Season 2, Episode 4: Some Thoughts on Grief
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In this episode, Les shares a few personal experiences and explores some ideas around grief. We hope you can find value in this talk and hope to offer help in navigating the current environment. 

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Daily Strides Podcast for Equestrians
Daily Strides Podcast for Equestrians
Lorna Leeson
Learning to Handle Your Lunge Line to Avoid Tangles & Enhance Contact
How many times have you been working with your horse on the lunge, only to have your line end up a tangled mess? Or perhaps your horse did something unexpected. Maybe he turned in or went from 0 to 60 in .5 of a second, and you couldn’t respond quickly enough because of a loopy, knotted, or twisted lunge line? Your lunge line is an important artificial aid that you can use to actively encourage contact and connection with your horse. However, that is pretty much impossible if it is a tangled up mess! The good news is that with a little practice, you can begin making your lunge line work for you and your horse, rather than against you in your lunging. The Type of Lunge Line Not all lunge lines are made equal. Before we even begin here, I want you to consider the quality of your current lunge line. Ideally, you want one that has a little weight to it, rather than a flimsy, flappy about one. That being said, you also don’t want one that is so heavy, gravity is having a greater influence than you in the conversation! There is a happy medium, play with what you like and what works best. Read More... Additional Resources for Equestrians:- * * * Developing Contact on the Lunge using Your Lunge Line * Improving Your Riding Coordination & Aids While Lunging * Join Connection today and transform your riding journey * Lunging for Riding – 4-week step by step program to transform your lunging experience * Online community for equestrians working on their mindset & fitness * Online Community for equestrians focusing on re-schooling horses (and ex-racehorses)
15 min
School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman
School For The Dogs Podcast - Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman
Annie Grossman
Sociopaths as dog trainers, Negative Reinforcement at NXIVM, Trumpthinks positively AND how we can train humans to wear masks
Creepy Episode alert! It's all about sociopaths and cult leaders today. Some are both cult leaders and sociopaths! And one is a president. And one is the Unabomber.  Annie talks about animal behavior manipulation methods observed in the following shows: The Vow (, Filthy Rich (, The Social Dilemma (, Manhunt ( And then she looks at how the President is curing the Coronavirus with positive thinking, and looks at the differences between positive thinking, positive psychology and positive reinforcements.  And... Annie offers ideas on how to train people to wear masks.  If you like this episode, think positive thoughts about it. Or positively reinforce Annie for doing it by leaving a review on iTunes.  Annie on Instagram: @Annie.Grossman School For The Dogs on Instagram: @schoolforthedogs Annie on her parents and Positive Reinforcement Vs Positive Thinking: Woof Mask by Found My Animal and School For The Dogs Unabomber quotes
39 min
The Mindful Minute
The Mindful Minute
Meryl Arnett
Giving It Up to Grace {part 3}
Today’s episode of The Mindful Minute explores inviting the grace of a “Guru” into your meditation practice. Now, there is a lot of misconception out there about what a Guru is or isn’t so we will explore what this actually means and how it can help your meditation practice.  A Guru is a teacher who is fully enlightened, realized or awakened and has the capacity to awaken you to your own enlightenment. Not many of us will have the good fortune to study with an in-the-flesh enlightened master.  In case you weren’t sure… I am NOT an enlightened master ;-) However, in many meditation teaching traditions, there is an unbroken lineage of teachers. This means that each teacher can trace back to the teacher before her all the way back to the original Guru of the lineage. And, within this unbroken lineage there is a power of transmission. The Guru energy is carried through each teacher in the lineage in its own way and passed through to its students. In essence, this means you have direct contact with Guru energy assuming you study within an unbroken lineage.  I am a lineage holder in 2 unbroken lineages, and with this, we can call on this unbroken line of teachers to help quicken and deepen the energy of our meditation. When we ask a Guru to be present in our meditation, we are really asking for their inner awakeness, their lovingkindness to be kindled within us. It is, in essence, connecting us to our own inner teacher. When you study with an external teacher, like myself, my job is to connect you to your own deepest experiences. Your own inner teacher.  Invoking this kind of grace is not placing your power somewhere else. It is actually calling out the power we have concealed inside.  Join me for today’s talk and guided meditation as we experience for ourselves what the grace of the guru can do to enliven our meditation practices. You can practice with me live each Monday as I record this podcast. My virtual meditation class includes time for Q&A and a chance to connect with me personally! **Use code: Mindful5 to get your first class for $5!** Even better, if you enjoyed today’s episode, leave me a review wherever you get your podcasts, screenshot it and send it to to get your first live class with me FOR FREE! ***Did you know I have a FREE Meditation Starter Kit on my website It is full of my favorite tips, stories and ideas for starting and maintaining a daily meditation practice. Grab your copy today! --> *** Connect with me on Instagram {@merylarnett} to get bonus meditation tips, mini-meditations, and the occasional baby spam: #meditatewithmeryl
33 min
Overcoming Distractions-Thriving with ADHD, ADD
Overcoming Distractions-Thriving with ADHD, ADD
David A Greenwood
Time, deadlines, ADHD and one simple solution
First of all one thing should be clear, the ideas in this podcast episode are not a complete or entire solution to your challenges with time management. This is one idea that has worked for many people and if implemented properly, and followed through, it can be a simple solution to getting certain things done on time and relieving some stress that comes with time management and ADHD. Dave fires up the microphone and the coffee machine in this short podcast about one simple solution that has worked for him as an entrepreneur with ADHD. It is called Parkinson's Law and while it has nothing to do with ADHD, it has everything to do with how we allocate time for projects and tasks. Parkinson's law is stated as this. "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion" In short do not let the timeline of your project expand. Set a time for it to get done and try to stick to it as best you can. Dave talks about how he uses his interpretation of Parkinson's law as a busy entrepreneur with ADHD. It's very simple, in his own opinion, and he uses it in two different ways to get more work done and meet deadlines as well as reduce the stress of having multiple projects hanging over his head. If we tell ourselves that a certain project or task needs to be done by a certain time and we use it as a game, it can be an effective tool and getting things done. Sometimes adults with ADHD and especially business professionals need simple solutions to get things done and by twisting Parkinson's law just a little bit, we can do just that. And sometimes we just need to put a name on a certain technique to make something work for us. There is nothing wrong with that. If it works, we win. Find out how Dave has interpreted this law about time and deadlines to get more done in his business.
18 min
Yoga Inspiration
Yoga Inspiration
Kino MacGregor
#31: Exploring the Lineage of Yoga with Susanna Barkataki
What does it mean to be a lifelong practitioner of yoga? If you’re a new student of yoga, meeting these seasoned and talented yoga practitioners is so intimidating. Especially if you have that feeling of unworthiness. Maybe you found yoga on Instagram or YouTube and you see other yogis and their gurus, and suddenly you think to yourself - “wow, maybe I’m not a real yoga student?” But there is nothing further from the truth. On this episode of The Yoga Inspiration Podcast, Susanna Barkataki is helping us explore the ins and outs of the new yoga student’s spiritual journey. Susanna grew up with the folk knowledge of yoga in the backdrop of her life, but growing up with mixed heritage in the United States meant that she never fully realized yoga’s teachings until she accepted them for herself later on in life. Susanna wanted to reclaim the wholeness of who she was, to absorb every element of each of her ancestral cultures, and to bring this myriad of experience to her yoga practice. There are alternative yoga lineages that are evolving with our modern way of life, and Susanna is here to tell yoga students of all levels that we can still honor the roots of yoga without having to re-invent the spiritual path. So many new yoga students experience a backlash of what many call a “cultural appropriation of yoga”. We may feel as if we are stepping on the toes of an ancient and established spiritual journey, and this can make us feel unworthy or embarrassed of our own attempts at poses and spiritual reflection. On the other hand, it might inspire some yoga students to create their own version of yoga, one that’s better suited for them. Susanna says that isn’t necessary. We discuss the differences between cultural appropriation and a true cultural appreciation, one that accepts the traditional teachings of yoga but also embraces the evolution yoga students everywhere are currently experiencing, and how new students can find teachers that truly meet their needs. The guru-shishya, or student-teacher relationship in yoga, is a key aspect of your yoga journey. But finding a mentor isn’t easy, especially for Westerners who have a hard time battling the ego, both in themselves and in the culture that defines most North Americans today. Susanna shares her experience with yoga teachers both in the West and in India, and her biggest advice for new students today is to find a teacher that supports your vulnerability as a new student and helps you cultivate that better version of yourself that you’re seeking. In this modern age, especially with COVID-19 keeping all of us in our homes, yoga is more accessible than ever. No matter where you’re starting your yoga journey - be it online or with a guru - there’s no reason for new students to feel unworthy of the practice. As Susanna says, we are all within a web of knowledge, and we are each contributing to this knowledge as we explore our own yoga journeys together. If you’re a practicing yoga student - no matter where you are on your journey - I want to hear about it. Please share a bit of your yoga journey with me and my listeners. Send an email at and tell me - what does yoga mean to you? You could be invited to guest spot on The Yoga Inspiration Podcast with Kino MacGregor! Stay connected: @kinoyoga and @omstarsofficial View my teaching schedule, blogs, etc on Get your free 30 day membership on use code: PODCAST
1 hr 17 min
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