La testigo (The witness)
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When Andrea Krichmar was a girl, she spent an  afternoon at her friend’s dad’s house. This was during the dictatorship in Argentina, and that afternoon, without knowing it, Andrea witnessed a scene that would change her life and make her key to the country’s historic return to democracy.

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Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day
Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day
Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for October 28, 2020 is: Cassandra • \kuh-SAN-druh\  • noun 1 : a daughter of Priam endowed with the gift of prophecy but fated never to be believed 2 : one that predicts misfortune or disaster Examples: "They have rented a huge, nearly empty 'furnished' house online and it is here that the story begins to focus. Here, in a remote location everyone's nightmares get worse. The villagers … are Cassandras, implicitly warning of impending doom." — Stephen Schaefer, The Boston Herald, 19 June 2020 "My pandemic pantry is full. I come from a long line of Cassandras, and I have a keen (some would say unhealthy) interest in virology, so I've been prepping assiduously since mid-January. I've been cooking for myself and enjoying it in self-isolation because it's something I didn't get to do much in my former life as a restaurant critic." — Alison Cook, The Houston Chronicle, 27 Mar. 2020 Did you know? The story of Cassandra comes from Greek mythology and is both tragic and ironic, as such myths tend to be. Cassandra was the daughter of Priam, the king of Troy. She caught the eye of the god Apollo, who was accustomed to getting what he wanted. He was amazed and displeased when she refused his romantic advances, and he became vengeful. He cursed Cassandra with a gift of prophecy with an especially cruel twist: he guaranteed that while she would always be right, no one would ever believe her predictions. Cassandra foretold the fall of Troy and other disastrous happenings, though she was ignored. Now, the label Cassandra is typically reserved for those who claim to see impending doom.
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Daily Meditation Podcast
Daily Meditation Podcast
Mary Meckley
"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." - Johann Wolfgange von Goethe. This week, you're guided on a Trust Journey to begin to allow life to happen at its own pace. This is part of a collection of meditation series focused on Your Inward Journey. You're going to be tapping into your inner wisdom. This is part 4 of a 7-part Trust meditation series, episodes 2152-2158. THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: You're invited to take part in a Trust Quest. Every day this week, think of something in the world that's positive. Notice your worries and your fears subside as you begin to trust the process of life. THIS WEEK'S MEDITATION TECHNIQUES: Day 1: Visualization to find hope in the world Day 2: Affirmation - "I believe in the miracle of life." Day 3: Breathing - Inhale: Visualize something good happening in the world Exhale: Doubt and fear Day 4: Mudra - Garuda mudra to energize yourself Day 5: Chakra - 2nd - open to life - orange color - water element Day 6: Layer the week's meditation techniques together Day 7: Walking Meditation SUBSCRIBE, LEAVE A REVIEW + TAKE OUR SURVEY SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss a single episode. Consistency is the KEY to a successful meditation ritual. SHARE the podcast with someone who could use a little extra support. I'd be honored if you left me a podcast review. If you do, please email me at and let me know a little about yourself and how meditation has helped you. I'd love to share your journey to inspire fellow meditators on the podcast! SURVEY: Help us get to know more about how best to serve you by taking our demographics survey: NEED A LITTLE EXTRA SUPPORT? Each day's meditation techniques shared at: * Instagram * sip and om Facebook * MEET YOUR FELLOW MEDITATOR Amy Ortiz has a YouTube channel waiting to help you with eating disorders. JOIN OUR FREE FACEBOOK GROUP Connect with other meditators on the Daily Meditation Podcast private Facebook group! SIP AND OM MEDITATION APP Join Mary for deeper, longer daily 30-minute guided meditations on the Sip and Om meditation app. Give it a whirl for 2-weeks free! Receive access to 2,000+ 30-minute guided meditations customized around a weekly theme to help you manage emotions. Receive a Clarity Journal and a Slow Down Guide customized for each weekly theme. 2 weeks for access to the iOS version: 2 weeks free access to the Android version: All meditations are created by Mary Meckley and are her original content. Please request permission to use any of Mary's content by sending an email to Resources: Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke and Greg Keller.
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Something You Should Know
Something You Should Know
Mike Carruthers / OmniCast Media / Westwood One Podcast Network
Money Hacks to Build Wealth & How Buildings Affect Your Health and Happiness
First impressions count. One big reason why is that once a person makes judgements about you, they can be difficult to change even if they are not true. This episode begins with 3 things people decide about you within the first 30 seconds and how to make sure you put your best foot forward. Source: Sherry Maysonave author of Casual Power ( Why should you fill your gas tank on Monday instead of Friday? Does transferring credit card balances to lower interest rate card make sense? What’s the best way to save money at the grocery store? Why should you always order a large pizza? These are just some of the questions I discuss with Lisa Rowan, author of Money Hacks: 275+ Ways to Decrease Spending, Increase Savings, and Make Your Money Work for You! ( Listen and I am sure you will hear ideas you can use to spend less and keep more of your money. People love a bargain. That’s why outlet shopping has become popular. So why are outlet stores always out in the middle of nowhere? Listen as we discuss the psychology of outlet shopping and why it may not always be the great deal some people think. When you walk into an awe-inspiring building, you become friendlier. When kids work in rooms with high ceilings, they become more creative. In short, the room or building or environment you are in has an impact on how you think and on your well-being. That is according to Sarah Williams Goldhagen, an award-winning writer who has written about buildings, cities, and landscapes for many national and international publications. She taught at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design for several years and is author of Welcome to Your World: How the Built Environment Shapes Our Lives ( Sarah joins me to explain how building design impacts thought and behavior in ways you never knew. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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