JUMP 101: Travel Game Show with Jason Moore from Zero to Travel
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To kick off JUMP, Jason and I have prepared 3 questions for each other. Join us as we put ourselves on the spot with some big travel topics.

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast
The Thoughtful Travel Podcast
Amanda Kendle
222 Meaningful Shopping and Souvenirs
Bringing home a meaningful souvenir from a trip is such a pleasure: if the process of buying it was fun and special, perhaps involving a chat with an interesting local, and then you have an object you can enjoy at home which constantly reminds you of your trip, then it's a perfect scenario. In Episode 222 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I talk with travellers about their own meaningful shopping experiences abroad, starting off with Patti Lefkos who has a brilliant story to tell about a souvenir she bought in Nepal - including a live demonstration! Next, I chat with Lindsay Williams. She's obsessed with learning foreign languages and this passion flows through to what she likes to buy when she's travelling, too. Finally, I'm excited to speak with my friend Lola Akinmade-Åkerström who has a new pandemic-induced project on the go, involving a way to help local artisans and guides in countries particularly affected by the drop-off in tourism numbers and help us have an authentic shopping experience at the same time. Links: Patti Lefkos - https://www.pattishaleslefkos.com books and her not-for-profit Lindsay Williams’ site Lindsay Does Languages - https://www.lindsaydoeslanguages.com/  Lola’s Local Purse - https://www.localpurse.com  Great Travel Souvenirs - Episode 42 - notaballerina.com/42     Join our Facebook group for Thoughtful Travellers - https://www.facebook.com/groups/thoughtfultravellers Show notes: https://notaballerina.com/222   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Anna Jelen The Time Expert Podcast
Anna Jelen The Time Expert Podcast
Anna Jelen The Time Expert
THIS EPISODE IS ABOUT LIFE AND DEATH, LOSS AND PAIN From time to time, I come up with an episode that is not meant to be for everyone. This one might be one of them. Ladies and gentlemen, this episode is about life and death, including loss and pain. And still, I love this episode.When I started to write it, a thousand words just flew out of my fingers in no time, but for many words, the tears blurred my view. It's about a letter I shall receive when I lose someone I love, or if I become ill or just before my own death. It's the letter from my healthy, happy me to my troubled me. I am aware, that this episode touches ME, because it is about MY life. Why do I publish it? Because you can take this and turn it into yours, by also writing such a letter. At the end of this episode, I will tell you why I think you should do this. A little outtake: "A few words before I read the letter to you: With the pandemic, death and loss come closer, and we struggle. I notice many people lose hope. But not me. And maybe this is what I have to do. Spread a spirit about life, love, compassion, empathy and growth, even in dark times.  I need to hear those voices who spread hope and optimism and if I can be such a voice for you - I'm more than happy to do so. I asked one of my best friends if I should wait to publish this episode and she said: "Are you crazy! There is no good or bad timing for this topic. It can't be that it still is a taboo to talk about loss, death and illnesses. It's going to happen to everyone, and we can't ignore these facts. It will hurt yes. But the sooner we confront ourselves with the difficult moments in life - the more thoughtful we become about them and that's what's missing."" My dear ones out there, we have a winner for a free call, which I announce in the end of this episode. I can't wait to talk to you! Take care! Bye, anna The Member's Club CHECK IT OUT Episode notes:It's all about a letter that helps me to deal with death, loss and pain.  Next zoom speech for Members: 18th (EN) and 19th (DE) of January. All about routines and rituals to stay mentally fit and to achieve your goal.
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Zero To Travel Podcast
Zero To Travel Podcast
Jason Moore
How To Become The Hero In Your Own Life w/ Derek Loudermilk
Are you the hero in your own life? Today's guest is Derek Loudermilk who is an adventurer, business coach, best-selling author, and fellow podcaster just to name a few things but in this chat, we are discussing being the hero in your own life. Derek shares five thought reversals that can help you in your hero journey, how paying attention & being aware can actually lend itself to being able to do more of what you love, and why your internal dialogue directly influences your external life. This show is a little more on the woo-woo side so please keep an open mind and sit back and enjoy. Which of the 5 thought reversals spoke to you the most? What was your biggest takeaway from today's episode? Let me know by sending me an audio message (please) or shoot me an email over at Jason@ZeroToTravel.com.Tune In To Learn: * 12:45 From Digital Nomad To Going Home * 18:25 Raising Your Kids Unconventionally * 23:10 Transitioning From Your Old Life To A New One * 30:00 Tips On Owning Your Identity * 36:00 The 5 Thought Reversals * 56:15 Asking The Right Questions Of Yourself * 01:01:15 Learning About Yourself * 01:03:10 Advice On Travel * And so much moreResources: * Find Derek on his website * Listen To Derek's podcast * Follow Derek on Facebook | Instagram * Camp IndieWant More? * 16 Mindset Hacks To Help You Travel Long Term * Exploring Your Limiting Beliefs & Finding Your Purpose w/ Kathleen Sinclair * How To Add More Play Into Your Life w/ Jeff Harry Please head over to the archives for more Zero To Travel podcasts!
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Google Teacher Podcast
Google Teacher Podcast
Matt Miller and Kasey Bell - Education Podcast Network
Tips from Teachers - GTP125
Google News and Updates * Additional language support for live captions in Google Meet * Create and work with documents that contain multiple page orientations in Google Docs * Open Office attachments from Gmail in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides with one click * Some Google Meet settings now “sticky” for Education users * Take a snowy stroll with Street View * Create a festive song with Blob Opera * 20 years of Year in Search Featured Content * Pam Hubler had a possible idea to answer a question in e124 using Wakelet to curate Google materials * Another possible answer to the same question from Stephanie Litz * Hello Matt and Kasey, * So thankful for your podcast, keep up the good work because your listeners appreciate it. * Regarding the question from Marcel (below), I found this resource that might be a good fit: * Cube For Teachers Website - Cube For Teachers is a place where educators search, share, and store links to free open educational K-12 resources, including lessons, activities, interactive games, teaching strategies, tech tips, videos, special education, subject-specific resources, and more. * Cube For Teachers - Chrome Web Store * @cubeforteachers Dr. Rebecca Kreider from Mt. Olivetownship school district, verbal feedback is 3x as effective. She recommends Mote. Ditch Summit tips: * Matt Miller: Mote Chrome extension for voice feedback. Use your dictation/voice typing command on a mobile device. * Esther Park: use unscreen.com to create a GIF from a short video clip * Paula Martinez from Slides Mania: The master is for teachers. Duplicate layouts in the master for different versions of pages. Click on the “Colors” button in the master for master colors. * Desiree Alexander: Make files available offline or downloadable so students won’t need internet access to complete at home. * How to Access Google Files Offline * Kasey: Google certifications, magnetic poetry, Google Drawings, making ebooks with Google Slides, the resources she shared in her session * How to Create Drag and Drop activities * Register for Ditch Summit, a FREE online conference for teachers available until January 8: DitchSummit.com On The Blogs * Matt * New book, Do More with Google Classroom, is available! * Check out the book companion website for resources * Ditch Summit: Free online conference for teachers, December 14 to January 8 * Kasey * 8 Reasons to Love Blended Learning with Google * EARLY BIRD Special! Buy Blended Learning with Google, get FREE Google Tips Training * Blended Learning with Google (on Amazon) * Google from A to Z (on Amazon)
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The Business of Fashion Podcast
The Business of Fashion Podcast
The Business of Fashion
Robin Givhan on the US Capitol Siege and Vogue’s Kamala Harris Cover
Speaking with Imran Amed, the Washington Post’s senior critic-at-large shares her thoughts on the controversially ‘familiar’ image of the vice president-elect, and explains where it sits within the wider political climate of the United States as it is due to enter a new chapter. When the cover of American Vogue’s February issue leaked on Saturday, January 9, a flurry of controversy ensued. Many took to social media to deride the image of vice president-elect Kamala Harris, lensed by Tyler Mitchell, for its casual styling, unflattering lighting and lack of gravitas. The criticism focused on the argument that the portrait lacked the stately deference they believed such a political figure — not least the first Black, South Asian female vice-president — should command.Among those to share their thoughts was Robin Givhan, The Washington Post’s senior critic-at-large who penned a column on January 11 in which she said “the cover did not give Kamala D. Harris due respect… It was a cover image that, in effect, called Harris by her first name without invitation.” Givhan, who became the first fashion writer to receive the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 2006, sat down with Imran Amed in the latest episode of The BoF Podcast, to further discuss the cover’s significance and the wider tumultuous landscape of US politics. * Debating Harris’ portrait is about more than just a critique of the technicalities and production value of a fashion glossy. Its release comes at a time of political division and fraught race relations, just days after a violent right-wing mob stormed Washington D.C.’s Capitol building, an event incited by President Trump, who now faces a second impeachment for his involvement in the incident. “The last few years have been an exhausting, emotionally draining time,” said Givhan. “I was very surprised that [the cover] became such an issue. I was really stunned that people were so exercised about it. When you think about it, it’s [like] pain from a thousand papercuts, and this was the 1001st papercut.” * The informality of the image chosen for the print cover carries greater historical significance and weight. Vogue and Anna Wintour defended it as an extension of the Biden-Harris campaign’s platform of accessibility, which Givhan described as a “legitimate” point of view. But, she said, “I think that the upset is rooted not so much in the current moment but its history. Throughout history, Black women in particular were not given the kind of respect that white women were. People had this familiarity with Black women that was not about friendship and equality but was condescending. Understanding the complicated nature of that would give one pause in presenting the first female vice president — a Black woman — in that way.” * While the alternative digital cover image, which depicts Harris in a more presidential light and formal style, offers some reprieve, this print issue has significance as a cultural souvenir (“you can’t give a screengrab to your grandchildren,” said Givhan), and there is no real opportunity for a do-over. “There’s no way to make people happy,” said Givhan, adding that it’s important to instead listen to criticism and “recognise where things went astray” in allowing this misstep to happen. “You just have to do better the next time, and the time after that and the time after that.” External clips courtesy of Good Morning America and ABC7 News Related Articles:Anna Wintour Speaks on VP Cover Controversy, Amazon and Diversity EffortsThe Risks and Rewards of Dressing American Politicians Find out more about #BoFVOICES here. To contact The Business of Fashion with comments, questions or speaker ideas please email podcast@businessoffashion.com. Sign up for BoF’s Daily Digest newsletter. Ready to become a BoF Professional? For a limited time, enjoy 25% discount on an annual membership, exclusively for podcast listeners. Simply, click here, select the Annual Package and use code PODCASTPRO at the checkout. For all sponsorship enquiries, it’s: advertising@businessoffashion.com.
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Amy Devers + Jaime Derringer of Design Milk
Clever Confidential Ep. 2: The Supernatural Beginnings of The Bradbury Building
In the heart of downtown Los Angeles sits Hollywood’s undisputed architectural superstar — the Bradbury Building. The imposing structure’s character is definitive. Its origin story, however, is much murkier…  How did a young draftsman design one of the most remarkable buildings in the world? Why did he never again do anything of note? Or did he? Was all his creativity spent on this one masterpiece? Was this a case of stolen intellectual property? Or could this have even been a brush with the supernatural? See images and read the show notes! Clever Confidential is our offshoot series where we dig into the lesser told stories of the darker side of design; the shadowy, sometimes sordid, tales hiding under a glossy top coat of respectable legacy. Many thanks to this episode’s guest experts Kim Cooper and Richard Schave! More about Esotouric: Although Esotouric's in-person tours have been paused since March 2020, Kim and Richard can be found every Saturday at 12p PST, presenting an all-new immersive cultural history webinar to Los Angeles history lovers around the world. Past webinar themes (all available On-Demand) include Raymond Chandler, The Black Dahlia, Angels Flight Railway, Grand Central Market, Cafeteria History and Lost Bunker Hill. And their first, naturally, was about the greatest building in Los Angeles: the Bradbury! Many thanks to our sponsors:   Helix To all our designer friends out there, Helix is one of the only “mattress in a box” companies that offers a designer trade discount—and it’s a good one at that! Just go to http://helixsleep.com/clever, sign up for the trade program, and once approved you will receive 25% off all products at all three of their brands.   For regular customers, Helix is offering a great promo where you can receive up to $200 off your order plus 2 free dream pillows. Just visit http://helixsleep.com/clever to take the quiz and save up to $200 on your dream mattress   Skillshare Curiosity is what drove us to create Clever and curiosity about design, creativity and the human experience is what keeps us going. We never stop learning, so whether you’re a beginner, a hobbyist, or a seasoned pro, there is always another skill to master, or technique to perfect.   A new year is the perfect time to start. Skillshare is an online learning community for everyone. And they’re giving Clever listeners a free trial of their Premium Membership. No matter what 2021 brings, you can spend it creating something meaningful with Skillshare’s online classes—from design to film and photography, illustration, business, writing and more.  Explore your creativity at Skillshare.com/Clever, where our listeners get a free trial of Skillshare’s Premium Membership. Start now at Skillshare.com/clever   Please let us know what you think on social: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook... Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/clever.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala
Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala
A Black Utopia In North Carolina
“I thought I'd come to paradise,” said Jane Ball Groom upon arriving in Soul City, North Carolina. It wasn’t amenities or location that made Soul City paradise, but the promise of what it could be: a city built by Black people, for Black people. Our guests take us back to 1969 when the city was founded and built from (below) the ground up — and while the city itself was short-lived, we’ll see how the seeds it sowed laid roots for spaces that celebrate and center Black culture today. That's a wrap on the season! Share you stand out moments with host Saleem Reshamwala on Twitter (@Kidethic). For photos from the episode and more on the history of Soul City, head to the Souvenir Book of Soul City in the North Carolina digital collections. Special thanks to Shirlette Ammons who we could not do this story without, and our guests Charmaine McKissick-Melton, Jane Ball-Groom, Lianndra Davis, Lou Myers, Tobias Rose, and Derrick Beasley. Extra special thank you to Alan Thompson, who recorded the saxophone music you heard in this episode from Parish Street on Durham’s Black Wall Street. Our unsung hero for this week is Sammy Case who manages the cross-promotions for all of TED's podcasts - if you found Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala from one of your other favorite shows, she’s the reason why! Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala is produced by Jesse Baker and Eric Nuzum of Magnificent Noise for TED. Our host is Saleem Reshamwala. Our production staff includes Hiwote Getaneh, Sabrina Farhi, Kim Nederveen Pieterse, Elyse Blennerhassett, Angela Cheng, and Michelle Quint, with the guidance of Roxanne Hai Lash and Colin Helms. Our fact-checker is Abbey White. This episode was mixed and sound designed by Kristin Mueller. We're doing a survey! If you have a minute, please take it at surveynerds.com/farflung. It really helps make the show better.
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City of the Future
City of the Future
Sidewalk Labs
Flexible Streets
The pandemic has forced us to reexamine and reimagine how we use one of our most precious public spaces: our streets. From outdoor dining to expanded bike lanes, cities have been re-designing streets so they can be better shared by all — drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike. But could we take this idea even further? What if we could use design and technology to make our streets more flexible? So they could change use according to the season, the week, or even the hour? In our season finale, we explore a future where city streets can do just that — and better respond to all of our needs. In this episode: * [0:01 - 6:44] We meet with transit guru Gridlock Sam to talk about the history of political battles over New York City streets and the recent changes in response to Covid * [6:54 - 11:18] Aspen Director of Parking & Downtown Services Mitch Osur and Coord Head of Policy & Partnerships Dawn Miller explain how data is allowing cities to solve problems like traffic and curb congestion * [11:43 - 14:40] We visit Sidewalk Labs Senior Creative Technologist Nick Jonas to test out Pebble, a new technology for vehicle occupancy detection * [16:23 - 23:43] Associate Director of Planning & Delivery Siqi Zhu and Director of Mobility Willa Ng imagine how our streets can adapt to be shared more equitably To see images and videos of topics discussed in this episode, read the link-rich transcript on our Sidewalk Talk Medium page. City of the Future is hosted by Eric Jaffe and Vanessa Quirk, and produced by Benjamen Walker and Andrew Callaway. Mix is by Zach Mcnees. Art is by Tim Kau. Our music is composed by Adaam James Levin-Areddy of Lost Amsterdam. Special thanks to Sam Schwartz, Mitch Osur, Dawn Miller, Nick Jonas, Siqi Zhu, and Willa Ng.
25 min
Armchair Explorer
Armchair Explorer
Aaron Millar
The Ho Chi Minh Trail by Motorcycle with Travel Author Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent
Follow travel author Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent on one of the toughest motorcycle journeys on the planet: six weeks and 2,000 miles through the near impassable mud and steep mountain slopes of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Crossing Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, The Ho Chi Minh Trail was the main military supply route during the Vietnam War, moving men and supplies from communist controlled North Vietnam to the American backed south. Today, it’s slowly disappearing, overrun by jungle, deforestation and the advancement of the modern world. In riding the trail, Antonia wanted to explore this rapidly changing region and important part of history before it’s lost forever. She also wanted a proper adventure. The Ho Chi Minh Trail that most people ride is the modern tarmac friendly version. Few people attempt the original route over the muddy guts of the Truong Son Mountains in Laos. Even fewer trace it south into the wild eastern reaches of Cambodia. Antonia did both; and she did it on her own with nothing more than a 25-year-old shiny pink 125cc Honda Cub, she named the Pink Panther, for company. It’s an incredibly beautiful place, filled with shimmering jungles, limestone mountains and small tribal villages where tourists rarely go. But it’s also marred with tragedy. During the war, the Ho Chi Minh Trail was bombed on average every eight minutes and the scars are still visible today: entire villages made out of war scrap, bomb craters big enough to fit a double-decker bus and, most tragically of all, UXO (unexploded ordinance). As much as 30% of American bombs dropped during the war failed to explode and 40-years later they are still primed and hidden in the thick undergrowth of the forest. To date, UXO along the trail has killed more than 100,000 people, many of them children. This is an incredible adventure story about one of the most difficult motorbike routes on the planet. But it’s also a story about the legacy of the Vietnam War that is still affecting the people who live along the trail today. Are you ready for a wild ride? Let’s go.  *Highlights include: * ·      Heading out on one of the wildest motorcycle rides on the planet, 2,000 miles through remote jungle, over steep and muddy mountain slopes  ·      Discovering a remote part of South East Asia few travellers get to see, deep in the jungles of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia  ·      Learning about the history of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the most bombed place per capita in the world, and the tragic legacy of the war still affecting people to day  ·      Hearing about Antonia’s close call along the Mondulkiri Death Highway, one of the most dangerous stretches of road on the planet. Let’s just say, it nearly lived up to its name  ·      Being inspired to achieve anything you set your mind to. Antonia chose to do this journey solo to test herself, to prove to herself she could be self-reliant, to see how strong she really was. What she discovered was that if you’re determined enough, if you want something bad enough, you can do anything you set your mind to. *Who’s the Guest?* Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent is a travel author, broadcaster and public speaker with a particular love of wandering alone through remote regions. Her website is www.theitinerant.co.uk and you can find her on twitter and Instagram @antsbk. The full story of this journey is available on audiobook at Audible, and other audio book platforms. www.armchair-explorer.com / @armchairexplorerpodcast.   This is episode is sponsored by The Great Courses Plus - head over to www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/armchair for thousands of videos and audio content, for free, for a month. It's like Netflix for your brain.
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Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
Travis Sherry
Superlatives: 2020 in Review
Every year that we break down all our travel stats, best meals, best travel superlatives, best drinks, etc and we hear a ton of feedback from you all. Apparently, these are some of your favorite episodes. We are running our 6 part series (!!!) that covers our superlatives, the stats, best meals, best drinks best desserts, and best experiences in our year in review. In this episode, we go into the Superlatives of our 2020 travel year. Best of, worst of, the best value, and a host of other things. And then definitely reach out to @ExtraPackofPeanuts and let us know what is the most positive yet unexpected thing that happened to you in 2020?In This Episode * 05:00 Most Expensive Accommodations * 07:00 Cheapest Accommodations * 08:15 The Best Value * 12:20 The Worst Value * 14:35 Favorite Accommodations * 19:55 Least Favorite Accommodations * 21:20 Craziest Thing We Did In 2020 * 28:20 Best Thing We Bought * 34:05 Biggest Change in 2020 * 35:55 Most Unexpected Good Thing * 39:10 Most Unexpected Bad Thing * 44:30 Most Underwhelming Thing * 47:55 Neatest Person We Met * 51:50 Biggest Travel MishapImportant Links * Want to follow our lives & adventures? Check out our Instagram's @ExtraPackOfPeanuts, @HeatherSherry, and @TravelingWhitMyles * Side Hustle Success Challenge * Location IndieWant More? * 2021 Travel Wishlist * Superlatives: 2019 Year In Review * 2019 In Review: Best Experiences * 2019 In Review: Best Desserts * 2019 In Review: Best Beers * 2019 In Review: Best Coffee * 2019 In Review: Best Wines * 2019 In Review: Best Meals * 2019 In Review: Superlatives * 2019 In Review: Travel StatsLeave a Review! Apple Podcast reviews are one of THE most important factors for podcasts. If you enjoy the show please take a second to leave the show a review on Apple Podcasts! * Click this link: Leave a review on Apple Podcasts * Hit “View in iTunes” on the left-hand side under the picture. * Leave an honest review. * You’re awesome!
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The SuperHuman Academy Podcast
The SuperHuman Academy Podcast
Jonathan Levi
Ep. 300: Finale Episode & Thank You
Greetings, Superfriends, and welcome to the 300th episode of the SuperHuman Academy Podcast - where, as you’ve probably already heard me mention in previous episodes, after nearly 6 years and 4.5 million downloads - it is my duty to inform you that this episode will be our last - at least for now. In this final chapter, I want to take a few moments to answer some of your questions, share with you how I’ve come to this decision, and let you all know what you can expect from me in the future. The first question that’s probably on everybody’s mind, I imagine, is this: Why would you stop a successful podcast? If you’ve been paying attention, you know that podcasting is at its all-time peak right now, with just about everybody in every market you can imagine getting into the medium. And it’s only expected to grow, with people consuming more and more podcasts every single year. Of course, a lot of these new shows are destined to be part of “the long tail” - never crossing more than a thousand downloads per episode. But SuperHuman Academy, since its inception, has been a reasonably successful show - earning thousands of downloads per episode consistently throughout its 6-year run. Add to this the fact that some of our best and most interesting guests and episodes have come out in just the last year - with quite a few “superstar” guests and life-changing episodes happening in 2020. Why, then, have I decided to bring all of this to a close?! In truth, there are a lot of reasons. First, there’s the “family” component. My wife and I just had our baby boy, and I’ve made the decision to clear off most of my calendar for a while to focus exclusively on this exciting and rewarding new adventure. The fact that I have the freedom to do this is a major blessing that I realize not many people enjoy - and I intend to take full advantage of it. But, as you can imagine, there is much more to the story than that. You see, when I first started this business - with nothing more than a simple Udemy course recorded with a webcam, it was intended to be a fun “side project” - a way to give back and earn a living while I searched for “the next big thing.” I could have never anticipated that I would be where I am today, employing a full team, with over 300,000 students worldwide, bestselling books, a successful podcast, certified coaches all over the world, etc. What was intended to be a fun, lifestyle-oriented “side business” in many ways became a runaway success - and my main focus for the better part of 7 years. All of that is well and good - I have no regrets whatsoever, and of course I consider myself extremely blessed for everything this journey has done for me and for those I’ve touched along the way. But, in all truth, somewhere between then and now, I lost sight of what was important to me. I spent a few solid years mingling with and learning from the smartest minds in the business. And yes, there were amazing times where everything “clicked” and we were on top of the world. But since then, there have also been years of struggling - often uphill - towards endless growth and expansion, without considering whether or not it would bring me happiness (spoiler alert: it didn’t). Ultimately, for the second time in my life, I found myself in a prison of my own making: working more hours than I wanted to, to build something that wasn’t even my dream. As a result of this, I learned a number of very valuable life lessons: first, there’s no happiness in living other people’s dreams. And second, there’s nothing more important than happiness - nothing. That’s why, when COVID-19 struck, and a few key team members took it as an opportunity to resign and start their own businesses, rather than fighting tooth and nail to rebuild, I instead chose to view this as a huge moment of awakening - and a huge opportunity. It’s funny, you know? Day in and day out in my courses, podcast, and in interviews, I talk about designing the life that best suits you, about living “a la carte” instead of “prix fixe,” and about how you can create your own unique lifestyle where you work as much or as little as you want to. And sure, in many ways, my life today reflects those values and ideas. But sometimes our own advice is the easiest to forget - or, as they say in Hebrew, sometimes, the shoemaker goes barefoot. When the spell of “constant growth” wore off, I was forced to look at the plain facts: while I love this business, I love all of you, and I’m forever grateful for this entire experience… continuing to grow this business bigger and better isn’t what makes me happy anymore. It doesn’t challenge me or excite me like it used to. It’s not what I feel compelled to do. And no amount of impact, press recognition, or money is going to change that. Similarly, another reason for stopping is that I sense that I’ve done all I can with the podcast. Sure, I can continue finding great guests to interview every week, but the reality is that most of the guests I’ve wanted to interview have already been on the show at least once, and those who haven’t, I’ve come to realize probably never will be. While the show has grown to a respectable size, it will likely never grow any bigger or reach the next level. And so, after 6 years without missing a single episode, the hard truth is that I’m bored. Sure, there are occasional interviews that blow my mind and make me want to keep going, but if I’m honest with myself, my sincere enthusiasm for recording the show week after week waned a long, long time ago. What’s more, I’ve found that my overall enthusiasm for the personal development space has really waned along with it. You see, though I’m still a lifelong devotee of all that personal development has to offer, after 7 years of working in the space day in and day out, I need to take a step back and cleanse my palate for a while. I’m sure I still have plenty to learn - and that I haven’t heard it all just yet… but sometimes, it certainly feels that way. Not to mention that the marketing, the content creation, the collaborations, the webinars, and broadcasts… it’s all a lot more work than it seems, and quite frankly, I think I probably just need a break. People talk a lot about a “7-year itch,” and there’s really something to that. This same thing happened to me in my last business, a luxury car parts internet retailer that I grew to seven figures - and then sold after 7 years. Whereas I used to be obsessed with cars and learning everything there was to learn about them, towards the end, I was so burnt out that I wanted nothing to do with them. Only now, 9 years later, have I rediscovered that passion and enthusiasm I once had as a kid. So now, you must be wondering: What’s Next? I mean, from the sound of it, you might be worried that I’m going to pack up and leave, shut down or sell my website, and disappear into the sunset - much like I did when I left the aftermarket automotive industry. Not to worry. I’m not going anywhere - at least not right now. After all, a huge part of why I do all this is a feeling of responsibility. So many of the techniques, ideas, and strategies that I talk about in my courses and on this podcast fundamentally changed my life - and for that reason, I feel like it’s my moral obligation to continue sharing them with the world - even if my day-to-day involvement has been reduced to a minimum. This is why I spent the better part of the last year training over a dozen SuperLearner Certified Coaches, who will continue working hard to ensure that the worldwide impact of the SuperLearner methodology continues to grow. It’s also why my team and I have been really active in sharing content on social media - so make sure to subscribe to us on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, if you haven’t already. So while my company will be running mostly independently of…
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