387: Gary Taubes - Are Carbs Making You Fat?
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Gary Taubes (@garytaubes) is an investigative science and health journalist and co-founder of the non-profit Nutrition Science Initiative. He is the author of The Case Against Sugar, Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It, and Good Calories, Bad Calories, which was published as The Diet Delusion in the UK.

Gary just release a new book at the end of 2020 titled The Case for Keto: Rethinking Weight Control and the Science and Practice of Low-Carb/High-Fat Eating.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Gary studying physics in college and due to his weight realized his dreams of being an astronaut wouldn’t happen
  • Why low-fat diets became popular
  • The start of Gary’s journalism career doing investigative reporting
  • Gary's fascination with bad science
  • If we can’t trust science, who do we go to for information about health and wellness?
  • The case for keto making people healthier
  • The ketogenic diet defined
  • The history of ketogenic diets
  • A carb restricted diet is a high-fat diet
  • Stop being afraid of fat
  • Gary limits starches, grains, and sugar in his diet
  • When your partner isn’t on board with the same dietary philosophy
  • Eating the foods we were programmed to think would kill us
  • How low-carb diets affect cholesterol and do you need a statin?
  • Being one of the drivers of the low-carb revolution
  • Obesity is an insulin signalling disorder
  • Fat is the one nutrient that doesn’t stimulate insulin
  • Sex hormones play a huge role in obesity
  • Conventional nutrition wisdom is feeding us the wrong information
  • Our parents’ generation was taught “If you don’t want to be fat, you had to eat carbs.”
  • The obesity prevalence has tripled since 1980
  • What is cephalic phase secretion?
  • The misinterpretation that obesity is caused by eating
  • Experimenting with intermittent fasting and time-restricted eating
  • Do you have a carbohydrate addiction?
  • You are not confined to a diet, you are adhering to being healthy

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The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee
The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee
Physicians Committee
Best Foods to Prevent a Heart Attack
What are the best foods to prevent a heart attack? How quickly can the heart repair itself after changing the way you eat? Find out as Dr. Columbus Batiste joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll on The Exam Room podcast! Someone in America has a heart attack every 40 seconds. That means that by the time you listen to this episode 72 people across the country will have had one. Learn what you need to know to not become one of them! Dr. Batiste shares his top heart healthy foods and answers listener questions when Chuck opens The Doctor’s Mailbag. Get ready to raise your health IQ and have your heart pumping stronger than ever! * How can you prevent a heart attack even when they run in your family? * What is the best diet for reducing the risk of heart disease? * How many nuts can you eat on a heart healthy diet? * Is boiled, steamed, or raw the healthiest way to eat greens? * And many more! If you have a question you’d like to ask the doctors on the show, tweet it to @ChuckCarrollWLC using #ExamRoomLive. — — — Dr. Columbus Batiste IG: @healthyheartdoc Twitter: @iamhealthyheart — — — International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine 2021 Lowest price available until March 1 Register: https://pcrm.org/icnm — — — Chuck Carroll IG: @ChuckCarrollWLC Twitter: @ChuckCarrollWLC Facebook: https://wghtloss.cc/ChuckFacebook — — — Barnard Medical Center Telemedicine Schedule Appointment https://bit.ly/BMCtelemed 202-527-7500 — — — Physicians Committee Twitter: @PCRM IG: @PhysiciansCommittee Facebook: https://wghtloss.cc/PCRMFacebook YouTube: https://bit.ly/PCRMYouTube — — — Share the Show Please subscribe and give the show a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or many other podcast providers. Don’t forget to share it with a friend for inspiration!
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Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit
Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit
Dhru Purohit
Treating Addiction, Depression, and Anxiety with Psychedelics (Minisode #25)
We’re all just trying to figure out what this world and this life are all about, and do our best at living well. At least I know I am! But wouldn’t it be nice to have a little help when it comes to recovering from traumas, treating anxiety and depression, understanding spirituality on a new level, successfully overcoming addiction, and even reducing our fear of death? Well, research and clinical trials in the field of psychedelics is showing that we can.  Psychedelics were the subject of serious medical research in the 1940s to the 1960s, when many scientists believed some of the mind-bending compounds held tremendous therapeutic promise for treating a number of conditions including severe mental health problems and alcohol addiction. By the mid-60s, research into psychedelics was shut down for decades. After the blackout ended, the doctor we have on the podcast today was among the first to initiate a new series of studies on psilocybin—the psychoactive compound in “magic” mushrooms. On today’s mini-episode, Dhru speaks with Dr. Roland Griffiths, a Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Griffiths’ principle research focus in both clinical and preclinical laboratories has been on the behavioral and subjective effects of mood-altering drugs.  His research has been largely supported by grants from the National Institute of Health, and he is the author of over 360 journal articles and book chapters. In 1999 he initiated a research program at Johns Hopkins investigating the effects of the classic hallucinogen psilocybin that includes studies of psilocybin-occasioned mystical-type experiences in healthy volunteers, psilocybin-facilitated treatment of psychological distress in cancer patients, psilocybin-facilitated treatment of cigarette smoking cessation, and psilocybin effects in long-term meditators. In this episode, we discuss the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin for the treatment of addiction, and how a single dose of psilocybin substantially diminished depression and anxiety in cancer patients.  Find Dhru’s full-length conversation with Dr. Roland Griffiths here: https://broken-brain.lnk.to/DrRolandGriffiths/ For more on Dhru Purohit, be sure to follow him on Instagram @dhrupurohit, on Facebook @dhruxpurohit, on Twitter @dhrupurohit, and on YouTube @dhrupurohit. You can also text Dhru at (302) 200-5643 or click here https://my.community.com/dhrupurohit. Interested in joining Dhru’s Broken Brain Podcast Facebook Community? Submit your request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2819627591487473/. This episode is brought to you by the Pegan Shake. How you start your morning sets the tone for the day. I’m a huge fan of morning routines because I think they can transform your ability to focus, sleep well, and get the most out of your day, especially in this busy, modern world.  What I’ve found is that the best way to begin your day is to feed your body the right information or the right nutrients. That’s why Dr. Hyman and I created the Pegan Shake. It’s a nutritionally packed morning blend designed to support healthy blood sugar, energy, and brainpower.   It contains some of my most favorite brain-boosting foods like MCT and avocado. It also features acacia fiber for healthy gut function and collagen, pumpkin, and pea protein to support muscle synthesis. Check it out at getfarmacy.com/peganshake. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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The mindbodygreen Podcast
The mindbodygreen Podcast
287: What science says about the afterlife | Bruce Greyson, M.D., the world’s leading expert on near-death experiences
Bruce Greyson, M.D.: “There's definitely a lot more going on than just the physical world. I don't see how there's any question about that.” Greyson, the world's most leading expert on near-death experiences, joins mbg co-CEO, Jason Wachob, to discuss what he's learned from studying near-death experiences (NDEs) for 50 years, plus: *The most common patterns with people who have NDEs* *How NDEs can teach us about what the afterlife looks like* *What "seeing the light" really means* *Whether you really see deceased loved ones on the other side* *Why those who have NDEs lose their fear of death* Referenced in the episode: -Greyson's book, After. -The Netflix docuseries, Surviving Death, where Greyson makes an appearance. -mbg Podcast episode #211, with Roxanna Namavar, D.O. -Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D.'s book, Life After Life. -Greyson's research on NDEs and attempted suicide.  Don't forget to use the code NR25 for 25% off your first month subscription of mbg's nr+. Our game-changing formula supports cellular rejuvenation, promotes youthful skin from within, and manages the size of wrinkles. Jason swears by it, and he's even noticed less fine lines around his eyes. To learn more, visit mindbodygreen.com/nr25. Enjoy this episode! Whether it's an article or podcast, we want to know what we can do to help here at mindbodygreen. Let us know at: podcast@mindbodygreen.com.
42 min
The Model Health Show
The Model Health Show
Shawn Stevenson
TMHS 462: 5 Critical Keys To Unlocking More Energy - With Guest Dr. Steven Gundry
On the shelves of every grocery and convenience store across the US, there’s no shortage of products created specifically for boosting low energy. Energy drinks, shots, bars, and even pills have been largely normalized. However, feeling so fatigued that you’d consider reaching for these products is by no means normal. Instead of putting a bandage on the problem, it’s important that we understand what’s going on behind the scenes of energy production and expenditure. In The Energy Paradox, Dr. Steven Gundry offers an insightful perspective on how gut health, inflammation, and energy are intertwined. Today he’s back on The Model Health Show to discuss the problem with chronic fatigue, and real solutions you can use to increase energy production and feel your best. You’re going to learn the mechanics of how our Western eating habits overload our mitochondria, how levels of chronic inflammation drain our energy, plus important insights on the function of the immune system and microbiome. As always, Dr. Gundry is bringing invaluable knowledge and an actionable plan forward. Enjoy! In this episode you’ll discover: * The meaning behind the title, The Energy Paradox. * How many hours per day the average American spends eating. * Why overeating is like a traffic jam in our mitochondria. * The problem with normalizing levels of fatigue. * How inflammation is like a chronic fire. * The connection between low energy and leaky gut. * Why adopting an anti-inflammatory diet is often not enough. * How consuming a seasonal diet can affect your microbiome. * What postbiotic means. * The importance of vitamin D for immune health. * A distinction between vitamin D2 and D3. * What it means to eat your sunscreen. * The number one cause of all preexisting conditions. * What percentage of the immune system is in the gut. * How to introduce time restricted eating. * Why you might want to consider eating mono-meals for breakfast. * How stressful life events can trigger leaky gut. * What an energy snack is, and how exercise can heal your gut. Items mentioned in this episode include: * Onnit.com/model -- Get your optimal health supplements at 10% off! * Foursigmatic.com/model -- Get an exclusive discount on your daily health elixirs! * Eatsmarterbook.com * The Wild History of Cereal and Public Health – Episode 412 * The Energy Paradox by Dr. Steven Gundry * Email freebie@gundrymd.com with proof of purchase to claim your free gift! * Gundry MD Supplements * Connect with Dr. Steven Gundry Website / Podcast / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram *Download Transcript Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes: * Apple Podcasts * Stitcher * Spotify * Soundcloud Join TMHS Facebook community - Model Nation
1 hr 8 min
Strength Changes Everything
Strength Changes Everything
The Exercise Coach
Is Twice Per Week Really Often Enough?
One of the most common questions we get at the Exercise Coach is “Is exercising twice a week really often enough?” Listen in as Brian Cygan and Amy Hudson explore why whole effort exercise twice a week is not only enough, it’s the optimal amount you need to achieve the best fitness results for your body in the shortest amount of time possible. * Exercising twice a week is more than enough. In fact, exercising more often can actually be counterproductive. * The most important thing you can do as you age is addressing the health of your fast-twitch muscle fibres. To stimulate and improve the quality of your fast-twitch muscle fibres the exercise needs to be intense and brief. * When we work our muscles in this way it forces adaptations, which are the end results that we are seeking from an exercise program. The flipside of this intense exercise is that you need to give your body enough time to fully recover and super-compensate, which takes at least 48 hours. * All the results we want from exercise, like increased muscle mass, strength, neurological efficiency, and improved insulin sensitivity, are not actually caused directly by exercising. Our bodies produce the results we want once we’ve achieved adequate recovery. * If you exercise more frequently than twice a week, all we are doing is interrupting and disrupting the body’s innate ability to produce the very results we want. Overtraining can cause people to stall out and even go backward in terms of their fitness improvements. * We should be able to measure the results of any exercise program, which is why this idea is built into every program at the Exercise Coach. * If you’re not seeing results from your exercise routine, question whether your exercise is intense enough and whether or not you are giving your body enough time and resources to recover properly. * During a workout, you are depleting the stored energy in your muscles so that they will build themselves back up over time. Your recovery time is just as important as your workouts. The consumption of your muscle’s fuel is a major metabolic signal that triggers these kinds of transformations. * The answer to getting the best possible results is almost never just exercising more. The key is combining whole effort exercise and whole food nutrition to get all the results we want. Link: exercisecoach.com This podcast and blog are provided to you for entertainment and informational purposes only. By accessing either, you agree that neither constitute medical advice nor should they be substituted for professional medical advice or care. Use of this podcast or blog to treat any medical condition is strictly prohibited. Consult your physician for any medical condition you may be having. In no event will any podcast or blog hosts, guests, or contributors, Exercise Coach USA, LLC, Gymbot LLC, any subsidiaries or affiliates of same, or any of their respective directors, officers, employees, or agents, be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to you or others due to any podcast or blog content.
10 min
Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting Podcast
Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting Podcast
Dr. Eric Berg
Hidden Reason for Prostate Enlargement
Talk to a Dr. Berg Keto Consultant today and get the help you need on your journey (free consultation). Call 1-540-299-1557 with your questions about Keto, Intermittent Fasting, or the use of Dr. Berg products. Consultants are available Monday through Friday from  8 AM to 10 PM EST. Saturday & Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST. USA Only. Get Dr. Berg's Veggie Solution today! • Flavored (Sweetened) - http://bit.ly/3nHbNTs • Plain (Unflavored) - http://bit.ly/3as0x9U Take Dr. Berg's Free Keto Mini-Course! Is this hidden reason for prostate enlargement affecting you? Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio: Dr. Berg, 51 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional & natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government & the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning. Dr. Berg's Website: http://bit.ly/37AV0fk Dr. Berg's Recipe Ideas: http://bit.ly/37FF6QR Dr. Berg's Reviews: http://bit.ly/3hkIvbb Dr. Berg's Shop: http://bit.ly/3mJcLxg Dr. Berg's Bio: http://bit.ly/3as2cfE Dr. Berg's Health Coach Training: http://bit.ly/3as2p2q Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drericberg Messenger: https://www.messenger.com/t/drericberg Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drericberg/ YouTube: http://bit.ly/37DXt8C
4 min
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