The Primal Brain Science Behind Influence Marketing
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Influencing people isn't just creativity and content mixed together. It's the by-product of the way our brains function. As we experience that content or creativity, hormones release into our system that make us feel safe, happy, sad, angry or any of the other range of emotions. People are subject to their own brain chemistry and cognitive reactions to their environments.

When marketers and influencers understand how that works in their fellow humans, they can influence and persuade more effectively. That's why Tim Ash, a computer and cognitive scientist with years of experience building digital experiences for brands, wrote his new book. Unleash Your Primal Brain - Demystifying How We Think and Why We Act. The book explains everything from the evolution of us as a species to the happiness hormones and what triggers them.

Tim and I talked about the book, how cognitive science can inform marketers about working with influencers and vice-versa. He also broke down the brain science behind influence in the first place. This episode is heady ... because that's what we're talking about. Give it a listen and share it with someone you know who will find it as interesting as you do.

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