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The Mike Herrera Podcast
The Mike Herrera Podcast
Mike Herrera
#343 Jeff Berman aka Divided Heaven
Creative and fun conversation with musician and podcaster Jeff Berman about life as a creative but we get into memories and experiences that I know you will relate to. This was too much fun chopping it up. Enjoy the week! —— Find Jeff online @DividedHeaven and his podcast @TheBermanHour ------------------------- MXPX INFO BELOW: MXPX Live JANUARY 15 and 30th 2021! Listen to the NEW Goldfinger Album: Never Look Back ------------------------- Have you subscribed to the pod? Big Thanks to RØDE MICS --------------------------------------------------- LIFE IN QUARANTINE - THE COLLECTION HOMEWARD BOUND! TEXT LIST - Join our Text list by texting MXPX to 31996 Merch still available at MUSIC -LISTENER CHALLENGE- Listen to MXPX Self Titled Deluxe Album at least once a day. Use hashtag #mxpx or #mxpxsuperchallenge The MXPX Super Challenge Playlist Big link to everything MXPX BAND LINK MXPX - Self Titled Deluxe Edition Mike Herrera - Moment's Like These: TX Mike Herrera - Superman - LISTEN HERE! I now have an Artist Series Music Man Stingray from Ernie Ball! You can order straight from the shop on the Music Man website. A portion of proceeds goes to MusicCares! MIKE HERRERA SIGNATURE SERIES BASS If you like the podcast- Subscribe, rate and review on Apple. Support what I do at Leave a message with your question on the Mike Herrera Podcast voicemail. (some could be aired on future episodes of the podcast) 360-830-6660 (US number) 3 min limit per message.
1 hr 23 min
Chasing Tone - Guitar Podcast About Gear, Effects, Amps and Tone
Chasing Tone - Guitar Podcast About Gear, Effects, Amps and Tone
Wampler Pedals
340 - NAMM releases, Ghost stories and UFO’s
Brian and Blake are back and once again joined by Wampler’s own Richard Oliver in this weeks episode. Blake has a ghost story about a local theme park he and the family frequent. It even made an episode of Ghost Hunters. You will be surprised at the software the hunters were using.  Strings. Six, seven or eight? The guys talk about their experiences with more strings and what the differences are like and how they dealt with them. NAMM has gone virtual and there are a lot of new releases coming this weekend. Brian, Blake and Richard look at some of the new gear coming from PRS, Gibson, Boss as well as some small companies with some cool gear offerings. Our government recently released some classified info on UFO’s. Are they out there? We want to believe. The new Macs are coming and have Blake and Richard excited. They talk about the coming upgrades and how they see it impacting the performance of some of the main stream programs.  It’s all in this week’s Chasing Tone Podcast. DIY mods: Find us at: Youtube: Contact us at:
52 min
Know Your Gear Podcast
Know Your Gear Podcast
Phillip Mcknight
Did Every Company Make A Super Strat In 2021?
Highlighted question  20:45 Did Every Company Make A Super Start In 2021? Question Index 00:00 Intro 01:20 Giving a Tune Ninja away Tuninja (Tuner for 6 in line guitars) 9:06 Is stuff on Reverb over priced? 9:08 How I find deals on Reverb? 11:30 Do You like painted headstocks on Fenders? 15:40 The John Mayer Big Dipper pickups.  19:00 The 2021 PRS guitars 20:45 Did Every Company Make A Super Start In 2021? 26:20 Guitars have souls?? 30:43 I play guitar for the emotional feeling  33:25 Why I make some tools for working on guitars 37:20 Working for the win win in a gear review 40:30   Acoustic amp vs electric amp? 45:59 PRS Discontinued the Custom 22 and I am not shocked 49:50 Guitar companies reading your comments and making guitars 56:45  I had a emotional reaction to the release of the 2021 Dime Razorback 1:00:40 Fender Tone Master thoughts? 1:03:20 What was the most I ever spent on a guitar? 1:10:10 Trading for a Gibson LP when I could not afford it 1:18:30 The Jazz bass is the recording standard 1:20:20 Narrow field pickups? 1:25:40  I should buy a Epiphone, but I want A Dave The Snake Sabo Kramer 1:34:00 We sold out the Behringer pedals on Sweetwater. lol  1:38:46 Thoughts on Ultra Strat and pickups 1:41:40 What should a professional set up include? 1:49:10 Left your tube amp on all night. So did the company who built it. So you should be ok 1:50:00 Why do players like Les Pauls? You can support this channel and get a discount on KYG Merch Use Promo Code 2020SUCKS2 Here are some other products from a dealer I trust and buy from online You can become a Patreon and support more videos like this Send photos of you in your shirt here or ask questions PODCAST Facebook Instagram Know Your Gear T shirts Support the show (
1 hr 57 min
Recording Studio Rockstars
Recording Studio Rockstars
Lij Shaw
RSR281 - Billy Decker - New Book Template Mixing & Mastering
My guest today is Billy Decker a Nashville producer, engineer, and mixer with multiple #1 hits for clients like Chris Young, Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, Jason Aldean, Jaime Lynne Spears, and Sam Hunt and even George Jones. Billy is known for his high-speed method of mixing using templates and systems for getting to the creative side of mixing immediately without getting bogged down in the tech side of mixing. He was a guest on the podcast previously on episode RSR210 and recently he has written a new book called Template Mixing and Mastering. So today we will dig deeper into Billy’s template mixing and get an introduction to what you will find in his new book. I highly recommend that you pick up the book since he does a wonderful job of breaking down every detail beautifully with images and charts to help you set up your own template for mixing in your studio. Thanks to our sponsors! Soundporter Mastering: Get your free mastering demo at JZ Microphones: Use coupon ROCKSTARS to get 50% off The BB29 mic at Spectra1964: OWC: Other World Computing: iZotope: code ROCK10 10% off ADAM Audio: RSR Academy: Want to learn more about mixing? Get Free mix training with Lij at: Hear more on Spotify If you love the podcast, then please Leave a review on iTunes here CLICK HERE FOR SHOW NOTES AT:
2 hr 4 min
Everyone Loves Guitar
Everyone Loves Guitar
Craig Garber
John Ashton, The Psychedelic Furs
On this John Ashton Interview: The rise and fall of the Psychedelic Furs and how things might have been different, the serendipitous (and also scary) events that occurred in John's life that brought him to music and to the Furs… hie less than idyllic childhood and how he managed to create a life for himself in spite of this, watching Free, Bowie, and The Clash in concert. John also shows us some of his many cool guitars, Tokyo, doing things at least twice, origins of Satellite Paradiso and TONS of other cool stuff. Awesome, sincere and lots of fun and laughs on this one! NOTE: The Satellite Paradiso LP is under “John Ashton” on streaming! If you’d like to support this show: John’s most well-known as the guitarist for The Psychedelic Furs. He was with the band from 1978-2007, playing and writing on all their LPs during this time. Originally from London, John has also worked as a side man and producer, working with artists like Marianne Faithfull, The Sisters of Mercy, Red Betty, and Seven Color Sky. John has a solo project called Satellite Paradiso. The band was touring regularly before Covid and they have one LP out, which is phenomenal. It’s a great example of killer songs, mixed with amazing guitar riffs in the psychedelic / alternative genre Photo by Hans Wendland htttps:// & Subscribe Facebook: Instagram:
2 hr 26 min
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