65. A Trip to the Spa
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“The waters of Vichy…gave me back my strength.” – Madame de Sévigné

The darkest days of winter are here, and I think it’s time we all indulged in a little self-care, non? My own quarantine hobby, skincare, set me down a particular path. Why was I spraying my face with thermal spa water from France? What is thermal spa water? Why do we drink thermal spa water? Does any of it really do anything? France loves her thermal spas, no matter what form they take: rustic watering hole, glamorous resort, or rigorous medical establishment. 

Episode 65: “A Trip to the Spa”

The history of French thermal spas:

19th century postcard from Evian-les-bain, one of the premiere thermal spas of France


Classic Belle Epoque poster for a thermal spa – note the scantily clad ladies in their alluring gowns, oh la la.


The rudimentary mud pits of Versailles courtiers’ favorite thermal spas at Bourbon L’Archimbault. We need a baigneuse on duty – there’s some funny business..


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