Ep 36 | 2 Nephi 6-10, Come Follow Me 2020 (Feb 10-Feb 16)
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In this podcast we see how Jacob taught his people about the Savior in the context of the Fall Festival, with temple related themes associated with Kingship, gathering, and the eventual victory over the greatest enemy of all: death. Bryce really breaks down some great application for modern readers, helping us see how Jacob’s words have relevance in our lives, especially when we face the loss of a loved one. Mike gets into some of the symbolism of Isaiah in 2 Nephi 7-8. The ways of life and death are discussed. For more detail on the Fall Festival, listen to episode 34. For more detail on the text of 2 Nephi 10.3 where Jacob identifies the name “Christ” for the first time, go here. To read John Thompson’s paper on Jacob’s speech in 2 Nephi 6-10 and how it relates to the Autumn Festival, go here. On the personification of Death and Hell in 2 Nephi 9, go here. To access the chart “The Ways of Life and Death” relating to Jacob’s sermon in 2 Nephi 9, go here. For the slides that have much of what we discussed in the podcast, go here.

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Leading Saints Podcast
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From Baptist Preacher to Latter-day Saint | An Interview with Gary Miller
Gary Miller hosts the Narrow Gate Podcast, "what happens when a hellfire preaching Independent Fundamental Baptist discovers the Book of Mormon and becomes a Latter-day Saint." A former preacher/pastor, he served in the military and studied at Liberty Theological Seminary and Graduate School. He works in sales and marketing. Highlights 5:00 Gary's pathway to conversion from a Baptist preacher to a Latter-day Saint 8:10 Always interested in hearing things out 14:25 Discovering additional scripture in the Book of Mormon: the Gospel in hi-def 4k 18:25 Facing down and wrestling with the cultural change and his own identity 28:07 God's pathways can appear impossible 32:00 From the full court press to post-baptism follow up: what does this person bring? Are we truly connecting with the person in the pew? 40:40 How do you bring people together outside of the confines of Sunday morning? 47:00 Connecting to people through ministering 52:30 How do we engage better as ministers? Fight for the feedback 56:15 Finding informal ways to connect and you will eventually be able to have the important conversations that otherwise would not happen 1:01:00 The process of becoming a Baptist minister 1:03:30 What happens when someone takes interest in leading, and how this compares 1:07:00 Paul to the Corinthians: different gifts 1:12:00 A desire to lead is the reason to create opportunities to minister and have an impact 1:15:25 If you feel you don't have influence, what can you do? 1:19:10 How can we reconcile the discomfort of accepting the grace built into the plan of salvation? 1:21:30 When we are operating in grace, we can start working to become like Jesus, and we can extend that grace to others 1:24:20 How do you lead from the standpoint of grace? 1:28:50 Part of leadership is setting the example, which drives us to get closer to Christ Links http://www.narrowgatepodcast.com Transcript This transcript was machine-produced and only partially corrected. We would be grateful for help correcting errors. You can help! Simply copy/paste the transcript text into a document, make the corrections, and then copy/paste the corrected text into a comment on the page (below) and we will get the corrected text published! 00:00:01 – 00:05:02 Welcome back to another episode of the Leading Saints podcast. If you’ve enjoyed content on this podcast, it’s important that I tell you about the Leading Saints newsletter that we send out every week. This newsletter keeps you up to date an all the current Leading Saints content releases including podcasts, articles, online events, and even live events that might be happening in your own area. In this newsletter, we recommend some past episodes and written articles that you don’t want to miss. Each week, we include additional leadership perspectives and thoughts that you can only find in the weekly newsletter, so you definitely don’t want to miss out. To subscribe to the weekly newsletter, simply text the word lead to 474747 or visit leadingsaints.org/subscribe. Again, text the word lead to 474747, or visit leadingsaints.org/subscribe so you don’t miss any future Leading Saints content. Welcome back to the Leading Saints podcast. My name is Kurt Francom; I will be your host and I’m glad that you found us, especially you newbies out there. Maybe somebody sent you this link or you’ve just listened to a few episodes and you’re thinking, “What is this all about?” Well, let me tell you. Leading Saints is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to help Latter-day Saints be better prepared to lead, and we do that through various methods of the podcast where we have fantastic conversations like you’re about to hear. We also have a newsletter that goes out every week that you gotta make sure you’re on that list, and the website. We have virtual summits; we have just all sorts of content online where you can jump in and discover principles related to leadership. So,
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