BMT 94: Travel in JORDAN! Jordan Trail, Dead Sea, FOOD, Safety, and MAGIC
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I have finally checked Jordan off my bucket list! I spent three weeks exploring beautiful Jordan in May 2018, attending an adventure travel conference and then taking a group of YOU with me hiking on the Jordan Trail to Petra. My guest today, Ban Barkawi, is a Jordanian friend of mine whom I met studying abroad in Italy years ago. Listen as Ban and I talk about travel in Jordan, safety, customs, attractions, history, FOOD, and so much more, including:

  • Five days hiking the Jordan Trail from Dana to Petra (named a world's top multi-day hiking trail by National Geographic)
  • Camping with the Bedouins in the desert
  • Feynan Eco Lodge
  • Jordanian FOOD and local communities
  • Um Qais (Northern Jordan)
  • Petra - the Siq, the Monastery, the Treasury, Indiana Jonesing
  • Wadi Rum - sleeping in Martian Domes, jeep tour in the desert, lamb cooked in the earth
  • Dead Sea - an experience that you absolutely MUST feel for yourself!

My guest today is my beautiful friend Ban, whom I met studying abroad in Italy when we were just 20 years old. She is Palestinian Jordanian and here to share her insights on living in this beautiful country. We got to meet up in Jordan on my first day there after not seeing each other in 9 years. Some friendships just never change.

Ban Barkawi is a Jordanian multimedia journalist and radio presenter based in Amman, where she hosts a daily morning show at an English-speaking station. Together with the podcasting platform Sowt she produced Eib, a podcast in Arabic that addresses gender-based taboos. In 2013 she produced the award-winning TV documentary Refugees in Business about the livelihood of Syrian refugees in Jordan's Zaatari camp. Ban holds an MA in multimedia broadcast journalism and a BA in news-editorial journalism.

Find Ban on Twitter and Instagram @banbarkawi - feel free to reach out to her if you have any questions about Jordan, she is an amazing human.

  Show Notes:

Adventure Travel Conference - Adventure NEXT Near East powered by the Adventure Travel Trade Association

Guide for Petra and Jordan Trail - Experience Jordan - ask for Ayman! Tell him Traveling Jackie said to take you Indiana Jonesing through Petra

Guide for Um Qais or Pella in Northern Jordan - Baraka Destinations - stay at their B&B Beit Al Baraka

Activities in Um Qais - beekeeping (buy the bee products!), biking, guided ruins walk, cooking class, hiking

BUY THE COOKBOOK! --> Empowering Women Through Cooking - Stories and Recipes from Jordan

Wild Jordan - Visit the store in Amman and buy some locally-made goods, your money goes back to the communities

Feynan Ecolodge - Candle-lit, Bedouin-run eco hotel in the middle of the desert in Wadi Feynan

Wadi Rum Martian Domes - Sun City Camp

GROUP TRIPS: View all the trips I offer here, check out the Jordan itinerary here (sorry you missed it!)

For full show notes (and photos!) visit
Zero To Travel Podcast
Zero To Travel Podcast
Jason Moore
How To Go To College For Free w/ Jenn Viemont
Has college seemed like an unaffordable dream? Do you or your kids want to experience Europe & get a great education while you are there? Today's guest is Jenn Viemont from Beyond The States, a website dedicated to finding very affordable (sometimes free) college educations for anyone looking to get a Bachelor's or Masters's degree while living and exploring Europe. Sound to good dot be's not! Jen and I talk all about the ins and outs of education in Europe, why you may be running towards something and not away from something, and how your relationship with the current culture you live in may not be fulfilling for you. Are looking to explore the opportunities for college educations in Europe? What would be the main reason you would go? Let me know by sending me an audio message (please) or shoot me an email over at In To Learn: * 10:30 Becoming An Expat & Getting A Visa * 13:45 Finding The Culture That Fits You * 17:30 Running Towards Something * 21:30 Changes That Happen To You Abroad * 24:20 Side Hustle To Success * 29:10 101 On Degree Programs In Europe * 35:05 Balancing Tuition & Cost Of Living * 36:40 Programs of Study In Europe * 38:15 What Is The Difficulty In Getting Into The College * 40:25 How Far In Advance Should You Prep For This * 43:40 Quality Of Education vs American Colleges * 48:30 The Fulfilling Nature Of This Work * 50:40 How Beyond The States Works For You * 54:40 You Can Go Back To School Too (You Don't Have To Be Out Of High School) * 56:45 Getting Loans For College * 57:45 Favorite University Cities * And so much moreResources: * Find Jen on her website * Follow Jen on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter * Camp IndieWant More? * How A Pilgrimage Can Transform Your Life w/ Paul Barach * Top 10 Challenges Of Living Abroad w/ Botik Quest * Alternative Education And Travel w/ Black Boles Please head over to the archives for more Zero To Travel podcasts!
1 hr 15 min
Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
Travis Sherry
Best Desserts - 2020 in Review
We return with Part 4 of 6 in our Year in Review Series: Check out Part 1: Travel Stats Check out Part 2: Superlatives Check out Part 3: Best Drinks We love desserts, anything from ice cream to pastries, key lime bars to all tastes amazing. Everyone loves desserts, so we know you're not skipping this episode! Today Heather and I go through our top 5 desserts (10 total + 2 honorable mention (& 1 dishonorable mention) from 2020, from hometown to widely available to cities around the world if it's delicious, it's on the list! What was your best dessert of 2020? If you get to hit up any of the places we list then please let us know @ExtraPackofPeanuts and snap a pic and hashtag it #EPOPSentUs! In This Episode * 04:15 Dishonorable Mention (A First on the Podcast) * 05:35 Honorable Mentions * 10:20 Do You Want S'Mores? * 13:25 Keeping It In The Family * 16:20 Doughnut Crazed * 22:20 Perfect Bars * 22:55 Philly Pride * 24:35 Do You Want Some Salt? * 29:20 More S'Mores? * 34:05 For The LOVE Of Pies * 39:50 PB Ice Cream Links * Want to follow our lives & adventures? Check out our Instagram's @ExtraPackOfPeanuts, @HeatherSherry, @TravelingWhitMyles, and @HaddieBean * Ju Ju + Co on Instagram * Location IndieMulti Locations * Jeni's Ice Cream * Tillamook Ice Cream - Monster Cookie * Jet-Puffed S'More Marshmallows * Perfect Bars - Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter * Salt & Straw Ice CreamHomemade * Peppermint Bark - JulieNorth Carolina * Britts Donuts * Wake N Bake Donuts * The SoutherlyPhiladelphia * Zsa's Ice Cream * Butterscotch Pastry Shop Want More? * 2021 Travel Wishlist * 2020 In Review: Superlatives * 2020 In Review: Travel Stats * 2020 In Review: Best Drinks * 2019 In Review: Best Experiences * 2019 In Review: Best Desserts * 2019 In Review: Best Beers * 2019 In Review: Best Coffee * 2019 In Review: Best Wines * 2019 In Review: Best Meals * 2019 In Review: Superlatives * 2019 In Review: Travel Stats Leave a Review! Apple Podcast reviews are one of THE most important factors for podcasts. If you enjoy the show please take a second to leave the show a review on Apple Podcasts! * Click this link: Leave a review on Apple Podcasts * Hit “View in iTunes” on the left-hand side under the picture. * Leave an honest review. * You’re awesome!
46 min
Liz Fosslien: Work With Your Emotions
Why do we lose motivation in our jobs? How can we create a space of belonging and inclusion? What are the best ways to give and receive feedback? Liz Fosslien answers all of these questions, and more, in this thoughtful and pertinent interview. As she reveals, emotions in the workplace are not only acceptable—they can actually be incredibly useful in decision making, making connections, and doing great creative work. This interview is truly eye-opening in establishing how we can unite who we are with what we do, creating a positive working environment for ourselves and those that we work with. For more info, including links to everything discussed in the episode, check out this link: [2] Try Blinkist for free for 14 days by going to [][3], tapping on Try Blinkist at the top right, and entering the code FEELFEELINGS. Let us know what you thought of this episode, or just come say hi on Twitter! Find Caitlin at [@caitlinschiller][4], Ben at [@bsto][5]. Simplify is produced by Caitlin Schiller with Ben Schuman-Stoler. Thanks to Ines Bläsius for editing & production assistance and Christoph Meyer for audio engineering chops. The new Simplify theme is by the one and only Odysseas Constantinou. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]:
41 min
The Lonely Pipette : helping scientists do better science
The Lonely Pipette : helping scientists do better science
Jonathan Weitzman & Renaud Pourpre
TLP #9 : Telling compelling stories - Magdalena Skipper
*Subscribe and receive the next podcast in you mailbox* *Tell us your thoughts  **about this episode *Last summer, we were honored to host Magdalena Skipper, Editor of Nature, to share her tips with the community. When Nature announced its new Open Access policy in November 2020, we asked her to come back for another interview in January 2021, to discuss these specific issues. This episode is in two parts: the classic interview with Magdalena sharing her stories with the community and a second part with an extended discussion on the recent announcements made by Nature. As a consequence, this episode is longer than usual, but we believe that it includes  enriched content that you will appreciate. *In this episode Magdalena Skipper tell us about her role at Nature and her personal thoughts about editing, publishing and communicating science* * Magdalena offers tips to authors, including thinking about why you want to share your story, what the message of the paper is and who the audience is * We discuss a metaphor for the publishing process in which the author feels like a Medieval knight throwing the manuscript over the castle wall * Magdalena sees herself more as a facilitator and reminds us that every stakeholder in the process is human * She stresses that editors and publishers need to work to make the publishing process more transparent * She makes the point that the objective of peer review is to make the paper better and we talk about new models for publishing and sharing data * We discuss how impact factors can be mis-used and what alternative metrics exist * Magdalena tells us how she feels as the first woman editor at Nature and about prizes for women scientists.  *She mentions these journals and institutions :* * MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology * Cancer Research UK * Nature journal * Nature Research *    **Mentoring in Science Award** * *To find out more about Magdalena and her journal* * Nature editors * 150 years of Nature: A century and a half of research and discovery. * Magdalena on Wikipedia * Magdalena on Twitter * To find out more about Renaud :* * Twitter * LinkedIn * To find out more about Jonathan :* * Twitter * LinkedIn  *To learn more about the soundtrack : *Music by Amaria - Lovely Swindler And Bab Tista - Text Me Records / GrandBankss
2 hr 10 min
The Engineers Collective
The Engineers Collective
New Civil Engineer
The role of AI in the future of roads maintenance with FMConway and RoadBotics
The latest episode of The Engineers Collective looks at how artificial intelligence (AI) could transform how highway maintenance work is planned and prioritised.Joining NCE editor Claire Smith and features editor Nadine Buddoo special guests FM Conway consultancy director John Holliday and Roadbotics senior partner for success lead Stew Frick talk about the introduction of AI-led highway maintenance planning to the UK and discuss the challenges speed bumps and hot rolled asphalt initially presented to the task. John was instrumental in bringing RoadBotics to the UK and to date his team has surveyed more than 3,000km of road network on behalf of seven highway authorities including Highways England, Transport for London and the City of Westminster. Stew talks about the AI technology behind the system and the potential for it to be used on footpaths and feed into wider management systems in the future.The AI discussion follows on from a news update from Claire, head of content and engagement Rob Horgan and reporter Catherine Kennedy about futuristic and aspirational engineering projects that have been inspiring NCE’s readers in the last few weeks. The Engineers Collective is powered by Bentley Systems. Around the world, engineers and architects, constructors and owner-operators are using Bentley’s software solutions to accelerate project delivery and improve asset performance for transportation infrastructure that sustains our economy and our environment. Together, we are advancing infrastructure. Find out more at
45 min
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