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Tapping For And Responding To Feeling Like You SHOULD Do Something (Pod #372)
Jul 17, 2019 · 29 min
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A concept that I learned very early on in my training as a practitioner was: Our emotional response is dictated by how we describe the world, and not the way the world actually is.

That's why I am constantly asking my clients for more details about how they understand what is going on in their lives. In many cases, when we are able to change the way they describe their situation, their emotions shift, even before we have started tapping.

One of the words that always gets my attention, is when a client uses the word "should". Should, by its very nature, implies an expectation which may or may not be true. (In practice, it almost always implies an expectation that isn't true.)

There are three parts to this week's podcast:

  1. We explore where our sense of "should" comes from and why it can cause emotional problems, which in turn lead us to not taking action, or taking actions that aren't right for us.

  2. I share a simple process that you can use to interrogate the actions that you feel you "should" be taking. This process will help you to pin down the origin of a specific should, and whether or not it serves you.

  3. A simple tap-along to do once you realize you can let go of something you believe you should be doing.

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