organizations around the world and has been called the “father of modern HR”. Dave is married to Wendy Ulrich. They co-authored the Wall Street Journal #1 business bestseller, The Why of Work: How Great Leaders Build Abundant Organizations that Win, and presided over the Canada Montreal Mission. Dave has also served as a bishop. Highlights 5:00 Dave's background and work 10:30 As a mission president, worked creatively to build the mission to support the missionaries and give them what they needed 12:00 Focused less on the goal and more on the people: the goal of the Church is to help you find the blessings of the gospel and they worked to help investigators find those blessings 14:10 Created themes for the month and for zone conferences; experience of getting the message wrong and making it right 18:30 Experience going out with every companionship, modeling for them and serving with them 21:30 Listen and take risks that are within the boundaries; experience of rededicating the city for a small branch instead of closing it and how that led to doing that throughout the district 24:10 The outside-in perspective: Leadership is what we help other people know and do, how we use our strengths to help other people see their strengths, the ability to create value in other people; What do those you lead need to know and do more of? What would the Lord want for them? 27:45 "So that…" We want to do ____ so that our people have ____. 30:30 Good leaders are also good anthropologists: observe those you lead, collecting data and soliciting input; experience of a prayer for a blessing at a funeral 33:50 Sharing gospel beliefs with others without being preachy 35:30 Leadership starts with who you are trying to bless and serve, not with you; what can you do to help those people fulfill those needs? 37:00 Working within the tension of policy and local leadership choices; we are a global church and we need to understand what the Lord wants for those we have leadership over 39:20 Inspiration is navigating paradox instead of solving it; experience leaving sacrament meeting to visit with a young man who had been part of a conflict 41:20 There is a pattern we follow, but there are also different ways the Lord can use us as leaders 43:30 We become vehicles through which our Heavenly Parents express love for their children 45:00 Modeling ministering, sometimes in unexpected, inspired ways 47:50 Being a doughnut-hole bishop: encouraging members to turn to those who have stewardship 49:30 Even introverts can serve; be willing to make mistakes; experience with saying the wrong thing to Elder Scott 54:00 Reflections during the pandemic: Pro athletes get better during the off season; he chose to step up instead of stepping back 56:40 Finding creative ways to bless people: Experience polishing the shoes of the missionaries 1:00:15 The Savior wants to give us power to empower others to reach their potential Links Dave Ulrich on LinkedIn The RBL Group Women in Council Meetings | An Interview with Wendy Ulrich The Why of Your Calling | An Interview with Wendy Ulrich
1 hr 5 min
Faith Matters
Faith Matters
Faith Matters Foundation
55. Transformations of Faith - Thomas McConkie
*** Find out more at *** In this episode, we spoke with Thomas McConkie about something really exciting that he’s been working on over the past year in partnership with Faith Matters. Thomas has created an online course called Transformations of Faith. Many of our listeners are familiar with Thomas’s unique story. He’s a mindfulness teacher and practitioner of over 20 years, a committed and thoughtful Latter-day Saint, and a researcher and teacher in the field of adult development. In Transformations of Faith, Thomas draws on all three of these perspectives to create some truly transformative insights and practices. It’s an extraordinarily rich course with over 10 hours of teaching and guided meditations by Thomas, plus some fascinating conversations between Thomas and Adam Miller in which they dive deeper into the ideas in the course. Faith Matters is a non-profit organization, but we’ve made a substantial investment to produce this course because we believe what Thomas has to share  will be life-changing for many people. For that reason, the course is the first product we’ve made available for purchase through Faith Matters. We’re offering a discounted price of $98 for the first 100 purchasers. We’ve also decided to make financial aid available for those who can’t currently afford it — we don’t want money to be the reason anyone misses out on the course. Subscribers will also be able to access an audio-only version of the course on a private podcast channel. For those of us who have taken the course, it’s been a subject of constant conversation. Many of the ideas and practices Thomas shared have truly been life-changing and opened up new awareness for both of us about ourselves and others around us that we simply couldn’t see before. We expect we’ll be back to it over and over again to process and uncover new layers of meaning. We think it could be particularly helpful if you feel spiritually or emotionally stuck or stagnant, or if you struggle with anxiety. You can head to in order to see more detail about the course, watch a sample video, and enroll.  We had a ton of fun talking with Thomas about some of the most interesting and impactful moments in the course for this episode of the podcast. We can’t wait for you to listen and hope you enjoy the conversation.
57 min
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