NHS Couch to 5K
NHS Couch to 5K
Oct 25, 2012
Couch to 5K - Week 3
For the runs in Week 3, you will begin with brisk 5-minute warm-up walk followed by 2 repetitions of the following; 90 seconds of running, 90 seconds of walking, 3 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking.

For tips on what to wear, running technique and staying motivated visit NHS Choices Couch to 5k section at http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/couch-to-5k.aspx and ask for advice and share tips on the forum at http://couchto5k.healthunlocked.com/
Social Anxiety Solutions - your journey to social confidence!
Social Anxiety Solutions - your journey to social confidence!
Sebastiaan van der Schrier
Are you getting disappointed when you don't see immediate results in tapping? [Tap along]
In today's episode... You may have asked yourself the following question: "Why can't I see immediate results in tapping?", "Why am I not progressing?" and "Why does my anxiety level won't come down when I'm tapping?" Not knowing the answers to these questions may lead to your disappointment. And in today's episode, I'll be addressing that and will also guide you through a tapping exercise to help you understand what holds you back from overcoming your Social Anxiety. Sit back, relax, and tap - along! PS: I will be running my FREE 30 DAY FREE SOCIAL CONFIDENCE CHALLENGE starting on January 1, 2021. Join now and start your journey to social confidence. Go to: https://bit.ly/socialconfidencechallenge Go here for the show notes page. _____________________________ Do you feel awkward socially? Struggle to be yourself around others? And do you fear being judged, being seen anxious, and embarrassing yourself? You’re not alone. I’ve been there. It sucks. Big time. But there is great hope. I’ve been fortunate enough to overcome it (thanks to a powerful, scientifically proven emotional release technique, and the help of some brilliant therapists)… … and I’ve helped hundreds of socially anxious clients overcome their struggles too. Here are some video testimonials as proof. Thankfully, here is gentle, powerful, and effective solution to beat your social anxiety. It won’t happen overnight, but with certain techniques and strategies you can reduce your social anxiety quickly. And with persistence, you can become completely anxiety-free. Without needing to force yourself to awkwardly face your fears. Ready to get started on your journey to social confidence? Here are your first steps: 1) SUBSCRIBE to this channel. I release weekly videos to help you understand and overcome social anxiety. bit.ly/SAS-YT 2) Join the FREE 30-day Social Confidence Challenge and massively reduce your social anxiety ... from the comfort of your own home bit.ly/socialconfidencechallenge You will learn about a powerful, scientifically proven emotional relief technique. And you will apply this technique to release your social anxiety. NO NEED to awkwardly face your fears. And like thousands of others, you will significantly reduce your social anxiety. Learn A Powerful Emotional Release Technique - I've used this technique to overcome my own social anxiety. And I've helped hundreds of clients do the same. You'll learn how to use this simple, powerful technique. So you can apply it to overcoming your social anxiety. Discover The Blueprint To Social Confidence When you've suffered from social anxiety for a long time... transformation won't happen overnight (though progress happens rapidly). To become completely anxiety-free requires a journey: #TheJourneyToSocialConfidence This roadmap makes the journey crystal clear. You'll know exactly how to go from social anxiety to effortless social ease. Massively Reduce Your Social Anxiety You'll be guided through simple lessons and powerful exercises. Day by day you'll start feeling less anxious. More confident. More at ease. And step-by-step you begin breaking down your social anxiety challenges. 3) TUNE IN to my Social Anxiety Solutions Podcast. https://www.social-anxiety-solutions.com/sas-podcast/ You’ll hear me (an ex-social anxiety disorder sufferer) interview the superstars of the WESTERN therapy and ENERGY psychology world as they share their most effective techniques, empowering solutions, and unbelievably inspiring stories of transformation. 4) LET’S CONNECT! https://www.facebook.com/socialanxiet... https://www.instagram.com/socialanxietysolutions/ https://twitter.com/socialanxietysb All the best on your journey to effortless social ease. Warm regards, Seb
12 min
The Travel Diaries
The Travel Diaries
Holly Rubenstein
Incredible Italy - Bonus Episode
Buongiorno and welcome to this bonus Destination Special of The Travel Diaries, in partnership with the British Airways American Express® Credit Card*. Today, we’ll be heading on a tour of Incredible Italy. Italy is one of the most popular destinations on the podcast, and with the help of some of my favourite guests from the past three seasons, I’ve created a special itinerary that covers some of the country’s ultimate highlights - my guests’s favourite cities, best hotels, hidden gems and much more, from Puglia and Positano in the south, to Venice and Trieste in the north.  *Terms and conditions apply. Representative 22.2% APR Variable.  Destination Recap: Merrion Charles: * Lunigiana, Tuscany * Val D’Orcia, Tuscany  * Ponza, Pontine Islands  * Sicily Simon Calder:  * Syracuse, Sicily Travel Leisure’s Jacqui Gifford:  * Borgo Egnazia, Puglia  Poppy Delevingne:  * Positano, Amalfi Coast - Le Sirenuse; Da Adolfo; Conca del Sogno * Rome - Residenza Napoleone III Mr & Mrs Smith’s James Lohan:  * Florence, Tuscany - Il Latini; JK Place Yotam Ottolenghi:  * Florence, Tuscany Rick Stein:  * Bologna, Emilia-Romagna Lonely Planet Founder, Tony Wheeler:  * Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna Sir Michael Palin:  * Venice, Veneto Lonely Planet Magazine’s Peter Grunert:  * Cannareggio, Venice, Veneto Rick Stein:  * Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia Holly Rubenstein:  * Capri, Bay of Naples * Citalia tour operator  * Ascona, Lake Maggiore Thank you so much for listening. If you haven’t yet left a rating or a review, why not do so now? Your support is so greatly appreciated and most importantly, helps others to discover the podcast.  Don’t forget to hit subscribe so that every week a new episode will appear in your library. To hear all about our podcast news, future guests and destination specials come and find me on Instagram. I’m @hollyrubenstein and I’d love to hear from you. Visit TheTravelDiariesPodcast.com for everything else podcast-related. Grazie mille!   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
39 min
Stories from Flying the Nest
Stories from Flying the Nest
Flying the Nest
Secrets revealed of what it's really like to travel with Flying the Nest - Episode #4
Watch the free video version at http://bit.ly/ftnpodcast or search "Stories from Flying the Nest" on YouTube. This is the show for fans of travel, fans of travel that goes wrong and fans of Stephen, Jess & Hunter from Flying the Nest. Stephens sister has been on a lot of trips with us so she has a lot of inside goss to share about what it's really like to travel with us. Get in your questions for the fourth podcast coming out soon - https://flyingthenest.tv/podcast ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow our journey Vlogging YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/flyingthenest Join the Weekly Coop Update email: https://bit.ly/2Xj573c Website/Blog http://bit.ly/2BEpYTu Facebook • http://bit.ly/2vUqfS8 Flying the Nesters Travel Community Group • http://bit.ly/2SNNkyR INSTAGRAM: Flying the Nest Instagram • www.instagram.com/flyingthenest Stephen Instagram • www.instagram.com/sparrystake Jess Instagram • www.instagram.com/heyitsjessvalentine Hunter Instagram • www.instagram.com/hunterparryvalentine Chleo Instagram • www.instagram.com/chleoparry TWITTER: Flying the Nest Twitter • www.twitter.com/flyingthenest ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo Editing Preset Packs: http://bit.ly/ftnpresetpacks Colour Grade Your Videos With LUTS: https://bit.ly/ftnlutssignature Learn to edit videos for YouTube: https://bit.ly/ftnacademyvideo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 4 min
3 Books With Neil Pasricha
3 Books With Neil Pasricha
Neil Pasricha: Bestselling Author
Chapter 66: Vivek Murthy on loneliness, living longer, and leading with love
3 Books is a completely insane and totally epic 15-year-long quest to uncover the 1000 most formative books in the world. Each chapter is hosted live and in-person at the guest's preferred location by Neil Pasricha, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Awesome, The Happiness Equation, Two-Minute Mornings, etc. Each chapter of 3 Books uncovers and discusses the three most formative books from one of the world's most inspiring people. Sample guests include: Judy Blume, David Sedaris, Chris Anderson of TED, the founder of the world's largest feminist magazine, the world's greatest Uber driver, Pete Holmes, Angie Thomas, and Malcolm Gladwell. Each of the 333 chapters is dropped on the exact minute of every single new moon and full moon until September 1, 2031. 3 Books is an Apple "Best Of" award-winning show and 100% ad-free, commercial-free, sponsor-free, and interruption-free. For more info check out: https://www.3books.co Chapter Description: So Joe Biden gets elected President on a Saturday. Who does he call up on Sunday? Vivek Murthy. The former Surgeon General of the United States under Barack Obama and the new co-chair of Biden’s Coronavirus Task Force offers such a unique combination of indisputable professional acumen with calm and resonant introspection. I was first drawn to Vivek Murthy back in September of 2017 when I came across a cover story he wrote in Harvard Business Review called Work and the Loneliness Epidemic. I couldn’t believe it! Doesn’t the Surgeon General usually warn about smoking, obesity, and AIDS? Yet here was a medical doctor, in the most public forum, warning us on the perils of … loneliness. I took the piece to heart and let it lead me down a rabbit hole of research on solitude. I even quoted Vivek in You Are Awesome. Vivek’s CV reads like an Indian parent’s dream with a high school valedictorian followed by a Harvard undergrad and then Yale to become (no biggie) a doctor with an MBA! What did he do on the side? He founded VISIONS Worldwide (a not for profit focused on HIV/AIDS education in the United States and rural India) in 1995 and Doctors For America ( which fights for access to high quality affordable health care for the most needy) in 2008. He would then alternate years in medical practice with time in the highest echelons of government. Vivek released his wonderful book Together which went straight to the New York Times bestseller list and was endorsed by Malcolm Gladwell, our guest in Chapter 37 of 3 Books, who said: “Vivek Murthy reminds us that our national conversation about medicine has been too narrowly focused on hospitals, doctors and drugs and not enough on the human connections that sustain us.” Amen! Fascinated by his prodigious intellect and dedication to the service of others, I knew I would love to chat with him on 3 Books. Susan Cain generously introduced us and Vivek then gave us the incredible gift of his time … spread out over two interviews across two months and stitched together here. What are the social implications of COVID? How do we prioritize the people in our lives who matter most? What is the best way to pursue a spiritual path? What is higher energy and how can we channel it? How do we deepen our friendships? What is a moai and how can one be used to help our spiritual and emotional growth? What does it mean to be guided by love versus fear? And, of course, what are former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s 3 most formative books? I hope you see why Vivek’s voice resonates so powerfully in medical, business and political circles. His contemplative bias, humility, and calm in the face of this pandemic are a gift. If I was elected President, I would call him the next day, too! Sit back and let his words and advice be the balm of wisdom that we can all benefit from right now. Let’s go! What You'll Learn: * How will the pandemic allow us to rebalance our priorities? * What is true service to others according to Hindu spiritual teachings? * How do religions share spirituality? * How do we stay deeply connected to who we really are? * How can we be truly vulnerable with our friends? * What is the real power of an open ended question? * What does it mean to be fully present? * Why does multitasking not work? * What is sacred space and why is it so critical to our wellbeing? * How can friends keep us honest? * How can we offer kindness to others? * How should we define success? * How do we experience God? * How can we create a better world for our children? * How can we trust today? * What is the importance of pausing? * What can help us live longer? * How do we listen to ourselves and learn to be alone to foster deeper connections? You can find show notes and more information by clicking here: https://www.3books.co/chapters/66 Leave us a voicemail. Your message may be included in a future episode: 1-833-READ-A-LOT. Sign up to receive podcast updates here: https://www.3books.co/email-list
2 hr 14 min
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