VAM 166 | Interview with Jon Bailey, Part 1
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Welcome to episode 166 of the Voice Acting Mastery podcast with yours truly, Crispin Freeman! As always, you can listen to the podcast using the player above, or download the mp3 using the link at the bottom of this blog post. The podcast is also available via the iTunes Store online. Just follow this link […]
Your Unconscious Is Showing
Your Unconscious Is Showing
Dr. Courtney Tracy | The Truth Doctor
Shameless Self Care
In this episode, Dr. Courtney Tracy discusses a topic known as Shameless Self-Care. She was reflecting on this year and everything that we may have gone through collectively and individually, and perhaps familially, and wondered about how you were all taking care of yourself and if there was any shame connected to the fact that you were, or that you weren’t.    If you’ve been feeling shameful because taking care of yourself has been hard this year, this episode may help you. If you’ve been feeling shameful because this year has finally taught you HOW to take care of yourself and others are upset about it, this episode may help you. If you want to learn more about shame itself and how Dr. Tracy feels it’s related to the concept and action of self-care, then this episode is for you!    We hope you enjoy this episode!   Please contact your emergency line if you are feeling lost or hopeless. You are not alone. We believe in you.    (You can find links to all past recorded episodes below; Episode 1 was not live recorded and is only available in audio format at the platforms listed below)  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   Hi, I'm Dr. Courtney Tracy, also known as "The Truth Doctor" on social media. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, a Social Media Figure, and a Mindfulness & Addiction Expert.   TRUTH SEEKERS COMMUNITY  The Truth Seekers Community is a place I created to help you free yourself and find yourself. My mission for building this community is to enlighten and educate others on the truths hidden behind the day to day of our existence and the thoughts within our minds.   This Community holds personally curated mental health courses, playlists, worksheets/handouts and activities to help you learn and heal.  I am so excited to offer this to you all. Please find the website below. PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE   SOCIAL LINKS  TikTok:  Instagram:  Facebook:  Pinterest:   PLEASE READ  If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call a local emergency telephone number or go immediately to the nearest emergency room. --- Support this podcast:
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Ask Kati Anything!
Ask Kati Anything!
Kati Morton
ep46 "Will the pandemic create generational trauma?" | AKA
Ask Kati Anything!  Audience questions for episode 46 Hi Kati, How do you know if you’ve truly “gotten over” a particular trauma? I feel I’ve worked through my big ones, but sometimes when I see... Any advice for someone who is having a hard time accepting themselves as a lesbian? I was raised in church being taught that it is wrong and so after a while you start to feel wrong. I know I’m gay and want to be able to... I get distracted super easily working from home which means completing a task takes longer than it should, which sometimes means working later into the evening. My productivity has... Will the pandemic create generational trauma over time? If so, how can we be aware of that towards the future? (COMMENT: OMG YES! I think about my grandma, who lived through (and raised a child in!) the Great Depression and her response to food and hunger throughout her life. Dementia patients, in general, struggle with appetite loss and... Hi Kati! I hope you’re taking care! Are gaps in childhood memories always related to trauma and abuse? I’m always in awe when people tell elaborate, detailed stories from their childhood, but for me, I don’t remember very much at all. In fact, I didn’t develop a strong narrative-like memory of... Hi Kati, When does someone need a safety plan, and do you legally have to make one if you need it? Hey Kati, I've recently started going to therapy, and was given homework, which kinda sucks. Anyways I was asked to write a letter or at least think of what to say to my inner child. I was told I have social anxiety, and that I should think of things that I could say to my inner child that would... Hi Kati! In my last therapy session I was very down, and asked my therapist what if working through my trauma won't help, what if I'll resolve my trauma but keep being depressed. She replied that she thinks I asked that because I'm still minimizing my... Hey Kati happy Thursday. I was in a session with my therapist a few weeks ago and it was nearing the end when she asked me if I had anything else to share that was on my... Hi Kati, As a therapist how would you feel if a client you had been seeing for 4 months suddenly gave you a list of things they have been struggling with but keeping from you? I binge eat, I pick my skin and I have intense intrusive... *Connecting with Kati* Are u ok? Kati's book is in stores now! Kati's Amazon Suggestions PATREON is a great way to help support the creation of mental health videos Journaling Club - On Tuesday & Friday Kati posts a journal prompt to help keep you motivated and working on yourself!  *Opinions That Don't Matter! (Kati's second podcast)* * video version  * audio version *ONLINE THERAPY** * I do not currently offer online therapy.  BetterHelp can connect you with a licensed, online counselor. I receive commissions on referrals to BetterHelp. I only recommend services I know and trust. * *BUSINESS EMAIL * * * MAIL  *PO Box #665 1223 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403 * PLEASE READ*  If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call a local emergency telephone number or go immediately to the nearest emergency room. Support the show (
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Psychology In Seattle Podcast
Psychology In Seattle Podcast
Kirk Honda
Borderline Emails
Dr. Kirk and Bob answer patron emails about borderline personality. Become a patron: Get merch: Email: The Psychology In Seattle Podcast ® Disclaimer: The content provided is for educational, informational, and entertainment purposes only. Nothing here constitutes personal or professional consultation, therapy, diagnosis, or creates a counselor-client relationship. Topics discussed may generate differing points of view. If you participate (by being a guest, submitting a question, or commenting) you must do so with the knowledge that we cannot control reactions or responses from others, which may not agree with you or feel unfair. Your participation on this site is at your own risk, accepting full responsibility for any liability or harm that may result. Anything you write here may be used for discussion or endorsement of the podcast. Opinions and views expressed by the host and guest hosts are personal views. Although, we take precautions and fact check, they should not be considered facts and the opinions may change. Opinions posted by participants (such as comments) are not those of the hosts. Readers should not rely on any information found here and should perform due diligence before taking any action. For a more extensive description of factors for you to consider, please see
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