In the Arena
In the Arena
Mar 3, 2017
Jeff Shore on Deeper Meaning in Life and Business – Episode #82
41 min
There are people in your life who spur you on in ways that others don’t. They prod you, challenge you, and make you better. Jeff Shore is one of those people for Anthony. Though they are both avid sales champions they are also both drawn to pondering the deeper meaning of life and the reasons we do what we do as human beings. This conversation is not directly about business or sales but about the things that motivate us and make us what we are. The guys share a handful of challenging books, why they are drawn to ponder the deeper issues of life, and reveal the benefits they’ve discovered in doing so. You’re going to love this chat. Jeff Shore on Deeper Meaning in Life and Business - Ep 82 Click To Tweet Reading enables you to understand yourself and the world you live in. Even the business world. One of the things our culture has produced is a want of deep thinking. The trivial and frivolous take up most of our attention (stupid cat videos and Facebook memes). There’s nothing wrong with having fun but when it keeps us in a state of constant distraction from the deeper meaning of life and the purposes behind the work we do, we’re missing a valuable part of life. Anthony chats with his guest on this episode, Jeff Shore about the significance of reading deeply, why it is vital for shaping our thoughts and understanding of the world around us, and the benefits that come from living from a place of intention. The way you grow impacts how much you grow, in life and in business. Much of the reason both Anthony and his guest, Jeff Shore love to read philosophical books is because they’ve come to see that an understanding of the way we grow as human beings deeply impact the rate and quality of our growth. Each of them thinks deeply about who they are, why they are here, and the effect they are having on the world. It’s a great conversation on this episode of In The Arena - one you’ll benefit from greatly. The way you grow impacts how much you grow, in life and in businessClick To Tweet It doesn’t matter how smart you are, it’s "HOW are you smart?" that matters. There is only so much an I.Q. test can tell you. Yes, it may show you that a person is smart. But that’s not the most important thing. What matters is HOW they are smart. In other words, what is their approach to situations, people, and life in general? That is the kind of thing that determines how flexible, adaptable, and able to pivot an individual is - which can dramatically impact his/her ability to succeed. Find out more about this concept of “HOW” you are smart - on this episode of In The Arena. Learning to know what you don’t know is what helps you move beyond your limitations. Everyone tends to gather people around them who confirm their own biases. It’s part of the natural insecurity each of us has. We seek validation of our ideas and beliefs instead of challenging them intentionally for the sake of growth. But once you realize that you don’t know what you don’t know, everything changes. You become curious, eager to learn, open to ideas that may have once been off limits due to previously held beliefs that you discover were not true. This episode is a brief journey through the thoughts of a couple of thinkers. It’s an adventure, so be sure you join them for the trip. Learning to know what you don’t know is what helps you move beyond your limitationsClick To Tweet Outline of this great episode [2:25] Anthony’s introduction of his friend Jeff Shore. [4:19] Why Jeff reads heavy content: it takes him someplace he can’t go on his own. [7:50] What Jeff has learned from reading Nassim Taleb (author of Antifragile). [11:48] Lessons from “Thinking Fast and Slow.” [18:39] What Jeff has been learning from psychology lately. [28:58] The things that spurred Anthony’s interest in philosophy. Resources & Links mentioned in this episode Jeffshore Enter the Giveaway for the OutBound Conference (VIP ticket) Virtual Sales Kickoff
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