Talking Scripture
Talking Scripture
Dec 19, 2019
Ep 24 | Revelation Chapter 13, Come Follow Me 2019 (Dec 23-29)
29 min

The eleventh in our series of podcasts about the book of Revelation. What are these two beasts doing in this chapter? What is the message that John has for his readers? Why does John use the number 666 for the mark of the beast? And what is this mark? How can we apply message in our lives? For the show notes, go here.

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The Collin Kartchner Podcast
The Collin Kartchner Podcast
Collin Kartchner
The Collin Kartchner Podcast - This is Your (Kid's) Brain on Video Games
Is your son/daughter playing video games a bit too much? Have you noticed changes in their attitude and behavior? Are you worried about what video games are doing to their developing brains and the impact that will have on their mental health and overall success in life?  According to Newzoo, gamers worldwide are expected to spend nearly $160 billion in 2020 on video games. Let that number sink in. Kids are becoming so addicted to video games today they are hurting family members or themselves when the games are taken away. I get texts from ER docs saying kids as young as 10 attempted suicide simply because mom took away Fortnite. We lost a 6th grader in the neighboring city to suicide last year because mom took the X-box away. These are NOT just forms of entertainment, and kids are NOT wired to regulate and slow down their gaming time. And the gaming industry is taking full advantage of this making billions. Parents need to be their kids' brakes, but maybe it's time to get really consider getting your kids away from these games for good. Today's episode I interview a pediatric neurologist Dr. John Condie to give us some serious wake-the-bleep-up information on what these videos games are doing to kids, why they're doing what they do to kids, and why it's way past time to break your kids free from the merciless clutches of that dang X-Box/PS4/DS. This is one of the most eye-opening interviews I have conducted on the podcast yet, something every parent and teenager should listen to. Now excuse me while I go scream into a pillow. #savethekids #ditchthevideogames ************************************************************************** *If you want to keep your kids safe and save their childhood from being stolen from a smart phone/social media apps, get your kid a Gabb Phone click *HERE* for pre-loaded discount or use "SAVETHEKIDS" in checkout. *Click **HERE** to watch Collin's TEDxSaltLakeCity talk from 2018. * To bring Collin to your school, community, company or conference to speak, email * *to get on his speaking calendar. * * Don't forget to *Subscribe* to *The Collin Kartchner Podcast* on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and coming soon to Amazon Podcasts and if you're enjoying the podcast, don't forget to leave it a 5-star review.
1 hr 4 min
Leading Saints Podcast
Leading Saints Podcast
Leading Saints
Why Wards Struggle with Zoom Church & How Leaders Can Fix It | An Interview with Dan Duckworth
Dan Duckworth is a changemaker, teacher, and community-builder. He founded Crux Central to facilitate his mission to make deep change accessible to the masses—not just to executives. He writes and podcasts at and hosts high-intensity leadership workshops at He’s also a member of the Leading Saints Board of Directors. Highlights 7:30 The struggle with virtual church: Dan’s experience as a youth Sunday School teacher moving to once-a-month teaching opportunities, then to no church, and then to virtual church 10:00 The realization that came from creating an online transformational learning community: This can actually work 13:10 Switching your mindset into humility, self-awareness, and acknowledgment of your own mediocrity: “Broken but Brimming” 14:30 For an individual to intentionally have a transformational experience, it requires connecting with others 15:25 Current You has to go into the refiner’s fire in order to transform into New You. What we want students to do is want to go into the fire, and feel safe enough to do it. 18:00 Do the people need the leaders or do the leaders need the people? 19:10 Dan’s experience Learned from his previous teaching experiences that community is key and leads to people wanting to leap into the fire 21:00 His key belief that was wrong: You can’t develop authentic community virtually. He enrolled in an online workshop and realized he was connecting with strangers. 26:15 Creating his own workshop and struggling to get past the focus on the content and getting it “right” 27:30 “You’re giving me content. What I came for was the conversation. The magic was the community and the conversations that we had. That’s what changed my life.” 29:45 The conversation started to change and people started to care about each other 31:30 Of the people who participated, 100% has a transformational experience 32:50 Experiment with his Sunday School class Texted a video inviting them to class, including one principle and a story 34:55 The error was his investment, not the students 35:45 Principle 1: Curate people Let people self-select 37:50 Get the right people into the room in the right mindset: it’s your job to protect your guests from the “party spoiler” Your goal is to get people to want to be there Set the expectations of the group: turn your cameras on no matter what you are doing, so we can be ourselves 42:28 People want to be part of something awesome. Focus on creating something magnetic, not on controlling them. 45:08 Principle 2: Connect people What am I doing to connect them to each other? (not to the lesson content) 46:50 Stop the “lesson” and get one person to share their story 49:30 Start with your own authenticity: share your truth without being plastic because everyone recognizes plastic Break the rules and show others that they can, too 53:20 Principle 3: Create arguments An argument is making a claim that can be proven wrong Inspire them to engage in the wrestle: let go of the need to be right and create cognitive dissonance, planting questions (not about the doctrine) about our experience 56:10 It’s never appropriate to be a devil’s advocate in the church setting; this is an argument for the sake of arguing, which only entrenches beliefs instead of creating transformation People should walk away having shared their truth, heard the truth of others, and looking to change 59:30 Principle 4: Ground it in real life Why Gospel Principles class is better than Gospel Doctrine class 1:01:00 Share a principle, what it means to you, and a story from your own experience 1:03:30 Experience teaching in elders quorum, talking about the Sharon Eubank talk, By Union of Feeling We Obtain Power with God, and creating a powerful discussion Stepping into the fire when you try to do something positively deviant Go find people to listen to this interview and ask their opinions
1 hr 31 min
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