Why Do Some Companies Say the Position Requires US Citizenship or Permanent Resi
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EP 1725 Why do some companies say the position is only for  US Citizenship or Permanent Residents even if it does not require security clearance? ABOUT JEFF ALTMAN, THE BIG GAME HUNTER Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter is a career and leadership coach who worked as a recruiter for more than 40 years. He is the host of “No BS Job Search Advice Radio,” the #1 podcast in iTunes for job search with more than 1700 episodes and “No BS Coaching Advice.” He is a member of The Forbes Coaches Council. Are you interested in 1:1 coaching, interview coaching, advice about networking more effectively, how to negotiate your offer or leadership coaching? Use this link to schedule a free Discovery call with me.  Connect with me on LinkedIn. JobSearchCoachingHQ.com offers great advice for job hunters PLUS a community for you to ask questions of PLUS the ability to ask me questions where I function as your ally with no conflict of interest answering your questions.   Connect with me on LinkedIn. Join and attend my classes on Skillshare. Become a premium member and get 2 months free. Join Career Angles on Facebook and receive support, ideas and advice in your current career and job. Watch my videos on YouTube at JobSearchTV.com, the Job SearchTV app for FireTV or BingeNetworks.tv for AppleTV, Roku and 90 other devices --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nobsjobsearchadviceradio/support
The Working With... Podcast
The Working With... Podcast
Carl Pullein
How To Find Time To Create A Productivity System.
Podcast 156 This week, it’s all about how to find the time to set up a system when you are already stressed out and overwhelmed. You can subscribe to this podcast on: Podbean | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Spotify | TUNEIN Links: Email Me | Twitter | Facebook | Website | Linkedin How To be More productive Blog Post Time And life Mastery Carl’s Time Sector System Blog Post The FREE Beginners Guide To Building Your Own COD System Carl Pullein Learning Centre Carl’s YouTube Channel Carl Pullein Coaching Programmes The Working With… Podcast Previous episodes page Script Episode 156 Hello and welcome to episode 156 of the Working With Podcast. A podcast to answer all your questions about productivity, time management, self-development and goal planning. My name is Carl Pullein and I am your host for this show. One of the more common objections to taking the time to build a productivity system is a belief that a person is far too busy to get organised. It’s an objection that has always made me smile because I often ask why a person is so busy they don’t have time to organise their work in the first place? It’s because they don’t have any kind of system for managing all the inputs that are coming their way in the first place and leads to a build-up of backlog and trying to remember everything in their heads. It’s a vicious circle. No system, more inputs, less time and an overwhelming feeling of things spiralling out of control. And that ultimately leads to very dark places such as ill-health caused by stress and depression. So, how do you manage all these inputs and find the time to get control of all the work you must do? That’s what I am answering this week. Now, before I do get to this week’s question, October is the best time to begin planning the coming year. And, well 2020 has not turned out exactly as many of us had hoped. In order to help you develop an achievable plan and to help you dive deep into your dreams and goals and bring them forward so you can begin making progress on them, I have reduced the price of my Time And Life Mastery course. I know it is difficult to maintain focus on our goals and dreams, but while it may be difficult it is not impossible, and I devised a course that helps you to uncover those goals and dreams and shows you how to build them into your everyday life so you can start making progress on them. Time And Life Mastery is my premium course and it is packed full of ideas, methods and strategies that will help you turn dreams into actionable goals. So for a short period of time, you can buy this course, which is normally $99.00, for just $74.99. That’s a 25% saving. It’s a course that will not only show you how to build a life you want, it will also inspire you to take action. I do hope you will join me on the course. I put my heart and soul into this because I know it works. I have been using these principles myself over the last ten years and it has allowed me to start two companies, get my health in order and to leave the so-called rat race of working for a company and being told what to do by boss and build a life I am in control of and love living and that energises me every day. I hope you will join me in this course and turn 2021 into the year you wanted for 2020. Okay, it’s time for me now to hand you over to the mystery podcast voice for this week’s question. This week’s question comes from Tina. Tina asks: Hi Carl, I’ve taken a few of your courses and love them. The problem I have is I just cannot get on top of my work. I have so much to do and feel there is so little time to do it. I end up having to catch up with my work in evenings and at weekends and I am sick and tired of this. I have no time to put into practice all the things I have learned. I get so many messages and emails from my customers, and my bosses don’t help. Is there anything I can do to just get a little control? Hi Tina, thank you so much for your question. I know this is common—you are certainly not alone. I’ve come across clients of mine that have thousands of tasks on a backlog list that go back more than 12 months. When you find yourself in this situation it can feel like you are drowning and the temptation to just give up can be strong. But there is hope. The first thing to do is just stop. Stop trying to catch up and take a day off. Okay, I know, you are thinking how can a day off solve this problem? Well, the thing to realise is continuing as you are is obviously not working. What will happen if you don’t stop and change the way you are working currently? Something is going to break. Either your health will or your career will. Neither of which are particularly good outcomes. So, what do you do in this day off? Well, the first thing to understand is by stopping you put a stop to all inputs for 24 hours. I know, your email inbox will continue to fill up and if you are using Slack, Microsoft Teams or Twist, I am sure those inboxes will continue to fill up too. Let them. You need to put a 24 hour stop in new inputs. A good tip here is before you take that day off, tell everyone you are away and will not be checking messages and emails—you can set up an auto-reply for this. Now the reason for taking a day off is to set up a basic system. You need to Implement COD. COD stands for Collect, Organise and Do and what that means is you need to set up a system to collect all these inputs quickly and efficiently, you then need to organise these inputs somewhere and you need to be spending enough time each day doing. Now, I am not sure what tools you are using at the moment, but you do need a task manager, a calendar and a notes app. Set up your task manager so you can collect tasks both on your mobile phone and your computer as quickly as you can. Now to get fast at collecting takes a little time and practice, but you must do this. With all the inputs coming at you, you need a simple list of everything coming in so you can stay focused on whatever work you are doing at the moment. Collecting everything into one place—a place you need to trust—means you are by-passing your head. As David Allen points out, “your head is a terrible office”, it is not going to remember everything. Your brain is designed to solve problems and be alert to threats to your life. Calling back a customer may be important to your work, but your brain will never treat it as urgent. It’s not a threat to your life, so it drops very quickly to the bottom of your brain’s priorities. Never trust you will remember something later. You won’t, not if you begin to feel hungry—your brain will always prioritise that over remembering to reply to your boss’s email. Write it down. Get it into your inbox. Now, once you have a collection system set up, you need to have a system for organising your work. Now, here is where things get interesting. I could give you a long, detailed explanation of a system of managing your projects and files, but there is no guarantee it will work for you. The best organisation system is always going to be personal to you. For example, I manage my tasks by when I will do them—the Time Sector System. My project files are managed in my cloud storage system and my project notes are managed in my notes app. That works for a lot of people, but not everyone. A lot of people prefer the old fashioned way of managing their tasks by projects and tags. If that works for you, that’s great. Find the best way to manage your tasks and projects that works for you. But the basics still apply. You need a place to keep your project files—that could be your customer files instead of projects if you are in customer support. You need a way to organise your tasks. Not all tasks need doing today or even this week. I have around twenty tasks that can be done next month, so these are in my next month folder. I also have seven tasks in next week already and we are only on Tuesda…
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Something You Should Know
Something You Should Know
Mike Carruthers / OmniCast Media / Westwood One Podcast Network
Why The World is Doing Better Than You Think & What Your Musical Taste Says About You
Did you know the can opener was invented 50 years AFTER the tin can? So how did they open cans before that? That’s one of the interesting stories about product packaging that kicks off this episode of the podcast. Source: Thomas Hine author of The Total Package (https://amzn.to/3mlNoC1). If you watch the news, you would think the world falling apart and going to hell. Yet it is totally NOT true. Sure, the world has problems not the least of which is the corona virus but when you look at all the indicators of well-being in the world, things are actually going pretty well. . In fact we are living in an age of enlightenment according to Harvard professor Stephen Pinker. Author of the book, Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science Humanism and Progress, (http://amzn.to/2FKuhNb). Listen as Stephen reveals why things are much better than you probably think. What he says will make you feel great! We all have our own musical tastes and preferences. Where do they come from? What do they say about us. That’s what Nolan Gasser is here to discuss Nolan is a composer and musicologist who was the chief architect of the Music Genome Project, which powers Pandora Radio. He is also author of Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste (https://amzn.to/31BCtfy) What’s the difference between flammable and inflammable? It’s weird because they are two words that sound as if they are opposites but actually mean the same thing. Listen as I explain why one of the words is 400 years older than the other and where it came from. https://www.thoughtco.com/difference-between-flammable-and-inflammable-607314 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk
Ryan Hawk
389: Ed Latimore - How To Control Your Mind, Body, & Emotions
Text LEARNERS to 44222 for more Full show notes at www.LearningLeader.com Twitter/IG: @RyanHawk12 Notes: Episode #389: Ed Latimore * The four life lessons: * “Never underestimate the power of being likeable and controlling your emotions.” * "Nothing is neutral. People are trying to help you or move ahead of you. In basic training, he was a terrible shot. He failed the shooting test three times (which was the limit), and yet got a fourth chance because he was likable. And then passed. "They saw me working hard, so they helped me." * How to be more likable? -- "Don't curry favor. Be you... Have high standards. Treat everyone with respect. Have impeccable manners. Be comfortable with the fact that you're not for everyone." * “No one cares what happened to you or what you’ve been through. No one is coming to save you.” * "Society is not going to take pity on you if your problems create problems for others." You need to work to through your own issues and ow your actions. Don't take your trauma out on others." * How has Ed built the perspective to not be a victim? "It's about delivering value to others. And not subtracting it. That's destructive. Forgiveness is a powerful idea. Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." * “The most powerful belief you can have is that given enough time, you can learn anything. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Hiroshima was wiped out in seconds.” * Keep plotting along... Ed did this as a boxer and math and with every aspect of his life. Keep going. "Fall in love with the process." * "Make a movement with intention and in pursuit." * “A limitation is only as powerful as the energy you give to it. Your dreams also follow this same law.” * "You'll only be as successful as your worst habit." * "You must recognize the problem and/or the limitation." * High achievers tend to be a paradox. They have self-confidence combined with insecurity. It creates a fusion reaction. It drives them to continually prove themselves. * How is money made? "Give people something they want." * Ed desires to be the most interesting version of himself * Compartmentalization: * You can't approach others with a sense that you're better than them * You must be adaptable to a variety of circumstances * Understand the dichotomy of being confident and humble at the same time
1 hr 13 min
No Bullsh!t Leadership
No Bullsh!t Leadership
Martin Moore
Unlocking Diversity: The Power of Difference
Episode #113 // In the last couple of decades, we’ve seen an increasing focus on embracing diversity. The emphasis on this is often limited to gender diversity, as we look to achieve increased representation of women in senior leadership positions. But even though gender is clearly a priority area, diversity needs to go way further if we truly want to achieve better outcomes. There are two distinct steps to harnessing the power of diversity. The first is to select and retain the right people in your team, and the second is to tap into the diverse capability that you’ve assembled. In this episode, we look at what really constitutes diversity, and provide some tips and suggestions for unlocking it. There’s not much point in having a diverse team unless you can liberate people’s unique perspectives, experiences, and insights to improve organisational outcomes, and ultimately deliver greater value. // We are on a mission to hit 1 million listens by the 31st December 2020. To help us to reach this goal, and impact even more leaders just like you who would benefit from the strategies and tools that Marty covers in the podcast, please share the podcast with your network. You can also subscribe, follow, rate and review the podcast, that will help more leaders find us when they’re searching for a new leadership podcast to binge on. If we hit our goal, we will be running a completely free live virtual leadership event in February 2021, and we would love for you to be there! Keep up with the live listener number and see how close we are to our goal at www.yourceomentor.com/stats    See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job
Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job
Mac Prichard
Should You Really Change Careers? with Cynthia Pong
Are you unhappy in your current job and considering a career change? How can you know whether you should change careers or just switch jobs within the same field? Find Your Dream Job guest Cynthia Pong says you need to know why you want to make a change before starting over. You begin by asking questions about why you’re unhappy and what your career goals are. Cynthia recommends making small pivots unless you’re paralyzed and feeling miserable in your job. If that’s the case, Cynthia says to go ahead and make any change and course-correct later. About Our Guest: Cynthia Pong (https://www.linkedin.com/in/embracechangenyc/)is a feminist career strategist, speaker, and author. Cynthia is on a mission to help women of color to get the money, power, and respect they deserve. Resources in This Episode: * Check out all the free resources Cynthia offers on her site, embracechange.nyc/covid-19-career-guide-women-of-color-job-seekers (https://embracechange.nyc/covid-19-career-guide-women-of-color-job-seekers) * If you need help making a career change, grab a copy of Cynthia’s new book, “Don't Stay in Your Lane: The Career Change Guide for Women of Color.” (https://www.amazon.com/Dont-Stay-Your-Lane-Career/dp/1735336300) * From our Sponsor: Find Your Dream Job is brought to you by TopResume.(http://macslist.org/topresume) Top Resume has helped more than 400,000 professionals land more interviews and get hired faster. Get a free review of your resume today from one of Top Resume’s expert writers. (http://macslist.org/topresume)
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Supply Chain Now
Supply Chain Now
Supply Chain Now
The Three Rules of Business & More: Duncan Klett, Co-Founder of Kinaxis
How did one of the most successful supply chain technology companies get started? In this episode of Supply Chain is Boring, powered by Supply Chain Now, host Chris Barnes sits down with industry veteran Duncan Klett to learn about his career and why he started Kinaxis. Duncan Klett is a Fellow and Co-founder of Kinaxis (established in 1984), whose product RapidResponse, offers an interactive tool for supply chain management. As a certified professional engineer, B.A.Sc, M.A.Sc Electrical, he has more that 35 years experience with analytics and software solutions. Duncan now acts on the Strategy team as a liaison amongst supply chain practitioners, researchers, the Kinaxis design team and executives. Prior to starting Kinaxis, Duncan held various positions developing real-time and computer-aided design systems with Bell Northern Research and Mitel Corporation. He also has been involved with several professional and community organizations and regularly gives lectures at universities and industry events.   Upcoming Events & Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Subscribe to Supply Chain Now and ALL Supply Chain Now Programming Here: https://supplychainnowradio.com/subscribe Leave a review for Supply Chain Now: https://ratethispodcast.com/supplychainnow Connect with Chris on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisrbarnes/ Connect with Duncan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/duncan-klett-39942b10/ Supply Chain Now Ranked #1 Supply Chain Podcast via FeedSpot: tinyurl.com/rud8y9m Supply Chain Now Ranked #3 Supply Chain YouTube Channel: https://tinyurl.com/yazfegov AIAG Virtual 2020 Supply Chain Conference: https://tinyurl.com/y8axeflc Download the Q3 2020 U.S. Bank Freight Payment Index: https://freight.usbank.com/?es=a240&a=20 AME Toronto 2020 Virtual Conference: https://www.ame.org/ame-toronto-2020 WEBINAR: The Connected IoT Supply Chain: https://tinyurl.com/yym2fvcl Check Out News From Our Sponsors: U.S. Bank: www.usbpayment.com/transportation-solutions Capgemini: www.capgemini.com/us-en/ Vector Global Logistics: vectorgl.com/ Verusen: www.verusen.com/ This episode was hosted by Chris Barnes. For additional information, please visit our dedicated show page at: https://supplychainnow.com/episode-491.
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