Le Show
Le Show
Oct 18, 2020
Le Show for the Week of October 18, 2020
57 min
This week on Le Show, Harry presents What the Frack?, News of the Goldy, News of the Warm, News of the Atom, Apologies of the Week, original music selections, and more.
Boston Public Radio Podcast
Boston Public Radio Podcast
WGBH Educational Foundation
BPR Full Show 11/24/20: Feeling Convivial
Today on Boston Public Radio: Filmmaker Michael Kirk discussed his latest film for FRONTLINE, “Battle for the Court,” about Sen. Mitch McConnell’s decades-long effort to transform the Supreme Court. You can catch Kirk’s film on Tuesday night at 10:00 on PBS, or online at PBS.org/Frontline. Next, we opened our lines to get your takes on President-elect Joe Biden’s prospective cabinet picks. Medical ethicist Art Caplan discussed the emergence of a third prospective COVID-19 vaccine – this time from biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca – and its global implications for the next future of the coronavirus pandemic. Artist and performer David Byrne spoke about "American Utopia,” his Broadway show, Spike Lee-directed HBO special, and now newly-released book created in collaboration with artist Maira Kalman. He also offered some thoughts on Joe Biden’s 2020 win, and explained why he’s been busy doodling in quarantine. Food writer Corby Kummer gave the latest updates on struggles within Boston’s restaurant industry, cruel worker practices at U.S. slaughterhouses, and other major food headlines. Travel guru Rick Steves weighed in on President-elect Joe Biden’s victory and the handful of ballot wins for cannabis legalization in the 2020 election. He also reflected on mindfulless and the Thanksgiving spirit, and what he's hoping his travel company will be able to achieve in 2021.
2 hr 45 min
Best of the Left - Progressive Politics and Culture, Curated by a Human
Best of the Left - Progressive Politics and Culture, Curated by a Human
#1321 Decolonization is for Everyone (Repost)
Air Date 11/23/2019 Today we take a look at just a few forms the decolonization movement is taking from finance to cartography to the internet and beyond. Be part of the show! Leave us a message at 202-999-3991 or email Jay@BestOfTheLeft.com MEMBERSHIP ON PATREON (Get AD FREE Shows & Bonus Content) SHOW NOTES Ch. 1: Decolonizing Wealth Through Indigenous Leadership - @theLFshow w @GRITlaura Flanders - Air Date 7-25-18 Laura speaks to Edgar Villanueva, about being one of the very few indigenous people working in grant-making, and ask what he thinks Native American traditions have to teach philanthropy. His latest book is "Decolonizing Wealth" Ch. 2: Decolonizing philanthropy - Native America Calling - Air Date 12-13-18 Edgar Villanueva, author of “Decolonizing Wealth,” questions the wisdom of accepting funds from philanthropic endeavors built by corporate giants whose business is in direct conflict with Native sovereignty and sustainability. Ch. 3: Decolonize the Internet - Tiny Spark - Air Date 3-8-19 The internet is very white male-biased, it's important to find and prop up all other voices. Ch. 4: Decolonizing Maps - Native America Calling - Air Date 8-28-19 Indigenous Map making is a greatly different experience from what western colonialism forces people to use. Maps can tell a story, and engage with people. Ch. 5: Decolonization Is For Everyone with Nikki Sanchez - TEDx Talks - Air Date 3-12-19 Nikki Sanchez shares her vision of a world where we listen and care and stop dehumanizing people. VOICEMAILS Ch. 6: Hoping to save a life - James from Sacramento, CA Ch. 7: Wealth tax for the children - Chris from San Diego FINAL COMMENTS Ch. 8: Final comments on the tragedy of wealth and the difference between aggregation and curation Limerick of the day from @Limericking MUSIC (Blue Dot Sessions): * Opening Theme: Loving Acoustic Instrumental by John Douglas Orr * Lakal - Speakeasy * Inessential - Bayou Birds * Weathervane - CloudCover * Contrarian - Sketchbook * Voicemail Music: Low Key Lost Feeling Electro by Alex Stinnent * Closing Music: Upbeat Laid Back Indie Rock by Alex Stinnent SHOW IMAGE dignidadrebelde | Flickr | License | Changes: Added credit Produced by Jay! Tomlinson Thanks for listening! Visit us at BestOfTheLeft.com Support the show via Patreon Listen on iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify | Alexa Devices | +more Check out the BotL iOS/Android App in the App Stores! Follow at Twitter.com/BestOfTheLeft Like at Facebook.com/BestOfTheLeft Contact me directly at Jay@BestOfTheLeft.com Review the show on iTunes and Stitcher!
1 hr 23 min
The MMT Podcast with Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly
The MMT Podcast with Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly
Patricia Pino & Christian Reilly
#76 Sam Levey: MMT For Mainstream Economists And Mobilisation Theory (part 1)
Part 1: Patricia and Christian talk to MMT scholar Sam Levey about a collection of resources he put together to help people with a more mainstream grasp of economics get acquainted with MMT. Part 2 of this conversation: https://www.patreon.com/posts/43886189 Please help sustain this podcast! Patrons get early access to all episodes and patron-only episodes: https://www.patreon.com/MMTpodcast For an intro to MMT: Listen to our first three episodes: https://www.patreon.com/posts/41742417 Sam’s MMT For Mainstream Economists page: https://deficitowls.wixsite.com/mmt4mainstreamecons Our episode with Sam on understanding endogenous money: Episode 43: https://www.patreon.com/posts/35073683 All our episodes with Sam: https://www.patreon.com/posts/43189679 Sam’s article - Monopoly Money Redux: https://medium.com/@slevey087/monopoly-money-redux-a4d96f156f7 Sam’s paper - Mobilization Theory: Some Lessons from the Literature for Today: http://www.global-isp.org/wp-content/uploads/WP-126.pdf Other Recommended Reading: Michael Kalecki - Political Aspects of Full Employment: https://delong.typepad.com/kalecki43.pdf Warren Mosler’s Talk In Chianciano, Italy, January 11, 2014 - What A Good Economy Should Look Like: http://neweconomicperspectives.org/2014/01/beyond-euro-left-crisis-alternative.html How to Pay for the Green New Deal by Yeva Nersisyan and L. Randall Wray: http://www.levyinstitute.org/publications/how-to-pay-for-the-green-new-deal Miscellaneous: https://sci-hub.st/ Transcript for opening monologue: https://www.patreon.com/posts/43741980
1 hr 9 min
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