Ep #338: When You Decide to Leave
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Listen in today as I share why we often struggle with knowing when to leave and how to make the decision to change. Sometimes choosing to stay leads to growth and sometimes leaving does. I encourage you to find the path that leads you to becoming the best version of yourself and find your way back to love before making any decisions.

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Spark Joy
Spark Joy
Kristyn Ivey and Karin Socci
Ep 155 | Emergency Preparedness at Home with Cari Butler
We can’t predict, but we CAN prepare. We’ve invited Emergency Preparedness Expert Cari Butler to the show to you KonMari your emergency needs to protect you, your home, and those you care most about. Cari is the owner of Emergency Cafe, L.A.'s Premier Emergency Preparedness Concierge Service. She has over 15 years of experience educating and empowering her clients to be prepared and provides personalized consultation services for individuals, families and businesses. We want to hear from you! Tell us your burning tidying questions or share stories about how KonMari has impacted your life. Find us at www.sparkjoypodcast.com and click “Ask Spark Joy” to leave a question or comment for a chance to be featured on next week’s show. While you’re there, sign-up to join our Spark Joy podcast community and get notified when each episode airs. You can also join the Spark Joy podcast community on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at the handle @sparkjoypodcast. Book a custom Virtual Tidying Experience with For the Love of Tidy (https://fortheloveoftidy.com/konmari-tidying-lesson/tidy-a-z-what-to-expect-from-a-konmari-virtual-tidy/) Join The Spark Joy Club today! (https://www.patreon.com/sparkjoy) In this episode, you’ll enjoy: - How the Universe put all of the resources Cari needed to support her path to becoming an emergency preparedness concierge, which started 15 years ago - The three steps to getting started getting prepared: 1) Get your supplies 2) Create a plan 3) Practice your plan -Who needs prepare for emergencies and the different levels of preparedness you can embrace -How to organize and store important items in case of an emergency - How to distinguish "what sparks joy" vs. "what should I grab in an emergency" - The difference between a grab and go bag vs emergency kit and what is typically in each - The essential items that is often overlooked or left out of kits - The importance of sharing legacy information Cari’s favorite organization tip: Filing paper into throw away, keep, and file Emergency organization tip: Keep everything together and set a reminder on your calendar to make sure everything in the kit is fresh What's sparking the most joy for Cari: Spending time with her kids as they attend college virtually from home Contact Cari via emergencycafe.com (https://www.emergencycafe.com/) and on Instagram @emergencycafe (https://www.instagram.com/emergencycafe/) Download Cari's top emergency preparedness tips here (https://www.dropbox.com/s/jn1tc4z5a5hkuuh/TOP%20TIPS.pdf?dl=0). Exclusively for Spark Joy listeners, enter the code "SPARKJOY10" when shopping on emergencycafe.com (https://www.emergencycafe.com/) Gems: "The Universe knew that this was my path." "The people who hire me are the people that really understand the importance of being prepared." "Bottom line...GET OUT! The joy is going to be that you are alive! Everything can be replaced." "It's fight or flight." *The Spark Joy Anniversary Give-A-Way contest prizes!* Win one of three bundles consisting of _Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up_, signed by Marie Kondo, a fifty dollar gift certificate to the KonMari Shop (https://shop.konmari.com) to select your own Joy Sparking gift, and a two-hour Virtual Tidying Session from _For the Love of Tidy_! Three lucky winners will receive a bundle of all these prizes! To be eligible for all of the prizes above, all you need to do is head over to: www.sparkjoypodcast.com/itunes for detailed instructions on how to leave a review via iTunes. Once there, follow the Apple Podcast instructions to leave us a rating and review in iTunes to help us reach more ears, minds, and hearts. *Most important step:* Send an email to: contact@sparkjoypodcast.com letting us know you left us a review and what screen name you left it under. This will act as your official entry. Don’t forget this step! It is the only way we can officially log you as entered into the contest. Submit your star rating and review by *November 24, 2020*. We’ll announce the winners during our season finale “Best of” show that will air on December 1st. ***Contest runs from September 1 to November 24, 2020.* Winners will be announced during our Best of 2020 show on December 1, 2020**** You can find Karin Socci at The Serene Home (https://www.theserenehome.com/) You can find Kristyn Ivey at For the Love of Tidy (https://fortheloveoftidy.com/) Special Guest: Cari Butler.
31 min
How to be a Minimalist
How to be a Minimalist
Katie Coughran
How to Declutter: 5 Minimalist Tips — Ep. 49
Minimalism encompasses a lot of things—often issues that come and go. Whether we’re talking about the physical or not-so-physical stuff, minimalism always seems to include decluttering and ditching things we don’t want in our lives. Here are some tips and questions you can ask yourself to make ditching and decluttering just a little easier. Women of the Woods—the anthology that includes my story, “Alina’s Well” You can now purchase my book, How to be a Minimalist — A Beginner’s Guide! Click HERE to see the details. I sincerely hope you enjoy the book and thanks for supporting me/my family/my work! The ebook is out now and the paperback will be out in the next month or two. Your support of the show is so very appreciated! Ratings, reviews, and Patreon patronage all sustain this show. Don’t forget that Patrons now get bonus episodes! Thanks so much! Want to leave a tip in my virtual tip jar? You can Venmo me @HowtobeaMinimalist Thank you so much for your support! Instagram @howtobeaminimalist My book, How to be a Minimalist with Kids: Finding YOUR Kind of Minimalism Broden and the Shark-Toothed Chicken — Book 1 of this chapter book series (should be marked as free) My latest videos on YouTube: Simple Crunchy Granola Recipe Vegan Cheesy Fry Sauce How to Make Cashew Yogurt Sushi Bowl Salad My Website: KatieCoughran.com — check here for my free books and to keep up to date Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/Katiecoughran)
20 min
The Balanced Life
The Balanced Life
Robin Long
36: Does Pilates Work? Real Women, Real Stories
In this special episode, Robin features stories from Sisterhood members as they share what brought them to the Sisterhood and the abundance of goodness it has brought to their lives. Silvia, Emily, Jamie, Julie, Dana, Bryony, and Lauren all have unique stories and perspectives on what the Sisterhood has done for them. All innately relatable, they discuss the dietary restraints, workout pushbacks, and mental strains they were experiencing before the Sisterhood, but how joining in the discipline of Pilates has empowered them not only on the mat, but off the mat too. Join Robin in this special episode to hear more about what the Sisterhood has offered so many inspiring women and what it can do for you. Show Highlights: * Silvia shares how the sisterhood has been the greatest form of self-care for her * The shift to a "grace over guilt" mentality has changed Silvia’s life and she discusses what that’s meant for her * Emily talks about how The Balanced Life has centered her day-to-day life * Jamie talks about her story of high-impact training, the pain it caused her and how Pilates has changed that for her * Julie shares how Pilates has helped her be more present off the mat * Dana discusses how her “all or nothing” mentality was holding her back and how the Sisterhood community helped her build strength physically and mentally * Bryony shares how Pilates has transformed her life through creating body awareness and improving her relationship with herself * Lauren dealt with years of chronic pain but learned how to heal that pain through consistency with Pilates * Past struggles intimidated Lauren when the Sisterhood was launched but she shares how Robin’s philosophies helped her overcome her fear and why it’s the best decision she’s ever made Links: Sign Up for Pilates Strong: A 5-day Pilates Challenge Visit The Balanced Life Follow The Balanced Life on Instagram
28 min
Dr. Caroline Leaf
Why we need to change how we move, eat, sleep, and connect based on each season for optimal mental, brain, and physical health (Interview with Whole30 co-founder Dallas Hartwig)
Register for my 2020 Virtual Mental Health Solutions Summit here:https://www.drleafconference.com Sign up to join my free text program and receive mental health care tips and strategies! Just text DRLEAF to 1 (833) 285 3747 Pre-order my new mental self-care tips book here for less 20%: https://drleaf.com/collections/all/products/101-ways-to-be-less-stressed EPISODE DESCRIPTION: We love celebrating the different seasons, whether it’s the coziness of fall and the anticipation of those winter holidays, or the excitement of summertime and backyard get togethers with loved ones. But did you know that your mental and physical wellbeing is also seasonal? In this podcast I speak with Whole30 co-founder and N.Y. Times bestselling author Dallas Hartwig about the importance of living seasonally, tips to exercise, sleep and eat better, the importance of listening to your body, why having a purpose is so important for your mental and physical health, and more! For more info on Dallas and to get his book visit: https://dallashartwig.com Read the show blog here: https://drleaf.com/blogs/news/why-we-need-to-change-how-we-move-eat-sleep-and-connect-based-on-each-season-for-optimal-mental-brain-and-physical-health-interview-with-whole-30-co-founder-dallas-hartwig **Special offers from this episode's sponsors: -Thryve Gut Health (An amazing company that tests your unique microbiome and formulates custom probiotics that keep your gut and mind healthy!): Get 10% off your at-home test kit with the code DRLEAF at checkout. See the link for more information -BiOptimizers (The best digestive enzymes, which help keep my brain and gut happy and healthy!): Use code DRLEAF10 for 10% off any order, and save up to 48% off select packages: www.bioptimizers.com/drleaf Podcast Highlights 3:29 How seasonal living can improve our mental and physical health 9:44 Why too much artificial light negatively affects our wellbeing 15:40 How to learn how to listen to your body’s needs 17:11 The 4 keys of seasonal living 32:00 The difference between cravings and longing 33:02 How has modern life disrupted our biology? 37:00 How the seasons affect our hormones 41:29 Tips to live more seasonally and improve your health 48:50 Seasonal depression, mental illness and the modern world 54:00 The importance of rest for your mental health Additional Resources: -Get my new brain detox app SWITCH on sale now! Get 50% off a 3 month subscription. Just look for Switch on Your Brain in the App Store or Google Play or visit: https://theswitch.app -Visit my website at https://drleaf.com for more free resources, tips, and tools to help you improve and heal your mental health! -Instagram: @drcarolineleaf: https://www.instagram.com/drcarolineleaf/ -Facebook: Dr. Caroline Leaf: https://www.facebook.com/drleaf -Twitter: @drcarolineleaf: https://twitter.com/DrCarolineLeaf -Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/drcarolineleaf If you enjoyed this episode please leave a 5 review on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you are listening! And don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast with friends and family! I love seeing your posts on social media!
1 hr
Half Size Me
Half Size Me
Heather A. Robertson
Why Restricting Treats and Desserts Hurts Weight Loss | HSM 454
In episode 454 of The Half Size Me™ Show, Heather talks with Kim about why restricting treats and desserts hurts weight loss and how she gained weight and lost the same weight for 40 years why she struggles with guilt about taking care of herself what her plan to improve moving forward will be and more! Do you want to get support and connection at a price you can afford? Then check out the Half Size Me Community here: https://halfsizeme.com/join About Half Size Me The Half Size Me™ Show is a weekly podcast. It will inspire and motivate you no matter where you are in your weight loss journey. Whether you're just getting started losing weight or having worked on your health and wellness for years, this show is for you! The Half Size Me Show is hosted by Heather Robertson, who lost 170 pounds over a period of about 5 years. Heather did it by learning new eating habits, getting regular exercise, and changing her mindset. On her popular weekly podcast, The Half Size Me Show, Heather shares her own lessons and struggles with you, and she shows you how to handle the real challenge of any weight loss journey... weight maintenance. Be sure to subscribe to The Half Size Me Show and join Heather every week as she shares information, inspiration, coaching, and conversations with REAL people who've learned weight loss isn't only about losing pounds, it's about finding yourself. Disclaimer: Heather is not a doctor, nurse, or certified health professional. What worked for her or her guests may not work for you. Please talk with your doctor, dietician, or other certified health professionals when seeking advice about your own weight loss or weight maintenance plan. All information included in The Half Size Me™ Podcast and on HalfSizeMe.com is for informational and inspirational purposes only. For additional disclaimer information, please visit HalfSizeMe.com. To contact Heather about the show, please click here to use the contact form.
41 min
Rise Together Podcast
Rise Together Podcast
Three Percent Chance
116: Let's Create a Routine That Works For You!
This week on the podcast we wanted to share a snippet from last month's coaching all about ROUTINE. A good routine is an anchor to your values and your goals, even when the wind picks up. Today we're going to break down the steps you need to take to identify and build your ideal setup. -- Dave's first-ever book, Get Out Of Your Own Way, is OUT NOW! This book is for everyone, and we mean EVERYONE: women who loved Girl Wash Your Face, men who did or didn't read Girl Wash Your Face, personal development skeptics, personal development devotees, anyone and everyone who has a life and knows it could maybe get a little better if they could just get out of their own dang way! LET'S GOOOOOO! -> http://bit.ly/gooyowpod You asked for it, you got it! Coaching with Dave is here! All year long Dave is offering courses in both life and career, all designed to help you identify where you are now, where you want to go, and how you’ll get there. After working his way through Disney to become a President of Theatrical Distribution, then making the conscious decision to be an entrepreneur, Dave knows exactly what it takes to be successful no matter which direction your life - or career - takes you. Now you can have exclusive access to his experience and wisdom, with monthly challenges and actionable results! Follow this link to see what coaching can do for YOU! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
35 min
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