From Bar Rags to Riches With Webinars w/ Toby Black | #001
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Toby and his wife Layla went from basement in a bar to 7 figures with webinars.

They’ve invested well over 7 figures over the last few years into various types of training including sales, webinars, communication and storytelling. Toby shares his knowledge in hopes of inspiring you to create the life you want.

In this episode: Toby and Joel discuss tips on how you can improve your webinars, what you can do with webinars and what you can sell with webinars.


  • [2:40] Toby on living in a basement of a bar in Canada
  • [2:27]Read Rich Dad Poor Dad x20
  • [3:17] Layla and Toby have invested well over 7 figures over the last few years into training.
  • [3:44]"You literally and figuratively are one webinar away from changing your complete life whatever your goal is."
  • [4:32]Toby & Layla's mentality: "We are burning the ships and taking the island because there's no other way out." 
  • [5:21]"Most people surrounding you are judging you because they want to do it themselves but they don't have the courage."
  • [5:46]Strategy: Attacked video marketing, webinars, copywriting, strategies, training and skill sets like it's "this or nothing."
  • [6:23]Got into industry through door-to-door network marketing
  • [10:15]"We had the burden of 'if we don't make that money back, my dad's gonna be pissed! We better go to work and make it happen!" 
  • [10:50]"Every night we stuck our face in the computer. Learned, took action, talked on the computer for 10, 12, 14, 16 hour days. Not showering. Forgetting to eat. It was all or nothing."

o   Copywriting, direct response marketing, Facebook. From there webinars and Google Hangouts came out.

  • [11:18]"All sales is a communication between two people where a transfer of beliefs happens." 
  • [12:20]“Webinars are the perfect storm: You can have 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour long recorded presentation where you take someone from a stranger, educate them and inspire them. It allows them to move down the path of least resistance to trust you to buy from you.”
  • [13:48]"What was the first product that you sold online?" 

"Liquid heaven in a bottle."

  • [15:01]Had to dive deep into psychology of buying and selling
  • [15:37]"Fastest way to for us to build, our team to build, for all of us to make money and change our life was leveraging webinars."
  • [16:47]One person could go from one week knowing nothing to a month later, ending up with their 1st $10,000 day.
  • [16:57]"What was your first ah-ha moment you had with webinars?" "We consistently honed our craft until one webinar we sponsored 37 people."  ($2700)
  • [20:18] Generated $135K from a Google Hangout 45 min long (all profit).
  • [20:34]"It's the fastest way to get someone to trust you because of the storytelling, positioning and length they're stuck to you sharing something on the screen.”
  • [21:58]"What types of products are you selling now in your business with webinars?" 

o   Facebook and social media training

o   Layla’s women's community with products attached

o   Travel membership (high ticket offer) 

  • [23:18]Getting the most from Facebook Live
  • [24:07]Registrations and conversion numbers
  • [25:15]Automated webinars, follow-up sequence, redirecting to down sales and financing
  • [29:12]Ad and messaging tips for any social media platform


"Please, please, please...Attack with the mentality that you're burning the ships and you're taking the island. Notice the difference in your life.” -Toby Black


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