In the Arena
In the Arena
Feb 10, 2017
Subir Chowdhury: Make the Difference You Are Meant To Make – Episode #80
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Are you ready to make the difference you are meant to make in the world? Anthony’s guest on this episode of In The Arena is Subir Chowdhury. He is chairman and CEO of ASI Consulting Group, LLC, a strategic initiatives, consulting, and training company that advises some of the highest level businesses in the world. Subir is considered one of the “50 Most Influential Management Thinkers in the World.” He is the author of fifteen books, including several international bestsellers. His latest book, “The Difference” is the topic of discussion for this episode. He and Anthony chat about how individuals can develop a caring mindset—one that includes straightforwardness, thoughtfulness, accountability, and resolve (STAR). Subir Chowdhurry : Make the Difference You Are Meant To Make - Episode #80Click To Tweet A caring mindset impacts a company’s success more than anything else. One of the things that prompted Subir Chowdhury to write his latest book, “The Difference” was that he noticed different results between companies that were using the exact same methodologies and systems. He wondered why one company got 2X results and another got 10X results. That prompted him to study the phenomena and what he discovered is that the companies that get the best results are the ones that possess a culture where caring is carried out effectively and practically among the team. You can hear what Subir discovered, how he’s counseled company leadership to apply it, and the results he’s seen from those who dare to make it work in their teams. How to overcome the “good enough” mindset to achieve excellence. In this conversation with Subir Chowdhury, Anthony notes that one of the biggest enemies of excellence is a mindset that “good enough” is just that - good enough. The question is this: What makes the difference between those who settle for that kind of mindset and those who excel far beyond it? That’s the question Anthony posed to Subir and his compelling answer is laced with stories and anecdotes from his own history. It’s very engaging, so be sure you listen. How to overcome the “good enough” mindset to achieve excellenceClick To Tweet You have the power to make the difference in the lives of other people, every day. When you think about making a difference in the world, do you get overwhelmed? There are so many things you COULD do that qualify as “making a difference.” What should you do? How do you even start? Subir Chowdhury’s newest book, “The Difference” highlights the ways that each of us can make a difference in the lives of others even in the mundane or normal things of daily living. He’s got a great way of describing a way forward that anyone can understand. If you want some help discovering your own path forward so you can make the difference you are meant to make, you need to hear Subir share, on this episode. If you have the passion to solve a problem, you can. Do you believe that? One of the lessons Subir Chowdhury has learned - through a variety of experiences in his own life - is that every person who truly wants to make a difference, can. But the thing that determines whether they will or not is the amount of passion they have to truly solve the problems around them they see every day. In this candid conversation, Anthony and Subir talk about why leaders in corporations and small businesses alike need to understand this principle and what they can do to make their companies places where the employees and team members truly WANT to make a difference in the lives of their customers. If you have the passion to solve a problem, you can. Do you believe that?Click To Tweet Outline of this great episode [0:24] The upcoming Virtual Sales Kickoff. [1:12] My experience and story with Subir Chowdhury. [2:53] The mindset shift Subir was trying to instigate with his new book. [6:18] How “good enough” can be the strongest competitor to excellence. [15:03] How can leaders create a fearless culture where team...
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