Tapping Q & A - Getting the most out of tapping and EFT
Tapping for Unprocessed Emotions From The Past (Pod #454)
May 7, 2020 · 16 min
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Recently I was working with a client on the grief she was feeling at missing so many experiences she loves during quarantine. As we were debriefing after a round of tapping she said:

"While we were tapping on the grief I noticed all of these other pools of grief that were inside me from the past. As we tapped it was almost as if the wall between those pools of grief broke, the grief combined, and they all released together."

Even though this was the first time I had heard this experience described in this particular way, with pools of emotions connecting, the experience itself is common. When we experience an emotion it reminds us of the other times we have experienced that same emotion. If those past emotions are not fully processed, it can feel like we're being hit by a wave of past emotions all at once.

In the moment, we may feel worse because the emotions are getting stronger, but in reality it is a great opportunity to heal. We can clear not only what we are feeling in the moment, but also unprocessed emotions from the past.

In this week's podcast learn a simple five-step process to clear past emotions that bubble up during a tapping session.

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