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TWDTT 100 – Lines We Cross (S10E1)
Oct 11, 2019 · 2 hr 16 min
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Talking Through Lines We Cross

We have finally made it to episode 100 of The Walking Dead Talk Through! It seems like it took forever… Well, it took us five years! Thank you, listeners, for all of your enthusiasm and support! We did the first time ever first impressions episode earlier this week, and this time, Mark and I talk through a more detailed analysis of The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 1, titled Lines We Cross. This episode was written by showrunner Angela Kang, and directed by executive producer Greg Nicotero. Kyle will not be covering the show this season but may appear from time to time. He is behind the scenes this episode, editing (though you may hear that I was going to edit it).

A final blast from Fear the Walking Dead…

We got a couple of extended pieces of feedback about Fear the Walking Dead’s season finale, S5E16, titled End of the Line from Aaron and Cutter, who also talks about how we have too many characters on both shows and gives us proof! Our more detailed discussion of the season premiere begins 32 minutes and 6 seconds into the episode.

Cards are back…

We get a return to the use of cards in the episode, with white block text on a black screen. AMC Premiere has a video of the table read for the episode. It was interesting to see how the episode changed from the table read and who wasn’t there. We had:

  • Training Day – There was no Luke and Jules scene during the table read; Dan Fogler wasn’t there during the table read. My guess is that the decision to add that scene was because of something that happens later in the season, and the decision to lengthen this to six acts instead of five.
  • Skin – Called “Stories We Tell” in the table read. Skin is much better, in my opinion. I don’t remember hearing the Highwaymen during the episode? Michonne elaborates on the Rick comment, where she didn’t in the final episode and stops short. Antony Azor wasn’t there during the table read. Callan McAuliffe read RJ’s parts in the table read, and it’s pretty funny.
  • Bird Wisdom – Called “Certain Uncertainty” during the table read. This one had no Negan and Gabriel scene during the table read. I think that the Negan and Lydia scene was expanded but I can’t say for sure. Jeffrey Dean Morgan wasn’t at the table read, and his scenes were read by Ryan Hurst.
  • Sea Dogs – This was called “Daryl and Carol” in the table read. Angel Theory wasn’t there during the table read; Eleanor Matsuura read her pieces. I got a kick out of Norman Reedus’ reaction to some of the lines.
  • New Mexico – There was no card for this one. They split the Daryl and Carol scene into two acts. The original script only had five acts.
  • Lines We Cross – This was called “Where There’s Smoke” in the table read. This act was pretty similar to the table read.
  • Embers – Luke’s lines were read by Avi Nash. He doesn’t call him “Eugenius” in the table read. That was a great addition to the script and it was a lot funnier in the episode.

So, are we over-enthusiastic?

We are curious about what people who hadn’t been watching Fear think about this season premiere. Did you think it was as good as we thought i

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