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EP 1945 If you think and act as though everyone will say yes to your idea to change careers, you will never be successful or get out of the starting gate. ABOUT JEFF ALTMAN, THE BIG GAME HUNTER Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a career and leadership coach who worked as a recruiter for more than 40 years. He is the host of “No BS Job Search Advice Radio,” the #1 podcast in iTunes for job search with more than 1900 episodes and is a member of The Forbes Coaches Council. Are you interested in 1:1 coaching, interview coaching, advice about networking more effectively, how to negotiate your offer or leadership coaching? Use this link to schedule a free Discovery call with me.  Connect with me on LinkedIn. Connect with me on LinkedIn Mention you listen to the podcast or watch my YouTube channel. Otherwise, I may not accept the request, particularly if you are outside the US. If you have a quick question for me, you can get it answered with a 3-5 minute video or schedule a 15 minute live conversation with me. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Join and attend my classes on Skillshare. Become a premium member and get 2 months free. --- Support this podcast:
McKinsey Recruiting
McKinsey Recruiting
McKinsey & Company Recruiting
Ellis on GLAM, McKinsey's LGBTQ+ network
What is the purpose of the McKinsey’s LGBTQ+ network GLAM? How does McKinsey introduce inclusion into the workplace and how can someone show support for LGBTQ+ colleagues? Tune in and find answers to these questions and more in our latest McKinsey Recruiting Podcast episode, with Ellis Griffith. Ellis Griffith is McKinsey’s people function leader for the Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region, based in our Amsterdam office. Ellis is a thought leader in the areas of culture and diversity as well as learning, HR and organization development. # In 2019 Ellis moved from Atlanta to Amsterdam with her partner Meredith and four children. # When Ellis was a child, she moved from a small town in the US to Japan. She speaks Japanese fluently and majored in Asian languages and religion. # Within her learning program on conscious inclusion, Ellis visited 50+ McKinsey locations and shares her impressions of differences and similarities of our offices worldwide. # Ellis provides helpful insights for LGBTQ+ colleagues on how to navigate challenges in the (consulting) work environment. She also explains the purpose of McKinsey’s GLAM network. # In our “Ask me anything” section, Ellis explains the many ways to support the LGBTQ+ community as an ally. She also describes McKinsey’s recruiting process. For more information on our podcast, visit: Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 37:06) >
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Curious Minds: Innovation in Life and Work
Curious Minds: Innovation in Life and Work
Gayle Allen
CM 173: Katherine Kinzler on How Language Shapes Us
We recognize the biases we hold around race, class, and gender, but what about language? Katherine Kinzler, author of the book, How You Say It: Why You Talk the Way You Do - and What It Says about You, explains, "The language you speak, and the accent or dialect you use to speak it, is such a foundational part of social life." Yet speech and language are often overlooked aspects of social identity. In fact, Katherine's research reveals that the way we speak can "determine who you might connect with, but also the judgments you make about other people, and the judgments they might be making about you." In her book, Katherine discusses how language, accents, and speech influence life experience and outcomes. In particular, they can be tools for social division, discrimination in hiring and firing, and other forms of bias and prejudice. It's one of the reasons Katherine advocates language learning in school. She says, "a lot of times, we think of language [learning] as 'icing on the cake'...nice to have but not really a fundamental part of learning. I think we could do so much more if we changed how we thought about the necessity of more than one language." Katherine Kinzler is Professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago. She holds degrees from Yale and Harvard, has written for the New York Times, and was recently named a Young Scientist by the World Economic Forum, one of the 50 scientists under 40 working to shape the future. Episode Links Bilingual Brains Better Equipped to Process Information  Neuroplasticity as a Function of Second Language Learning by Ping Li, Jennifer Legault, and Kaitlyn a. Litcofsky Want to be More Rational? Learn Another Language by Rob Smith How Speaking a Second Language Affects the Way You Think by David Ludden How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Found Her Voice by Katy Steinmetz Weird: The Power of Being an Outsider in an Insider World by Olga Khazan Meyer v. State of Nebraska Emotions Shape the Language We Use, but Second Languages Reveal a Shortcut around Them by Beth Daley The War against German-American Culture: The Removal of German-Language from Indianapolis Schools, 1917-1919 Linguistic Insecurity Bilingual Children's Social Preferences Hinge on Accent by Jasmine M. DeJesus, Hyesung G. Hwang, Jocelyn B. Dautel, and Katherine D. Kinzler The Native Language of Social Cognition by Katherine D. Kinzler, Emmanuel Dupoux, and Elizabeth S. Spelke Research: How Speech Patterns Lead to Hiring Bias by Michael W. Kraus, Brittany Torrez, and Jun Won Park Multilingual Environments Enrich Our Understanding of Others by Christopher Bergland Jane Elliott Ways to Support the Podcast If you're a fan of the show, there are three simple things you can do to support our work: Rate and review the podcast on iTunes or wherever you subscribe. This week, tell one person about the show. Subscribe so you never miss an episode. Where to Find Curious Minds Spotify iTunes Tunein Stitcher Google Podcasts Overcast Curious Minds Team Learn more about creator and host, Gayle Allen, and producer and editor, Rob Mancabelli, here.
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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job
Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job
Mac Prichard
How to Take Charge of Your Career After a Layoff, with Simone Morris
All too often, we see layoffs as a problem instead of an opportunity. Yes, you likely need a steady income, but if you take any job you can find, you’re going to be unhappy down the road. How can you spend the layoff time productively? Find Your Dream Job guest Simone Morris says you start by getting in the driver’s seat of your career. Find gig work to put food on the table and then get serious about figuring out who you are, what you want, and where you want to be. Simone says you need to be proactive in developing relationships, learning new skills, and building your personal brand. About Our Guest: Simone Morris ( is a speaker, author, and coach. She helps job seekers with career planning, partnerships, and branding. Resources in This Episode: * Learn more about the career services Simone offers by visiting her website at * If you’re ready to be in the driver’s seat of your career, tune in to Simone’s podcast, The Power of Owning Your Career. ( * From our Sponsor: Find Your Dream Job is brought to you by TopResume.( Top Resume has helped more than 400,000 professionals land more interviews and get hired faster. Get a free review of your resume today from one of Top Resume’s expert writers. (
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Something You Should Know
Something You Should Know
Mike Carruthers / OmniCast Media / Westwood One Podcast Network
Money Hacks to Build Wealth & How Buildings Affect Your Health and Happiness
First impressions count. One big reason why is that once a person makes judgements about you, they can be difficult to change even if they are not true. This episode begins with 3 things people decide about you within the first 30 seconds and how to make sure you put your best foot forward. Source: Sherry Maysonave author of Casual Power ( Why should you fill your gas tank on Monday instead of Friday? Does transferring credit card balances to lower interest rate card make sense? What’s the best way to save money at the grocery store? Why should you always order a large pizza? These are just some of the questions I discuss with Lisa Rowan, author of Money Hacks: 275+ Ways to Decrease Spending, Increase Savings, and Make Your Money Work for You! ( Listen and I am sure you will hear ideas you can use to spend less and keep more of your money. People love a bargain. That’s why outlet shopping has become popular. So why are outlet stores always out in the middle of nowhere? Listen as we discuss the psychology of outlet shopping and why it may not always be the great deal some people think. When you walk into an awe-inspiring building, you become friendlier. When kids work in rooms with high ceilings, they become more creative. In short, the room or building or environment you are in has an impact on how you think and on your well-being. That is according to Sarah Williams Goldhagen, an award-winning writer who has written about buildings, cities, and landscapes for many national and international publications. She taught at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design for several years and is author of Welcome to Your World: How the Built Environment Shapes Our Lives ( Sarah joins me to explain how building design impacts thought and behavior in ways you never knew. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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