3 Steps You Must Take For The Body and Life You Want
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Most people fail at achieving their fitness goals. There are a few reasons for this, but the three steps I’m about to discuss are absolutely critical if you’re to stop failing and start smashing those goals. Step 1: CREATE A CLEAR AND SPECIFIC GOAL To reach the outcome you want, you must know precisely what you want to achieve. This needs to be extremely clear, measurable and have a hard deadline. If “I want to lose weight” is your goal, you’re never gonna get what you want. “I will lose 30 lbs of fat by 8/19/21 on the other hand gives you something specific to shoot for, is measurable and has a hard deadline. Determine what yours is, write it down and read it out loud every day. Step 2: IDENTIFY YOUR CURRENT HABITS AND THE NECESSARY ACTIONS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL What does your sleep look like? How stressed are you? What’s your current diet look like? How often do you train? How about recovery? These are the questions that must be answered, because this is the foundation to your results. Identify where you’re at, then identify where you need to be 12 months from today to achieve that 12 month goal. Step 3: CREATE AND RELENTLESSLY EXECUTE A SEQUENTIAL 12 MONTH PLAN TO DEVELOP THE REQUIRED SKILLS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL Now that you’re clear on your goal and identified the habits that need to change, let’s work on the required skills that will get you to the outcome you want. Based on your current habits, pick the low-hanging fruit and work on that for 2-3 weeks. For some of you that might be your sleep. After that you work on daily movement for a few weeks, then more fruits and veggies each day... Depending on where you’re at, there will be a different starting point for everyone, and different things to work on based on your goals. But breaking down your goal, the required habits, and reverse engineering them, it’ll be much more realistic for you to achieve them. You’ll rack up wins, gain momentum, make progress and eventually achieve the outcome you want. And because of the new skills you’ve mastered, you’re much more likely to sustain those results

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