Ep 68 | Helaman 13-16, Come Follow Me (Aug 31-Sept 6)
1 hr 7 min

02:05 – When we lay hold on the things that bring eternal happiness they will be never become “slippery.” Blind guides lead people on snipe hunts.

14:45 – C.S. Lewis quote about a more majestic, longer-lasting love.

17:36 – Samuel’s warnings parallel an Egyptian text: The Instruction of Amenemope.

26:20 – Why are signs given by Samuel? Even with great signs we still have to choose.

30:39 – The signs of light at birth and darkness at death are types.

32:56 – We are saved by the merits of Christ, not our good works.

39:50 – Overcoming spiritual death by being brought back into the Father’s presence. The Atonement brings everyone back. What is the second death?

46:55 – Samuel’s prophecy of the future of the Lamanites. Love and hate can be misunderstood in this text. What is the historical context of God hating the Lamanites? How does this relate to ancient Near Eastern treaties?

55:57 – Summary of what led the Lamanites to where they are today.

1:00:14 – Samuel escapes their stones and arrows. The miracle of the Book of Mormon is preservation.

1:05:04 – The importance of striving for unity. The book of Helaman is a pattern for our day, exposing the weakness of a fragmented society that is deeply divided and contentious.

For the show notes covering many of the stories and quotes in this podcast, go to Helaman 13-16 Quotes and Notes. For Kevin Barney’s analysis of Semitic adaptation of existing sources, including the Egyptian parallels to the book of Proverbs, go here.

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